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Harvardwood HIGHLIGHTS - March 2024



  • Jeff Sagansky Harvardwood TV Writers Program - application closes March 4th! 

  • Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP) Launch

  • Featured Job: Graphics Production Assistant


  • Alumni Profiles: Susan Lieu AB '07 (author)

  • Industry News

  • Welcome New Members

  • In memory of Angela Chao AB '94 MBA '01


  • Virtual: Learn How to Work Less

  • LA: Oscars Watch Party 2024

  • Virtual: Casting Masterclass with Lisa Beach

  • Virtual: Harvardwood Author Series - AI in Creative Spaces

  • LA: Harvardwood Author Series - A conversation with Susan Lieu (THE MANICURIST'S DAUGHTER), moderated by Jeff Yang

  • Virtual: An Actor's Life Panel

  • Virtual: Jeff Schaffer on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM's Legacy

  • Virtual: Harvardwood Author Series - Writing Mystery and Intrigue

  • Last Month at Harvardwood

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Harvardwood is deeply saddened by the unexpected loss of Angela Chao, an inspiring visionary in both business and social impact undertakings, and a dedicated patron of the arts.

Applications for the Jeff Sagansky Harvardwood TV Writers Program will be open until March 4th! Get your application in by March 4th unless you want to take a non-copyrighted flying car to Harvardwood school this semester. We're also launching the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP) again--horrifying, is it not, how quickly the year passes? Anyways, get your applications in this month!

Our events in March center mostly around a carefully calculated laid-back attitude. Wanna Learn How to Work Less? Boy do we have a guy with a precise and detailed plan on this for you. And, the Oscars Watch Party is finally here — come kick back and relax with us while watching other people sweat in full black tie! And much more below.

Once again, we must ask you to  sign up for the new membership with expanded perks. You know what they say about garbage and house guests and sunsetted old membership — disgusting. We're very excited to be in this new phase of Harvardwood with everyone, so please join us in this new Harvardwood age of enlightenment. As always, we want to hear from you, our members — if you have an idea for an event or programming, please tell us about it here. If you have an announcement about your work or someone else's, please share it here (members) and it will appear in our Weekly and/or next HIGHLIGHTS issue.

Please consider donating to Harvardwood. Your donations are tax deductible! Best wishes, Grace Shi Operations and Communications Harvardwood

Jeff Sagansky Harvardwood TV Writers Program - application closes March 4th! 

The deadline to submit for the Spring 2024 Jeff Sagansky Harvardwood TV Writers Program is Monday, March 4th at 11:59 PT

The Jeff Sagansky Harvardwood TV Writers Program uses peer review, guest speakers, and weekly workshops to foster a motivating and supportive environment for each participant’s writing. Participants will be placed in a genre-specific module (half-hour, hourlong, rewrite, etc.) where writers read and provide personalized feedback for each other, supervised by experienced Module Leaders. Throughout the semester, guest speakers, panels, and social events supplement the workshop experience and help build a collaborative and meaningful community out here in Hollyweird and beyond. In other words, “Come for the deadlines, stay for the friends.”

The 10-week program culminates in an educational “pitch panel” event where participants have the opportunity to pitch their HWP project to industry veterans, receive feedback on their concept, and practice the art of pitching.


Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP) 2024

We are pleased to launch the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP) for 2024! Now in its 21st year, HSIP provides a list of summer internship opportunities in the arts, media, and entertainment to interested Harvard students. In addition, HSIP facilitates career-related activities throughout the summer for participating students and companies virtually and/or in-person in LA, NY, and other cities with multiple students. Past program events have included film screenings, industry panels, and networking pool parties.

Internship opportunities are released and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Positions may be filled on a first come first serve basis, so we encourage students and companies to submit their materials as early as possible.

The priority submission date for students is March 19, 2024. Preference will be given to students who apply before then. 

Over 100 companies have participated in HSIP since its inception, including ABC, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, CAA, Digital Domain, Disney, Dreamworks, HBO Films, Lionsgate, Mirabai Films, Miramax, National Geographic Films, Red Wagon Productions, Skybound Entertainment, Untitled Entertainment, Valhalla Motion Pictures and many others!

Click here if you have a company offering summer internships.

Click here if you are a student seeking summer internships!


Featured Job: Graphics Production Assistant

Job Description:

MSNBC is looking for a Graphics Production Assistant for Jose Diaz-Balart Reports.

Alumni Profile: Susan Lieu AB '07 (author, playwright, performer)

by Laura Frustaci

Susan Lieu AB '07 is a Vietnamese-American author, playwright, and performer who tells stories that refuse to be forgotten. A daughter of nail salon workers, she took her award-winning autobiographical solo show 140 LBS: HOW BEAUTY KILLED MY MOTHER on a ten-city national tour, with sold-out premieres and accolades from the Los Angeles Times, NPR, and American Theatre. Eight months pregnant, she premiered her sequel, OVER 140 LBS, at ACT Theatre. She is a proud alumna of Harvard College, Yale School of Management, Coro, Hedgebrook, and Vashon Artist Residency. She is also the cofounder of Socola Chocolatier, an artisanal chocolate company based in San Francisco. Susan lives with her husband and son in Seattle, where they enjoy mushroom hunting, croissants, and big family gatherings. THE MANICURIST'S DAUGHTER is her first book. Pre-order THE MANICURIST'S DAUGHTER here!

“I’ve always felt called to be a performer,” says Susan Lieu AB ‘07. And perform, she does. Her award-winning one-woman show 140 LBS: HOW BEAUTY KILLED MY MOTHER led to a sequel performance AND a book deal, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s back up. While in high school, Susan describes herself as “the community service type,” so she didn’t find much time for artistic endeavors. And upon arriving at Harvard, she found herself feeling a bit intimidated by SAG-card-carrying classmates. “I never thought I could do it,” Susan confesses, “because I always actually felt too late.”

Then, after her very first time onstage at Harvard performing in THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, she found her creative spark unleashed. “It was the first time I ever worked with a director. It was the first time I had ever really been formally on stage and it was thrilling.” Susan was hooked, but she didn’t immediately jump into the career. “The creative arts continued to follow me, but in non-traditional ways.” Post-grad, she traveled to Vietnam for a year to work with the sustainable cacao industry, later returning to San Francisco to build her family chocolate company, Socola Chocolatier, with her sister. When they launched their Sriracha chili truffle, Susan wrote and starred in a three-part telenovela chronicling the love affair of Chocolate Bar (which she played) and Sir Ra Cha Cha. 

After dipping her toe in the creative arts, she wanted more. “In 2011, I had a big worry that the Mayan calendar was true and 2012 would be the end of the world. I didn’t want to die with any regrets. I wanted to address my biggest fear head-on before I died– I wanted to know if I was actually funny,” she recalls. This line of thinking set Susan along her path to becoming a successful stand-up comedian, doing her first set at Brainwash in San Francisco, with an emcee who called all the female performers “Sugar Nasty”. Within a year, she was headlining at The Purple Onion and then subsequently performed at Caroline’s on Broadway. “I loved being on stage,” Susan smiles. “I was in my orbit there.” She focused on creating comedy and content that she wanted to see, inspired by her Asian American identity. 

But after a traumatizing experience with a heckler, she walked away and didn’t touch a microphone again for the next three years. After getting married and receiving pressure from her elders to start having kids, Susan reconsidered her decision to leave comedy. “How could I be a mother if I was actually such a coward in my own life?” She reflects. “I had this reckoning of ‘Should I have kids or not?’ And I set myself a two-year container to explore it, which led to a solo performance class, which led to me workshopping my one woman show.” So, in 2019, Susan premiered 140 LBS: HOW BEAUTY KILLED MY MOTHER, a solo show where she played 15 characters in 65 minutes.

It was a sold-out run in Seattle that led to a national tour during the second trimester of Susan’s first pregnancy. The five-city tour turned into a ten-city tour and ultimately, a literary agent saw the show and approached Susan about representation. “I am a multi-hyphenate storyteller, and I would love to play in many places,” Susan notes about her work and shifting mediums. “I'm a very spontaneous person. I like newness.” Susan then spent the first year of the pandemic working on her book proposal while nursing a newborn. In 2021, she got a book deal with Celadon/Macmillan, and her debut book is set to be released on March 12, 2024.

THE MANICURIST’S DAUGHTER tells the story of Susan searching to know her late mother who died from a botched plastic surgery. Susan was just 11 and her mother was 38 when she died. For the next two decades, Susan’s family refuses to talk about her mother or her death. On the brink of motherhood herself, Susan discovers information by tracking down the plastic surgeon’s family, reading thousands of pages of depositions, and enlisting the help of spirit channelers. Every time she learns something new, she puts it onstage in a one-woman show.

Crafting a family narrative that was honest, complex, and compelling when her family has never spoken about the past was the most challenging aspect of the project.  Susan had to excavate her family history in over 300 detail-ridden pages, rather than just a tight 65-minute performance. “I had this obligation and burden and pressure,” Susan explains. “Because it's not just my story–it's our family story and I needed to get it right. But I only had ten real memories of my mom. And so, to then create a whole world where you really see the complexity of my  mom and all the other family members when they haven’t ever let me in–that was both a tender and challenging thing to navigate. I had to get creative in probing for information–directly and indirectly.”

There was much more development that went into the minute details of the memoir, versus in the performance, where time was of the essence onstage. The challenge of molding all of this together into a readable story was exacerbated by the loneliness of writing during the pandemic with a one-year-old, Susan found. And without the immediate gratification of an audience reaction, maintaining discipline to write was another obstacle she faced. “The only motivation I really had is that I promised my mother and myself that I would publish this book when I was still 38 years old, the age she was when she passed,” she recalls. 

With that propelling her forward coupled by two trips to the emergency room due to stress, Susan’s memoir THE MANICURIST’S DAUGHTER got finished. It’s a touching and powerful telling of Susan’s mother’s life, death, and the wrought aftermath. And all the challenges in creation were worth the reward of the finished project. “I created something I’m proud of,” Susan proclaims. “It’s a family heirloom and artifact. And it’s a funny page-turner! It’s about intergenerational trauma and healing that’s digestible and approachable.” 

Now, she’s looking ahead towards her upcoming book tour, in 8 cities (including SF, LA and NYC!), a total of 19 events and counting. THE MANICURIST’S DAUGHTER is a “story around body, beauty, and death”, and from that story, Susan hopes her readers take away a crucial lesson: “Any emotions that you have around your pain are valid. We all have demons, and we're all doing our best. While others might not have the capacity to give us what we need to heal, that healing is possible and can be drawn from within.” 

In all her free time, Susan hosts a podcast called Model Minority Moms with two other Harvard Class of 2007 graduate moms, all of whom had children during the pandemic. “We talk about what it's like to be everything for everyone but yourself.” Susan says. “And how that impacts your career, your purpose, and your sanity.” 

When asked what her best piece of advice is for young artists, Susan says her top two things every artist should be doing are documenting their art and collecting data. “Have finished work. Invest in documentation. And get peoples’ email addresses if they’re interested in you.” She explains. “The path to becoming a working artist requires so much hustle. Create a sacred container to dream (and kick all those naysayers to the curb) and start experimenting with tiny actions–you’ll eventually go much farther than everyone else who don’t have the courage to dream.”

See Susan on tour (check out her event w/Harvardwood below)


Industry News

Harvardwood Board Member Gerry Bryant AB '76’s fourteenth album, ONE DAY I’LL FLY AWAY will be released next month by PARMA Recordings. (Big Round Records

Congratulations to inaugural HALF Fellow Youmna Chamieh AB '22 being published in the Financial Times!

In his new Hollywood memoir HITS, FLOPS, AND OTHER ILLUSIONS, film and TV veteran Ed Zwick AB ‘74 shares a detailed account of his years-long ordeal trying to bring SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE to the screen. (LA Times)

Peter Lawson Jones AB '75 JD '80 will be playing the lead role in the North American English language professional premiere of Requiem.  

Congratulations to the following people for 2024 Writers Guild Awards nominations: Eli Attie AB ‘89 for THE DIPLOMAT (Drama Series and New Series), Colin Jost AB ‘04 for Saturday Night Live (Comedy/Variety Sketch Series), Rob LaZebnik AB ‘84 for his episode of THE SIMPSONS, "Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story", Nell Scovell AB ‘82 for COMMAND Z (Short Form New Media), Loni Sosthand AB ‘97 for her episode of THE SIMPSONS, "Carl Carlson Rides Again", Jonathan E. Steinberg AB ‘97 for PERCY JACKSON episode “I Accidentally Vaporize my Pre-Algebra Teacher" (Children’s Episodic, Long Form and Specials), and Nick Stoller AB ‘98, for co-writing GOOSEBUMPS episode "Say Cheese and Die!".

In this Hollywood Reporter Interview, showrunners Jonathan E. Steinberg AB ‘97 and Dan Shotz break down the final episode of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ as they end the first season with the promise of more. (The Hollywood Report

Clive Davis JD ‘56 opens up about the music he and Whitney Houston were working on before her death. (People

Rock legend Tom Morello AB ‘86 performs at human rights museum for opening of new exhibit. (CBC

In her new book WILD GIRLS: HOW THE OUTDOORS SHAPED THE WOMEN WHO CHALLENGED A NATION, Tiya Miles AB ‘92 reexamines the lives of female trailblazers to reveal how playing and working outside as girls prepared them to subvert to the status quo as adults. 

In this conversation, Oscar Nominee Josh Singer MBA ‘01, JD ‘01‘ talks about the long and winding road to ‘Maestro.’ As well as discussing the question: is a ‘Bullitt’ remake in his future? (Deadline)

GOOSEBUMPS, developed by Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller AB ‘98, will be renewed for a second season at Disney+. (Screenrant

Producers for the new musical adaptation of Lauren Greenfield’s AB ‘87 award-winning 2012 documentary—about socialite Jacqueline “Jackie” Siegel and “Timeshare King” husband David Siegel’s still-unfinished $100 million quest to build the biggest private home in America—announced it will make its pre-Broadway premiere in Summer 2024. (People)

Colin Jost AB ‘04, the co-anchor of Weekend Update on “Saturday Night Live” will get a chance to roast leading political and media figures as the featured entertainer at the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Association in April. (ABC News

Natalie Portman AB ‘03 is set to star in an upcoming limited series on Apple TV+, LADY IN THE LAKE, which is adapted from a novel and is set in 1960s Baltimore. It is set to be the perfect follow-up role to her 2023 standout drama MAY DECEMBER. (Screenrant)

Al Franken AB ‘73, the former Minnesota Democratic senator, is set to play a senator in Netflix comedic drama “The Residence,” based on the US president’s private home while in office. (The Guardian

Showrunner Jonathan E. Steinberg AB ‘97’s “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” has been officially renewed for season 2 at Disney+. The announcement was made today by Disney CEO Bob Iger during the company’s Q1 2024 earnings call. (Deadline

In a recent interview with IGN, Strauss Zelnick MBA ‘82, JD ‘83, the CEO of GTA 6 develop Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, expressed his confidence in the longevity of physical media distribution in the market. (Sportskeeda

In an interview with Moviefone, Henson Company CEO Lisa Henson AB ‘83 speaks about “The Dark Crystal”—a Jim Henson and Frank Oz directed classic—digital re-release and its legacy. (Moviefone)

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma AB ‘76 speaks about a range of topics—including classical music transcending genres, his admiration for Barbra Streisand, moving to the US as an immigrant, as well as how music can unite people through the hardest of times—over a cup of coffee in an interview for the Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music 1. (The Strad)

Developed by Charlie Grandy AB ‘97 , VELMA is an American adult animated mystery horror comedy television show. Its first season ended recently and news for a season 2 renewal is awaiting. (Droid Journal

Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Stephanie Beatriz, Sally Struthers, Margaret Avery & Eugene Cordero among 13 cast in Mike Schur AB ‘97 and Ted Danson Netflix comedy named A CLASSIC SPY, based on the 2021 Oscar-nominated documentary THE MOLE AGENT. (Deadline)

Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer AB ‘89 speaks on support in ‘No Drama’ initiative—as Monkeypaw partners with TIFF and Universal Filmmakers project to launch ‘No Drama’ initiative for short films—designed to cultivate new talent by selecting up to six writer-directors to create short films. (Deadline)

Netflix orders medical procedural PULSE from Zoe Robyn and Carlton Cuse AB '81. (Deadline)


Welcome New Members

Harvardwood warmly welcomes all members who joined the organization last month (or those who migrated their membership over):

  • Nadia Borja

  • Cameron Hosein

  • Jasmine Adams

  • Vivian Moore

  • Caden Heiser-Cerrato

  • Steve Harper

  • Fatima Loeliger

  • Milan Popelka

  • Jennifer Friedland

  • Bernardo Sequeira

  • Roland Tan

  • Thembisa Skweyiya

  • Niko Karvounis

  • Nita Rao

  • Diane Schneider

  • Brooke Alexander

  • Tasila Banda

  • Joey Tuccio

  • Melissa Bender

  • Ellie Cassidy

  • Harper Oreck

  • Miranda Purcell

  • James Davis

  • Ash Andrews

  • Anthony DeNitto

  • Lauri Donahue

  • William Christenfeld

  • Shaun Wu

  • Roberto Quesada


Remembering Angela Chao (AB '94 MBA '01)

Harvardwood is so deeply saddened by the unexpected loss of Angela Chao, an inspiring visionary in both business and social impact undertakings, and a dedicated patron of the arts. Throughout her lifetime full of notable accomplishments, commitments, and philanthropy, she shone her light on many worthy endeavors— and we were humbled to be grateful recipients of her generosity through her ongoing support for Harvardwood artists.  Below, we've collected statements from recipients in her honor.

The loss of such an inspiring, generous soul is one felt by the entire world. I am grateful to have had the honor of meeting Angela and to have been a recipient of her kindness. Just last year, Ava Salzman, Joseph Lee, and I were awarded the Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Harvardwood AAPI Artist Fellowship, to pursue projects such as graphic novels, films, TV series, and books. All our pieces are in some way transgenerational, connecting us to our AAPI backgrounds. Through the stories we tell, we hope to recognize the legacy of the loved ones who  came before us.  

Legacy is something that was of great importance to Angela, as she dedicated the fellowship to  her mother, Ruth Mulan Chu Chao. Like her mother, Angela was a generous philanthropist and  advocate for the arts and the AAPI community.  Through the Chao fellowship, Angela honored the memory of her mother. As her fellows, we hope to honor Angela by committing ourselves to the opportunities granted to us by her  generosity. Like Angela Chao, we aspire to champion the AAPI community and create work that facilitates understanding between different cultures.

Samantha Mari Woolf, Chao Fellow, 2023

It is an extremely rare and special thing to find a person who dedicates themselves completely and wholeheartedly into helping others become who they are. A person whose love for the world and the complexity, beauty, and stories within it is so great that it pours out of them, lifts others up around them and carries them forward. Angela Chao was one of those people. I was extremely fortunate and grateful to be one of the recipients of Angela’s inaugural AAPI Artist Fellowship, which she founded in honor of her mother Ruth, and it has been perhaps the most important support system that I’ve had this past year to help me become the artist I want to be. I owe this to Angela - not only her spirit of generosity and support in creating the fellowship, but her direct encouragement and care itself.

I am so thankful get to witness her radiant heart straight from the source. I can't fathom that she is no longer with us, and am utterly devastated by her loss, but she lives on in all the people she loved and encouraged into being. In all the people into which she poured her trust and belief. She has helped me, and many others, get back on track to be the artist that I want to be, and I will be forever indebted to her. The world would be a better place if we all could carry on her memory by continuing that legacy. Thank you so much, Angela.

— Ava Salzman, Chao Fellow, 2023

As a filmmaker, I was blessed and honored to be supported by Angela Chao through the Ruth Mulan Chu Chao AAPI fellowship she created. In the past year, her generosity enabled me to write screenplays, travel to research North Korean defectors, and complete another short film about the Asian American experience. But her impact did not stop there.

She encouraged me to look at my family as sources of inspiration, to champion diversity and new experiences, and to embrace the stories of my ancestors. She shared with me how important Asian cinema was to her while growing up, and how she wanted future generations to embrace their cultural heritage with pride and confidence. With those wishes in mind, I hope to continue making films that honor her desire for more heartfelt stories. I am humbled to express my sincere gratitude for her support and guidance. Angela inspired many, and it was my privilege to be just one affected by her legacy. 

Joseph Lee, Chao Fellow, 2023

As the beneficiary of the Angela Chao AAPI Artist Grant, I was able to enroll in the Harvardwood TV Writers Program at no cost, which allowed me the opportunity to receive peer and professional critique on my half-hour comedy sample. My workshop leader, Sam, was an invaluable resource who set aside personal time to help offer advice, not only on writing but also on working professionally as a writer and getting your foot in the door as support staff. The program also gave me the opportunity to practice pitching to real industry professionals and hear their experiences via panels, which is direct access that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get on my own. I am so appreciative of Angela Chao for her generosity and support of Asian-American writers.

Caroline Tsai, awardee, Chao Stipend 2021-2022

Receiving the Harvardwood AAPI Artist Grant from Mrs. Chao helped springboard my career into the entertainment industry. Thanks to Mrs. Chao’s generous grant, I served as a Creative Development Intern for the production company Eleventh Northwest during the summer of 2022. During this internship, I helped create pitch decks, performed script coverage, and shadowed writers in the creation of a scripted series. This experience helped me secure my first postgraduate job as an executive assistant to a world-renowned choreographer. Mrs. Chao’s patronage for the arts touched so many of my fellow AAPI classmates and her contributions and support will surely give rise to the next generation of AAPI storytellers.

Callia Chuang, awardee, Chao Stipend 2021-2022

As an Asian-American female writer, receiving the Angela Chao Harvardwood Writers Program grant has provided deep and meaningful support for me. As an AAPI writer who does not fit the Hollywood mold, this grant acknowledges my strong feminist and social justice screenwriting work, writing that is inextricably linked to my experiences as an Asian-American woman who grew up on three continents in six countries. I am so grateful for this generous grant, as it has given me a profound sense of validation, belonging, and excitement about the opportunity to contribute to the diversification of storytelling in entertainment.

Ashia Solei, awardee, Chao Stipend 2021-2022

Virtual: Learn How to Work Less

Monday, 3/4  Free for all members

Do you feel like you're overworking yourself? Come learn how to relax! Harvardwood and Penntertainment jointly present a discussion with author Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, PhD, as he discusses the hidden role that rest plays in the lives of creative, prolific people.


LA: Oscars Watch Party 2024

Sunday, 3/10 Free for Premium members

How accurate are your picks for Best Actress and Best Actor? Who will take home the Oscar for Best Picture this year? Watch the fashion, excitement, and drama of the 96th Academy Awards with other members of Harvardwood!


Virtual: Casting Masterclass with Lisa Beach

Thursday, 3/21 Free for all members

Join us for an exclusive masterclass with renowned casting director and Harvard alum Lisa Beach (WEDDING CRASHERS, LOGAN, HUNG, etc)! Whether you're an actor, director, producer, or writer, you'll gain invaluable insights into the casting process, audition techniques, and standing out in a competitive industry.


Virtual: Harvardwood Author Series - AI in Creative Spaces

Monday, 3/25 Free for all members

We're thrilled to announce our ongoing Harvardwood Author Series with a spectacular kickoff event featuring New York Times bestselling authors Gregg Hurwitz (AB '95) and Abigail Hing Wen (AB '99) in conversation on everything from their newest works to AI's influence on the creative industry (and its future)!


LA: Harvardwood Author Series - A conversation with Susan Lieu (THE MANICURIST'S DAUGHTER), moderated by Jeff Yang

Friday, 4/5 Free for all members

Harvardwood invites you to hear Harvard alum authors Susan Lieu (AB '07) and Jeff Yang (AB '89) in their discussion of Susan's debut book, THE MANICURIST'S DAUGHTER!


Virtual: An Actor's Life Panel

Monday, 4/8 Free for all members

Learn the ins and outs of what it is to be a working (and successful!) actor with our guests Josh Brener (AB '07), Inger Tudor (AB '87 JD '92), Sumalee Montano (AB '93), and former Harvardwood Director Justin White (AB '10).


Virtual: Jeff Schaffer on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM's Legacy

Wednesday, 4/17 Free for all members

We're excited to host this conversation with CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM executive producer/director/writer Jeff Schaffer (AB '91) to debrief the series finale, premiering on April 7, 2024, and the show's twelve season legacy. 


Virtual: Harvardwood Author Series - Writing Mystery and Intrigue

Thursday, 4/25 Free for all members

For our third Harvardwood Author Series event, we'll be hosting a private eye-worthy, thrilling, even downright terrifying panel with three masters of murder and mystery! Learn how to craft suspense and have your readers clutching their pearls with every page turn.


Last Month at Harvardwood

Last month at Harvardwood, we talked to Joey Tuccio about Crafting a Writer's Bio, caught up with the folks in Harvardwood Cambridge/Boston, hosted a 101 reunion dinner, and more!


List of All Upcoming Harvardwood Events Here Want to submit your success(es) to Harvardwood HIGHLIGHTS? Do so by posting here!

Become a Harvardwood member! We work hard to create programming that you, the membership, would like to be engaged with. Please consider joining Harvardwood and becoming an active member of our arts, media, and entertainment community!



Harvardwood does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the information, content or advertisements (collectively "Materials") contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from any of the services contained in this e-mail. You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any Materials shall be at your sole risk. The materials are provided by Harvardwood on an "AS IS" basis, and Harvardwood expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied.

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