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Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP)

2024 Update: Though some in-person internships may return for Summer 2024, virtual internships are still quite common.

Please see below on how to enroll in the program. 

Each year, Harvardwood publishes internship opportunities, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The internship list is updated several times throughout the year, so students should check the list periodically for additional opportunities. Positions may be filled on a first come first serve basis, so we encourage students and companies to submit their materials as early as possible.



If your arts, media, or entertainment company offers summer internships and would like to receive applications from current Harvard students, we invite you to participate in the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program! Companies can reach current Harvard students by posting their internship opportunities to Harvardwood.


1) We post your company’s upcoming summer internship opportunity on our HSIP list.

2) Harvard students submit applications to Harvardwood per your company’s instructions, and Harvardwood forwards these applications to the designated contact person. (If you prefer that students submit applications directly to your company, please note that on your submission form in the "How to Apply" section.)

3) Your company interviews and/or potentially hires summer interns from the HSIP pool (we are not involved in this part of the process, unless you would like us to be).

4) Your company notifies Harvardwood if and who you have decided to hire through HSIP, so that we can include the student(s) in our summer events.

5) The interns participate in your company’s summer internship program, and Harvardwood provides HSIP interns with additional career-related events throughout the summer.

6) If your company wishes to host or sponsor a summer event for all HSIP interns, please let us know. We welcome your participation!

Questions? Contact HSIP




1) Only current Harvard undergraduate/graduate students who are Harvardwood Members may apply to HSIP internships. Please refrain from forwarding the listings to friends who are not current students at Harvard.

2) All application materials (i.e., cover letter and resume) sent through Harvardwood will be reviewed by Harvardwood Programs Director to ensure compliance.


3) Positions may be filled on a first come first serve basis, so we encourage students to submit their materials as early as possible. Applicants may apply to an unlimited number of HSIP opportunities.

4) Internship Credit - Some employers may require that students receive course credit to be eligible for the internship they offer.  Please see here for more information about Harvard College’s policy.  Many community colleges also offer Independent Study courses (for example, Santa Monica College in Los Angeles). 


Note: Students often ask about opportunities to work in physical production (i.e., "on-set") or in the offices for particular TV shows or films. These opportunities usually come up on short notice and are therefore difficult to include in the context of a planned internship program. However, if you wish to pursue an opportunity in this area, we would encourage you to take the initiative to contact and/or submit cover letters and resumes directly to the projects in which you are interested. You can find out what projects are in pre-production or production through various industry resources: Production Weekly publishes weekly reports of films/shows in production; DeadlineVariety, and The Hollywood Reporter (aka "The Trades") are vital for staying up to date with industry news.


Started in 2003, HSIP provides a list of summer internship opportunities in the arts, media, and entertainment to interested Harvard students. In addition, HSIP facilitates career-related activities throughout the summer for participating students and companies both virtually and in-person in Los Angeles and other cities with multiple students. Past program events have included film screenings, industry panels, and speaker events.

"I’m so grateful to the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program for giving me the opportunity to have intimate chats with industry executives as they gleefully debunked Hollywood myths and confirmed others. As they charted the twists and turns in their careers from college to where they are now, I learned about the surprisingly numerous entry points to the industry. I took tours of production companies and even watched a studio live-stream an Australian boy-band performance. Harvardwood events were also a great way to connect with other Harvard students taking their first tentative steps into entertainment jobs and get a glimpse into the vast alumni network that awaits us in the industry. It helped to know that I’ll never be alone, and I came away from the experience feeling wiser and more hopeful about the future."

- Claire Park AB '20, HSIP 2017


"Attending the events organized by HSIP has been one of the highlights of my summer internship experience. They are a fantastic way to meet and learn from new people, and offer an invaluable opportunity for exposure to countless unique sides of the entertainment industry. Only halfway through my internship I have already had the chance to talk with people throughout the business from both Harvard and beyond whose passion, work, and missions equally inspire and motivate me. I look forward to growing these relationships and continuing to make new ones for the rest of my time with the Harvardwood Program. Extra special thanks to Marie Kim for making it all come together!"

- Max Moulton AB '18, HSIP 2017

See below for a list of participating companies from previous years. If your arts/media/entertainment company is seeking interns for the summer, learn how your company can participate in HSIP by contacting Harvardwood.


Over 100 companies have participated in HSIP since its inception, including 2929 Productions, ABC, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Archer Entertainment, Benderspink, Blumhouse Productions, Collab, Delirio Films, Digital Domain, Dimension, Disney, Dreamworks, Echo Lake Entertainment, The Firm, Furst Films, Heyday Films, HBO Films, ICM, Icon Productions, Intermedia, Lin Pictures / Rideback Ranch, Lionsgate, LivePlanet, Mandeville Films, Mirabai Films, Miramax, The Mission Entertainment, National Geographic Feature Films, Red Wagon Productions, Samuels Media, Simmons Lathan Media Group, Spirit Dance Entertainment, Untitled Entertainment, Valhalla Motion Pictures, and The Young and the Restless.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that each state has different labor laws regarding internships; it is the responsibility of the participating companies and the individual interns to inform themselves and ensure that the relevant labor laws are not being violated. Harvardwood disclaims any and all legal responsibility in these matters.

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