Harvardwood Mentorship Program

The Harvardwood Mentorship Program fosters meaningful professional relationships by matching Harvard graduates with more established alums in their fields of interest for a period of eight months of one-on-one career mentoring.

General Program Information

Mentees will connect with their mentors in three or four one-on-one meetings (preferred) or phone conversations over the course of the year, usually October - June. Although not required, optional experiences include shadowing a typical workday, meeting, or conference call; offering a tour of the mentor's company offices; or attending HMP events.

Topics to be discussed during meetings include the following:

- The mentor's current position, what s/he does, his/her career progression
- The mentor's company and department functions
- The mentor's industry
- Career advancement advice
- How to handle difficult professional situations
- Work/life balance

Career focus and compatibility will determine the mentor/mentee pairings, and the nature of each mentoring relationship will depend on the individuals and what they have to offer. Industry categories include: Creative, Production, Business, and Agency. Pairings will not be made between people from the same company.

As working professionals in the arts, media and entertainment have highly variable schedules, there will be a great deal of flexibility to accommodate the mentors’ availability. Mentors will have the option to select the number of mentees they are willing to support per program year.

The time commitment will be approximately four hours for the mentor and the mentee.

Conversations between the mentor and mentee will remain confidential, but are not protected by privilege. No confidential information should be shared. Signing an NDA can be an option. Even then, mentors and mentees should be aware of this condition. Mentees should not pitch show ideas or projects unless proper releases are in place.

For Potential Mentors

If you are interested in participating as a mentor, please fill out our Mentor Interest Form below. All mentors will receive a free year of Full Membership to Harvardwood, as well as invites to special VIP Harvardwood events.

Become a Mentor

For Potential Mentees

Program Eligibility

1) Due to high demand for mentors, we may not be able to accommodate all program applicants. If you do not receive a mentor this year, you are welcome to apply again next year.

2) If you DO receive a mentor this year, you will not be able to re-apply for the HMP for 2 years after your program participation.

3) All applicants must be dues-current Full Members of Harvardwood for the duration of the program (through May of the following year). If you're not a Harvardwood member, join or renew your membership!

4) All applicants must reside in the LA area to meet with their mentors in person.

5) All mentees will be required to complete a short survey about their HMP experience at the end of the program.

6) All mentees will be required to submit a $35 program fee to participate before the introduction is made to their mentor.

7) Applications will be accepted in Fall 2018. The application link will appear below between those dates. The deadline to apply is October 5, 2018.

The application period to apply to the 2018-19 HMP is now closed.

Thanks in advance for your interest in the Harvardwood Mentorship Program!

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