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Harvardwood Writers Program

LA Features Intensive

Have you been working on a feature film idea and just can’t seem to get the project off the ground?  Or did you start your feature only to find yourself shut down by writers block? Perhaps you even have a draft but feel you need to revisit the project. Introducing the Harvardwood Feature Writing Intensive, where you can work with other Harvardwood members over 10 weeks to get to a strong and completed 1st draft of your script (or a similar milestone of your choosing).


As with all Harvardwood writing groups, there is a high expectation of preparation and writing done outside of the meetings (approx. 15-20 hours per week) as well as a strict attendance policy, so please make sure that you can commit fully before applying.  Keep in mind that dual commitments to other writing programs (like the Harvardwood TV Modules) can become very hard to maintain. Participants are required to give constructive feedback to fellow writers in each session, so there is an expectation that you will have read applicable work prior to each meeting. You will be expected to attend the weekly meetings with no more than 2 absences. 


Each writer should expect to: pitch his or her story to the group; finalize a thorough outline from beginning to end; and turn in pages in predetermined blocks (by act, sequence, or scene, etc). Like previous years, the group will strive for a "writers room" format, and will aim to give focused attention to the projects of 2-3 members every week, thereby staggering group submissions and allowing for better productivity and pacing


  • All participants must be Harvardwood Full Members (Friends of Harvardwood are eligible to participate in NYC and Boston Programs)

  • All participants must submit the program fee before the first meeting



 The number of module groups will depend on enrollment. If accepted, you will meet in the evening once a week for 3 hours, either virtually or in-person or possibly in a hybrid format. There will be between 4-7 other Harvardwood writers in your group. 

The goal of this intensive module is to follow a structured program where clear deadlines help meet your goal. Guest speakers will be offered virtually as part of the Intensive and will be scheduled on days outside of the regular meeting sessions. Each group will be led by a facilitator who has either a professional and/or academic background in script writing.

The Features Intensive may also include:

  • Table reads of selected scenes from your script

  • An opportunity to pitch your feature to managers or agents, once completed.

 The Intensive will focus on these key aspects of screenplay development:

  • Developing a strong act structure

  • Conveying a solid theme or themes

  • Creating characters that have depth, agency, and arc 

  • Building a beat sheet to chart the escalation of conflict

  • Strategies for weaving multiple storylines

  • Writing realistic dialogue that captures the essence of your characters

  • Developing a strong and memorable opening and ending.


Expectations: This Intensive is for those who are serious about writing and are willing to not only work on and present their own projects, but to also review the work of others as part of weekly critiques and discussion. 


Who can apply: Full members only. Ideally applicants should be in the greater LA area, but exceptions will be made depending on interest in virtual modules. If you're passionate about this opportunity, we encourage you to apply!


Program fee: If accepted, the fee will be $100 prior to your first meeting.  

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