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Harvardwood Code of Conduct

All members acknowledge, accept and agree to abide by the following:

Harvardwood is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization for Harvard University alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends working or strongly interested in the arts, media and entertainment. The purpose of Harvardwood is to provide information, resources and professional opportunities for our members, while also endeavoring to strengthen ties among the arts, media, entertainment and education for our members and the broader community. We believe that our organization only grows stronger the more inclusive it can be. There are, however, certain behaviors we consider detrimental to that mission which we cannot tolerate:

  1. Inappropriate, abusive, harassing, and/or threatening behavior toward a member of Harvardwood, the Harvardwood Board of Directors, Harvardwood staff or anyone else associated with a Harvardwood event and/or activity. This includes, without limitation, sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse, as well as (in extreme cases) written abuse.

  2. Use of the Harvardwood logo without authorization and/or inappropriate use of the Harvardwood name. Use of the Harvardwood logo or name should always be cleared with a member of the Board of Directors first, in writing.

  3. Violating the confidentiality of guest speakers and/or other event participants, whether by publishing the information, sharing ideas that aren’t one’s own, or attempting to profit by relaying the advice of industry professionals without consent.

  4. Stealing from the organization, another member, or a facility that may be hosting a Harvardwood event. This includes excessive or ongoing sharing of members-only and/or proprietary Harvardwood content with individuals who are not Full Members of Harvardwood.

  5. Vandalizing Harvardwood property or the property of an affiliate, or causing excessive damage. This includes malicious and/or fraudulent postings to the Harvardwood website.

  6. Fraudulent activity directed toward Harvardwood, its volunteers, staff or members; for example, lying or submitting false material to a contest, in applying to a program, or in regards to a job posting.

  7. Breaking a local, state or federal law while representing Harvardwood, at a Harvardwood event, or participating in a Harvardwood-sponsored program. This includes all use of illegal drugs.

  8. Recording or transcribing content from events, programs or otherwise without explicit permission to do so from Harvardwood, including but not limited to Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. 


Harvardwood benefits from the diversity of its membership. These rules are only meant to prevent extreme behaviors and remove members who commit them. The Board will never ask a member to leave simply because of a personality conflict, reasonable financial distress, political or religious views, or the content of their work.


By agreeing to this Code of Conduct, you acknowledge that you understand these rules, and that any member or affiliate found to be in violation by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors will, in the Board’s discretion, be asked to permanently leave the program, event or activity in which the Code of Conduct was violated, as the case may be, or be asked to permanently leave the organization and be barred from all future programs, events or activities.


Any member who is asked to leave the organization will have the opportunity to file a written appeal to the Board of Directors within two (2) weeks of their initial notification. Any person who wishes to report a violation of the Code of Conduct by another member may do so in writing to any member of the Board of Directors.


The Board reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior notice and may ask members to agree to a revised Code of Conduct as it sees fit.

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