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Our Story

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Mia Riverton Alpert, Adam Fratto, and Stacey Cohen

Harvardwood was founded in 1999 by actor/producer (and then-student) Mia Riverton, film/TV executive Adam Fratto, and producer Stacy Cohen.

We started with 10 members and now have an international community of over 14,000. We provide programming, events, writers groups, grants and fellowships, networking opportunities, masterclasses, salons, and more for Harvard alums and affiliates. 

Harvardwood became one of the inaugural Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) of the HAA (Harvard Alumni Association) in 2005. We work closely with the HAA, the Mingone Center for Career Services (MCS), Office for the Arts (OFA), Harvard Business School (HBS) Association, Harvard Law School Association, the Harvard Clubs of SoCal + NY, and more!

Celebrating and supporting lives in the arts, media and entertainment, for the Harvard community and beyond.

Harvardwood is a nonprofit organization for members of the Harvard University community who believe in the power and purpose of the arts, media and entertainment. 


By providing professional resources and service opportunities, Harvardwood strives to utilize the creativity and leadership of our diverse members as forces for positive social change. 

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