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Harvardwood HIGHLIGHTS - December 2023

Updated: Dec 3, 2023



  • 2024-2025 Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship - Applications Open!

  • Seeking Homestay Hosts for Harvardwood 101 Students

  • Featured Job: Assistant to Bi-Coastal Producer


  • Alumni Profiles: Jonathan E. Steinberg, AB '97 (showrunner, producer)

  • Industry News

  • Welcome New Members

  • Exclusive Q&A with Jon Goldman, AB '87 (executive)


  • LA: Harvardwood Holiday Party 2023

  • Virtual: Arc Studio Demo and Free One-Year Subscription

  • Virtual: Panel with Albert Cheng (Amazon Prime Video) and Steve Chung (CJ Entertainment)

  • Virtual: Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship Info Session 2024-25

  • Virtual: Building PERCY JACKSON & Writing Adapted TV with Jonathan E. Steinberg (AB '97)

  • Last Month at Harvardwood

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The agnostic winter season is upon us, and the Harvardwood 101 students are out on the street begging for Homestay Hosts for Harvardwood 101 Students! It's sure getting a little Dickensian in this mild 70s Los Angeles winter.

The 2024-2025 Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship applications are open! Thanks to the continued generosity of Harvardwood Co-Founder Mia Riverton Alpert ’99 and her husband, producer and media entrepreneur David Alpert ‘97, rent is getting paid, 23 year old gaffers are getting paid, visa application fees are getting paid, everybody's getting paid! And that's the economy, baby.

This month we have our annual and long awaited (and still agnostic) Holiday Party! Also, a free for all members event where you also get a free year subscription to screenwriting software Arc Studio just for attending. After that, join us, H4A, and panelists Albert Cheng, MBA '97 (Amazon Prime Video) and Steve Chung, AB '01 (CJ Entertainment) to hear their stories of success! And, you'll never guess, did I mention, it's also free for members.

To get all this free, a gentle reminder we have new memberships with expanded perks! Be sure to sign up for the new membership by the end of the year as we are sunsetting old membership by the end of 2023. We're very excited to enter this new era with everyone! As always, we want to hear from you, our members — if you have an idea for an event or programming, please tell us about it here. If you have an announcement about your work or someone else's, please share it here (members) and it will appear in our Weekly and/or next HIGHLIGHTS issue.

Please consider donating to Harvardwood. Your donations are tax deductible! Best wishes, Grace Shi Operations and Communications Harvardwood

2024-2025 Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship - Applications Open!

Harvardwood is pleased to announce the 2024-2025 Mia and David Alpert Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship for graduating seniors or recent Harvard alumni working or seeking to work in the arts, media, and entertainment fields. The multiyear gift, generously created in 2021 by Harvardwood Co-Founder Mia Riverton Alpert ’99 and her husband, producer and media entrepreneur David Alpert ‘97, includes a $24,000 per-artist grant, awarded annually, to support one or more recent graduates from the College for one year as they pursue their artistic projects. Each Alpert Harvardwood Fellow is also paired with a mentor in their field of interest to help guide their creative endeavors and will receive additional assistance through Harvardwood.

The Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship is awarded annually to a different artist or artists. Grant funds can be used at the grantee’s discretion. The purpose of the funds is to provide the opportunity for an individual to choose the pursuit of artistic endeavors without consideration of financial need for the duration of the grant period. There is no restriction on the artistic field; musicians, dancers, visual artists, actors, writers, filmmakers and artists/creators in all disciplines are encouraged to apply.


Seeking Homestay Hosts for Harvardwood 101 Students

Every year, our Harvardwood 101 career exploration program offers a few dozen Harvard College students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend discussions with Hollywood executives, agents, writers, and artists. Though we pivoted to digital programming for the past three years, we’re thrilled to return to an in-person experience again this year.

Our Harvardwood 101 “Winternship” program (short-term professional experiences) spans 1-2 weeks in January (between Jan. 6-20), and we are currently looking for homestay hosts during that time in LA. If you’re able to provide a spare room/couch/air mattress to host a college student (or three!), we’d be eternally grateful.

Please contact Programs Manager Laura Yumi Snell at with your name, address/neighborhood, and the number of students you’re able to host. Thank you!


Featured Job: Assistant to Bi-Coastal Producer

Job Description:

Assistant to bicoastal producer. Must be a self-starter. Responsibilities include sourcing and reading new material, giving notes on current projects, booking travel, setting meetings, and maintaining office.

Alumni Profile: Jonathan E. Steinberg AB '97 (showrunner, producer)

by Laura Frustaci

Jonathan E. Steinberg AB '97 is currently the co-creator, executive producer, and showrunner of the new adaptation of the renowned book series PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS for Disney+. Steinberg is also in production on the second season of the critically-acclaimed series THE OLD MAN starring Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow for FX. Steinberg serves as the co-creator, executive producer, and showrunner of THE OLD MAN, which is the most-watched series in the history of the network. Both series are produced by 20th Television/Walt Disney Co. where Steinberg and his producing partner Dan Shotz have housed their production company, Quaker Moving Pictures, since 2019. Prior to that, Steinberg co-created and executive-produced BLACK SAILS for its 4 season run on STARZ, which won 3 primetime Emmy Awards. Steinberg was also the executive producer of SEE for Apple TV+ and was the creator and executive producer of HUMAN TARGET for FOX, which he developed along with DC Comics. The first series Steinberg co-created was cult-favorite JERICHO for CBS.

Percy Jackson is the much-beloved hero of Rick Riordan’s 2005-2009 YA fantasy series; just ask anyone who came of age in the past fifteen or so years. There’s an incredibly dedicated fan base of “demigods” surrounding Riordan’s novels, known collectively as PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS. Co-creator and executive producer of the new television series also titled PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS Jonathan E. Steinberg (AB ’97) was very aware of that fact when he took on the adaptation project.

After years of work, the show is finally premiering on December 20, 2023 on Disney+, so we sat down to talk with Jonathan about what the creative process was like. Jonathan explains that the fan base was actually part of what pulled him towards the project. “With Percy Jackson, before I even really met Rick [Riordan], I knew that it came with a fan base that you really had to be respectful of what they wanted to see. Part of the attraction of it was being able to realize something that so many people had been so eager for so long to see.”

Going into the creative process, Jonathan describes the crucial roles that both trust and communication played in moving forward with the project in a way that was respectful of the franchise. “It was important to Rick and to his wife, Becky, that they had the ability to make sure it was done in a way that they felt was faithful to the source material.” Jonathan explains. “Even before I met Rick and Becky, I felt that I didn't want to try to barge into someone's home, which is really what this story is to them, and start telling them where to put things.” And everyone found this respectful approach made collaboration easy for the three of them.

Approaching such revered source material couldn’t have been easy, and Jonathan confirms. “Over 100 million people read a book, and there are 100 million different visions and 100 million different heads [imagining] what it is,” Jonathan points out. “To pick one of them and spend a lot of money on it and commit to it becoming the adaptation takes a lot of work. Trying to make sure you're getting the right one. At every step, knowing that Rick and Becky felt like it was the right one, made me feel safer.”

Jonathan’s long history and background in television and adaptation also served as a helping hand as they created the new series. He grew up as a movie-lover (cinephile, for those of you who love Greek) but says that he never knew exactly how to get a job in film. “I went to college, and then I went to law school. At some point in law school, I just started writing,” Jonathan remembers. “I had never written anything before. I sent that to whoever I could think of, and that started a couple of conversations that made Los Angeles seem a little bit closer to me.”

After practicing law for a year, Jonathan began to feel like he couldn’t avoid the magnetic pull of LA any longer. So, he packed up his car and went there. “My first job was driving for a comedy manager from New York who didn't drive,” Jon laughs. “I was just writing and really trying to get into features. I had no interest in television. But at one point I had an idea for a television show that I ended up writing a treatment for. I sent it around, and I got it into a friend's hands, and my second job was co-creating JERICHO.” That’s Hollywood magic in action, people!

“From there, I sold pilots and went to work on whatever I could.” This led Jonathan to develop TV series including HUMAN TARGET, BLACK SAILS, and THE OLD MAN, all the way through to this new adaptation of PERCY JACKSON alongside author Rick Riordan himself.

One element of the show that Jonathan is proud of is the very early decision to cast children. “That instantly comes with a whole raft of complications in terms of what it takes to produce it. But it was important to Rick and Becky, and it was important to me.” He elaborates, “I don't know that you can tell a story that kids are meant to identify with if they can’t look at that character and see themselves. So, the challenge was really how to put three kids in the middle of it, but still write and produce it in a way where it felt like an adult who had never read the book [and has] no kids could find things in it and feel like it's for them also.”

Jonathan believes that the team has been successful, having kept that line of thinking at the forefront of their minds throughout the entire process. “When you're making a show like this, the question of ‘Who is this for?’ comes up a lot. And every time it was asked, the answer was ‘For everyone’.” In fact, that’s another piece of what drew Jonathan to the project in the first place. “Part of what I responded to in the books, even before coming to this and continuing to fall deeper in love the more time we spent with the story, is that it's the most universal kind of story about what it is like to not fit, which I think is one of a handful of truly universal experiences.”

It’s true; Percy is a misfit both in the human world and in the demi-God world. “In Percy's case, that is part of what makes the story so compelling…” Jonathan explains. “He has the feeling of being a little bit out of place no matter where he is. It’s about the challenge of trying to understand yourself well enough to be okay with that. And to find friends in that environment. And to find confidence in that environment.”

And that kind of message is sure to hit home with audiences of every age, which was very important to Jonathan as a father who watches television with his kids. “There isn't a lot out there that I want to watch with my kids, that I would be okay with them watching alone, that they would want to watch alone, and that I would watch without them,” he notes. “The desire to enter into that space and contribute something to it was a big part of it.”

This sentiment translates well into Jonathan’s overarching advice for aspiring creatives. “The best thing you can do on TV is just something no one else is doing…. learning to zig when everyone else zags,” Jonathan says, and this is true about his own journey through the industry as well. “There's sort of a natural gravity for people to want to replicate things that are working. But things that are working are rarely a function of replicating something else.” Young writers and creators need to strive to “find the open space on the board,” Jonathan encourages, and “carve out a story that feels different, that feels like it has something to say.” That principle has been “a compass point” for Jonathan in his own work.

And clearly, that’s evident in Jonathan’s process for approaching PERCY JACKSON. He knew the source material would resonate, and he knew that working in tandem with Rick, they could create an exciting piece of media that captures the magic of the series and is truly for all ages.

“The way Rick built it, it's so apparent how compelling it is. It's attached to so many people's childhoods and so many people who feel as though they started reading because of these books, which is a big deal.” Jonathan concludes that it’s a powerful story because “Percy is a kid who finds out that he is part god. And that is not the end of his journey. It's the beginning. It’s about discovering that it's really his humanity that makes him powerful. And that felt like a story that was worth spending the time to tell.”

----- Laura Frustaci (AB ’21) is an NYC-based actor and writer. She recently completed a yearlong Harvard Postgraduate Traveling fellowship in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she wrote her first full-length play. While at Harvard, Laura studied English and performed with the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the HRDC, On Thin Ice, and the American Repertory Theater.


Industry News

This holiday season, joining the long list of body-switching movies is none other than FAMILY SWITCH, starring Jennifer Garner, Ed Helms, Emma Myers, Brady Noon, and featuring Bashir Salahuddin (AB ‘98). (Collider)

Miranda Cowley Heller (AB ‘84) answers the question of how long it took her to write the book TAL ARTZI in an interview with The Guardian. (The Guardian)

Tatyana Ali (AB ‘02) was among Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, dancer-singer Paula Abdul, actors Craig Robinson, Ming-Na Wen, and Denise Richards performing in the 91st Hollywood Christmas Parade. (Deadline)

Kelsey Grammer talks about the future for FRASIER, starring Jack Cutmore-Scott (AB ‘10) as Freddy Crane. (Deadline)

A24 is in the process of making a biopic based on Elon Musk, famous tech-based entrepreneur who recently bought out Twitter as well. The film is slated to be directed by Darren Aronofsky (AB ‘91). (MXDWN)

The new Bedford-inspired movie, FINESTKIND, starring Tommy Lee Jones (AB ‘69) is set to premiere Dec. 15. (The Standard Times)

Foo Fighters, Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age to Headline 2024 Hellfest, which will also host Machine Head, Fear Factory, Tom Morello (AB ‘86) and more next June. (Billboard)

20th Century Studios has released the first image from its upcoming prequel to the 1976 horror classic THE OMEN, THE FIRST OMEN, directed by Arkasha Stevenson, based on characters created by David Seltzer (AB ‘87), with a story by Ben Jacoby. (Ruetir)

CEO of Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar Games' parent company) Strauss Zelnick (MBA ‘82, JD ‘82) talks GTA 6 prices and game pricing controversy. (Watcher Guru)

Renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma (AB ‘76, DMU ‘91) to headline a unique evening of music and physics at CERN in Switzerland on December 8th. (CERN)

Natalie Portman (AB ‘03) reflects on her experience as a child actor in Hollywood. (People)

La Jolla-based Spike and Mike festivals have been acquired by Skybound Entertainment with plans for a revival. Skybound was founded in 2010 by David Alpert (AB ‘97) and Robert Kirkman (La Jolla Light)

In an official statement, Amazon Studios announced that they will be present at the Comic Con Experience this year, and the long-awaited FALLOUT adaptation, executive produced by Graham Wagner and produced by Geneva Robertson-Dworet (AB ‘07), will be the main attraction. (California 18)

Prime Video has released 9 first-look photos of the new survival series FALLOUT from WESTWORLD creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (JD ‘07) and their Kilter Films. The show will premiere on April 12. (Deadline)

KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON's box office crosses a major milestone Thanksgiving weekend. The cast includes director Martin Scorsese's two most frequent collaborators, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, alongside Lily Gladstone, Jesse Plemons, John Lithgow (AB ‘67, ARD ‘05), and Brendan Fraser. (Screenrant)

Lee Sung Jin, creator and executive producer of the critically acclaimed series BEEF, has signed a multi-year overall deal with Netflix that will extend across scripted series and feature film. Lee is represented by WME, Ben Rowe, and attorney Ken Richman (AB ‘90, JD ‘93). (Deadline)

Following the resolution of the writers’ strike, Variety’s “A Night in the Writers’ Room” returns Nov. 30 in-person, featuring three panels moderated by Variety’s esteemed journalists with this year’s Emmy-contending writers in the drama, comedy, and limited series categories, including drama panelist Michael Dinner (AB ‘78) for JUSTIFIED: CITY PRIMEVAL. (Variety)


Welcome New Members

Harvardwood warmly welcomes all members who joined the organization last month:

  • David Sabot

  • Benjamin Ubinas

  • Annabelle Gardner

  • Marie Konopacki

  • Madison Stine

  • Matthew Young

  • David Brodwin

  • Court Stroud

  • Sera Mcdonald

  • Heather-Ashley Boyer

  • Kathy Purnell

  • Taylor Margis-Noguera

  • Karen Minott

  • Melissa Suquisupa Alvarez

  • Jill Bayor

  • Luis Valencia

  • Jake Gilbert

  • Scott Chatley

  • Todd Brissette

  • Carl Vigeland

  • Neil Tuli

  • Scott Roberts

  • Jennifer Fritch

  • Michal Goldstein

  • Alexander Walsh

  • Alex Mazzaferr

  • Barika Edwards

  • Duncan Glew

  • Mattheus Carpenter

  • David Gil

  • Teddy Kim

  • Brandon Hoffman

  • Lily Davis

  • Devin Adair

  • Ali Binazir

  • Roger Kaplan

  • Marie-Emmanuelle Thomas Hartness

  • Laurie McKinsey

  • Timothy Schneider

  • Erin Williams

  • Sean Fredricks

  • Brandon Paul Agcaoili

  • Nicole Letourneau

  • Ece Hakim

  • Beverley Gordon


Exclusive Q&A with Jon Goldman AB '87 (executive)

Jon Goldman AB '87 serves as Co-Chairman at Skybound Entertainment, the multi-platform entertainment company creating awesome content across comic books, TV, film, video games, interactive, podcast, merchandise, and beyond. Skybound is well known as the intellectual property holder of THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, IMPACT WINTER, and over 150 more award-winning IPs.

Jon’s roots lie heavily in video game venture capital, having started his career at a boutique investment bank focused on US-Asia strategic deals. He brings more than two decades of experience in video games to Skybound, where he focuses on corporate development and general leadership. Jon has been instrumental in securing capital for the company through innovative approaches like Regulation A+, Kickstarter, and traditional venture investment.

In addition to his role at Skybound, Jon runs two early-stage funds in the video game and VR gaming areas - Tower 26 VC and GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund. He has also served as a Board Partner at Greycroft and Jerusalem Venture Partners.

Jon was Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Foundation 9 Entertainment, recognized as one of the largest independent video game developers in the world, spanning 11 studios and 1000 employees. Foundation 9 created hundreds of video games based on top-tier global brands such as STAR WARS, THE MATRIX, THE SIMPSONS, and THE LORD OF THE RINGS. He sold the company in 2006.

Jon holds a BA from Harvard University in Asian Studies (graduating Magna Cum Laude) and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He also earned a Management Development for Entrepreneurs (MDE) Certificate from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Q: Skybound recently did a Regulation A investment raise, allowing your fans to become shareholders in the company and the IP that they love. This is one of many very innovative aspects that separates Skybound from other entertainment companies. Can you talk about the process of deciding to invite fans into the company in this way? How did Skybound build that kind of close relationship with their fans?

It has been pretty amazing to see over 5000 fans and regular people become a part of Skybound. We tried to make things very accessible for our fans to get involved with investments as low as £10 in the UK.

In terms of how we built a relationship that made this possible: most important, we treat our fans as part of our world with lots of information and content through our Insiders program. We do not just market to them or crush them with "buy now" buttons.

Q: Skybound has been a creative force behind an abundance of exciting content across comics, film, television, video games, merchandise, even wine! In the development of new intellectual properties, what criteria does Skybound consider to ensure the uniqueness and marketability of each concept?

It’s still pretty old-fashioned. We focus on letting great creators like our partner, Robert Kirkman, tell great stories. Then when something hits, we have the business-ready units ready to back it up. There are no analysts, focus groups, or consultants shaping the content.

Q: How has your own educational journey, including studying at Harvard, then at the University of Kyoto, and then participating in an entrepreneurial management program at UCLA, contributed to your ability to navigate and lead in the dynamic and competitive entertainment industry?

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 24. My first partners were a buddy from Japanese class at Harvard and one of my roommates. So obviously, the network is real! Beyond that, I came to realize that the rigor of being around hyper-talented and competitive people at age 18 toughens you up for the “real world.” I just wasn’t afraid.

Now my current partner, David Alpert, also went to Harvard, exactly 10 years after me. So, I guess I stick close to home…

To be honest, University of Kyoto was just fun. I had a fellowship and pretty much drank that money. Like Japanese kids after high school, I barely went to class!

The Anderson program was great actually. I didn't have time to get an MBA when I was already running a growing video game business. I learned financial analysis in a way that helps me in evaluating acquisitions and other opportunities to this day.

Q: With your past international experience, how has that global perspective shaped your approach to business and entrepreneurship in the entertainment and gaming sector?

When I first started working, the US was still the center of the universe for entertainment. The biggest advantage of opening yourself to the world is simply being open itself. At Skybound, we now have businesses in Europe and Asia, based on relationships we started nurturing decades ago.

Q: As the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Foundation 9 Entertainment, you played a pivotal role in building the largest independent video game developer globally. What were the key challenges and strategies involved in managing such an expansive company (11 studios and 1000 employees!)? How has this experience played into your role at Skybound?

I wasn’t the only founder. It was great to work with [a] team of friends. But the biggest challenge was always resources. At the time, no one thought you could build a thousand-person studio. All of the power rested with publishers. That’s not the case now. And publishers (as publishers do) would squeeze us to the edge of death. It was only by figuring how to build size and scale, raise money, and apply some math to our deal-making that we evened the scale. By the time I turned 40, we were doing $100MM in revenues, which was a big number back then before there were so many billion [dollar] companies!

Q: Can you share an example of a project at Skybound where you pushed the boundaries of storytelling, perhaps using a medium in a way that hadn't been done before?

I’m super proud of how our fictional podcast, IMPACT WINTER, has launched an entirely new IP in audio. The soundscaping, casting, story are all amazing. I had NOTHING to do with putting it together, as we have so many talented leaders in the company. IMPACT WINTER hit #1 on all of Amazon fiction, not just audio, and there is [a] lot more coming about this one. At this point, I take pride in helping to shape the environment that allows others to succeed.

Q: What’s been your favorite project to be involved with so far at Skybound? What are you most proud of that the company has done in your tenure?

Can’t pick among beloved children! I even love our mistakes. I’ll respond slightly differently: I am extremely grateful that what we do resonates. Our animated superhero drama INVINCIBLE (which you should watch on Amazon Prime!), has been a huge success globally and hopefully will follow the path of THE WALKING DEAD. I don’t say “grateful” as a humble brag. You can make great stuff and the world doesn’t respond. When it happens, it feels so good. And I am proud of the animation studio we built under the leadership of Marge Dean, which has made this show such a success. And, not surprisingly, all the great video game adaptations coming out over the next few years. Our video game ATOM EVE just [came] out. I am writing this from Thanksgiving vacation and have truly unplugged, but I think we have over a million players in just 10 days or so.

Q: What kinds of exciting projects are you working on right now? Can you share anything that’s in the pipeline?

We have started to buy companies to grow more quickly. TV/film production companies in Europe, a joint venture in Japan, a significant stake in a vide ogame company in Pittsburgh. Other things I can’t discuss. I’m also excited about an internal video game studio we are building in Southern California. Expecting great things from them in 2025.

Q: Given your experience in interactive entertainment, where do you see the most significant trends shaping the future of the industry, and how is Skybound positioning itself to stay at the forefront of these developments?

Skybound started as a side hustle for Robert Kirkman and David Alpert, became a licensing business, and now directly operates in comics, TV/film, video games, audio, and merchandise. We have internal technical resources including engineers working on software. So we are powering up to take advantage of fan demand to interact with the universes we create for them.

We call our business model The Wheel of Awesome: we break new IP in low-cost, fast areas like comics and now audio. We popularize them in TV mostly. We then aim to make the most money in video games. But we can’t get there if the early spokes in the wheel don’t get going.

In terms of overall trends, we are seeing an oligopoly of buyers in linear content trying to drive the upside of creative teams like Skybound. Our Wheel of Awesome strategy where we take control of every form of content development and commercialization is how we thrive in this tough environment. It reminds me of competing against giant publishers in the video game industry 20 years ago. Plus ça change…

LA: Harvardwood Holiday Party 2023

Sunday, 12/3 Free for Premium and Platinum members

Join us for an evening of drinks, apps, and mingling to celebrate the 2023 Holiday Season! RSVP HERE


Virtual: Arc Studio Demo and Free One-Year Subscription

Tuesday, 12/5 Free for all members

If you're sick of using screenwriting software that feels stuck in the '90s, come learn about Arc Studio — the new industry standard. Harvardwood members who are able to attend the Zoom live will receive an exclusive free one-year subscription to Arc Studio!


Virtual: H4A/Harvardwood Panel with Albert Cheng (Amazon Prime Video) and Steve Chung (CJ Entertainment)

Friday, 12/8 Free for all members

Please join H4A and Harvardwood for a virtual panel discussion with two of the most knowledgeable and influential people in entertainment: Albert Cheng (MBA '97) VP, head of Prime Video U.S., and Steve Chung (AB '01), Chief Global Officer for CJ Entertainment. The conversation will be moderated by Emily Ge Song, who has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, including at two of the world’s preeminent entertainment agencies, United Talent Agency and Creative Artists Agency.


Virtual: Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship Info Session 2024-25

Friday, 12/8 Free for all members

Join Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship founder Mia Riverton Alpert, Programs Director Laura Yumi Snell, and Director Laura Frustaci for an information session on applying to the third year of the fellowship. Co-hosted by MCS.


Virtual: Building PERCY JACKSON & Writing Adapted TV with Jonathan E. Steinberg (AB '97)

Thursday, 1/11 Free for all members

Join Harvardwood for an exclusive conversation with executive producer and showrunner Jonathan E. Steinberg about what it was like to co-create the new television series PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS with Rick Riordan.


Last Month at Harvardwood

Last month at Harvardwood, we kicked it backstage at the Lincoln Center with Madelyn Ho (AB '08 MD '16) and Paul Taylor Dance Company, broke down the Intersection of Business and Media with Whitney Baxter (AB '07, MBA '11), Tracey Bing (MBA '01), Gene Pao (MBA '97), and Larry Wasserman (AB '97, MBA '04), watched Kiran Deol (AB '06) tape her comedy special, and more!


List of All Upcoming Harvardwood Events Here Want to submit your success(es) to Harvardwood HIGHLIGHTS? Do so by posting here!

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