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  • Harvardwood Heads To... BeneFIT: Comedy with Jared Sandler

    Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 02:30 PM - PDT

    The Wrong Missy's Jared Sandler: Comedy

    Weekly Series with many exciting industry professionals! Time in PST.

    *Limited Spots Available, so sign up in advance.*

    Produced by theYasisters (Maya Jade and Tehya-Rose Frank) alongside Michael Lee Brown, BeneFIT is a donation-based series of Zoom classes taught by industry professionals to benefit the Actors Fund.

    More info HERE

  • Harvardwood Heads To... The Next Generation of Broadcasters

    Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 10:00 AM - PDT


    Calling future television and radio content creators - join SAG-AFTRA for an exciting discussion about working in broadcasting.

    Tune in for a diverse panel of SAG-AFTRA members who are media professionals working in major television and radio markets across the country as they discuss their careers and answer questions.

    This panel will cover:

    • The media landscape and getting your first job
    • How SAG-AFTRA works to protect broadcasters
    • On-air and off-air jobs in broadcast
    • The business of the News Business
    • A look at digital storytelling and new ways of covering news 
    • Diversity and inclusivity in the industry 
    • The important role of mentorship and networking in the field of broadcast

    Whether you are a student majoring in broadcast journalism or communications, or just want to learn more about the profession, this program is for you!

    More info HERE.

  • 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST

    Theater, Dance & Media welcomes Victor Vazquez, Casting Director and Founder of X Casting, for the last Perspectives on Performance talk of the academic year.


    Through a shared purpose towards collective liberation & anti-racism, X Casting re-imagines the art of casting.

    More info HERE

  • 4:00PM PST/7:00PM EST

    Disabled writers, like their underrepresented peers, are often the only representatives of their community in a writers room, if they are in the room at all. This places immense pressure on them to both perform at the highest level and be an expert on their community. In addition to this added pressure, disabled writers are often pigeonholed into only writing about disability, even though they are often qualified and eager to write a wide array of storylines, just like their non-disabled peers.

    This panel, in partnership with Inevitable Foundation and the WGAW’s Disabled Writers Committee, explores the experiences of disabled film and TV writers, from the challenges of navigating the entertainment industry with a disability to the role accessibility plays in their writing process. Hear a range of perspectives about the various barriers disabled writers face, and learn how non-disabled writers can make the storytelling process more hospitable and inclusive for disabled writers to thrive.

    More info HERE.

  • Harvardwood Heads To... Social Networking

    Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 10:00 AM - PDT


    *this is a recurring event*

    In order to participate fully in the activities set out during this workshop, you’ll need to use either a computer or tablet and not a phone when signing onto the Zoom link

    Social sleuthing is standard in the hiring process, so what does your online presence say about you? In this workshop you will learn personal branding strategies and reframe your networking approach to more effectively connect to the people, organizations, and opportunities that can advance your career.

    More info HERE

  • Harvardwood Presents: The Hidden Tools of Comedy with Steve Kaplan

    Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 04:00 PM - PDT · $10.00 USD

    Pacific Standard Time

    What is comedy? How does it work? Why does it work? And, most importantly, what's going on when it doesn't work? This session moves past the myths and misunderstanding of comedy, and provides you with usable, practical tools that can elevate your comic writing, directing or performing. 

    Steve Kaplan Bio

    For years, Steve Kaplan has been one of the industry's most respected and sought-after expert on comedy. His first book, The Hidden Tools of Comedy, is a best-seller in its field, and his new book, The Comic Hero's Journey: Serious Story Structure for Fabulously Funny Films was recently published.

    In addition to having taught at UCLA, NYU, Yale and other universities, Steve Kaplan created the HBO Workspace, the HBO New Writers Program and was co-founder and Artistic Director of Manhattan Punch Line Theatre. In addition to development projects for HBO, he has taught workshops at companies such as DreamWorks, Disney Animation, Aardman Animation, NBC's Writers on the Verge, and others.

    In addition to private coaching and one-on-one consultations, Steve has taught his Comedy Intensive workshops to thousands of students around the world, including--in pre-pandemic times--Los Angeles, New York, Australia and Mumbai. He's presently teaching online on Zoom. You can find out all about it at KaplanComedy.com.

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  • 4:00PM PST/7:00PM EST

    What better way to understand the mechanics of TV writing than to sit down with a TV writer and break down a script with them?

    In this new virtual event series, the WGF Library team gathers acclaimed TV writers for the ultimate script dissection. Hosted by WGF Librarians Javier Barrios and Lauren O'Connor, they will take a painstaking look at scripts on screen to analyze and learn about description, dialogue, character voice, text on screen, plus much more.

    For their inaugural session, they speak with Alena Smith, Creator/showrunner/Executive Producer of Dickinson on AppleTV+, and dive deep into the season 2 script, "Split the lark."

    More info HERE.


  • 1:00pm PST, 4:00pm EST

    Join an artist-led dialogue with Harvard Dance Center's returning visiting artists facilitated by Jill Johnson.

    Choreographers and dancers are problem-solvers. They move through crises rather than around them. Join the Harvard Dance Center on April 16 for a community gathering and artist-led dialogue with Peter Chu, Chanel DaSilva, and Shamel Pitts that explores how artistry, identity, and advocacy take shape in turbulent times.

    Live via Zoom meeting and open to the public.

    More info HERE

  • A Christmas Story & Matilda's Beatrice Tulchin: "A Christmas Story/Billy Elliot" Dance Call

    Weekly Series with many exciting industry professionals! Time in PST.

    *Limited Spots Available, so sign up in advance.*

    Produced by theYasisters (Maya Jade and Tehya-Rose Frank) alongside Michael Lee Brown, BeneFIT is a donation-based series of Zoom classes taught by industry professionals to benefit the Actors Fund.

    More info HERE

  • Harvardwood Heads To... Yo-Yo Ma: Music and Human Connection

    Monday, April 19, 2021 at 04:00 PM - PDT

    4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

    Join past Harvard Arts Medal recipient cellist Yo-Yo Ma '76 and six students in a conversation about "Music and Human Connection" during this virtual ARTS FIRST event produced by the Office for the Arts at Harvard. 

    Student particpants:

    • Alan Tu ’23 (science)
    • Anastasia Onyango ’22 (theater)
    • Devon Gates ’23 (music)
    • Victoria Sanchez ’21 (poetry)
    • Noah Harris ’22 (government)
    • Mafaz Al-Suwaidan GSAS (religion/philosophy)

    More info HERE


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