Harvardwood Music in Boston – first meeting!

Harvardwood Music is expanding to Boston and will be holding its first meeting on Sunday, September 19th at 4pm. This is a chance to connect with fellow artists and contribute to the vision and future of the group!

We are currently working on creating a year-end industry showcase/competition featuring our most promising talent, as well as compilation of demos.

Bring your instruments and records along as well and show your stuff! New Yorkers are also welcome.

Contact katie_fitzgerald@post.harvard.edu for the location of the meeting and to R.S.V.P.


Seeking actors to audition for the Harvardwood Talent Group - LA

Harvardwood Talent Group (HTG) is a professional management company for unrepresented Harvardwood actors. HTG submits Harvard actors daily for feature film and TV projects via Breakdown Express. The goal is to help Harvard actors establish a strong work history and eventually secure talent agency representation.

To be considered for HTG, please send an email to htg@harvardwood.org. Only Full Harvardwood members will be considered for representation. (If you are not a member and wish to join, you may do so here; if you are an Affiliate and would like to upgrade, you may do so here.)

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Seeking mentors for the Harvardwood Mentorship Program - LA

Have you ever thought of being a mentor to someone trying to break into to the biz? The Harvardwood Mentorship Program (HMP) is gearing up for fall, and we're still seeking mentors. The hope is to foster meaningful professional relationships by matching Harvard graduates with more established alums in their fields of interest for a period of nine months.

Specifically we are seeking:
1) Professional Actors
2) Television Writers (Drama)
3) Film Directors
4) Screenwriters
5) Casting Directors

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OCS looking for alums at WME

If you are working or have worked at William Morris Endeavor, the Office for Career Services (OCS) at Harvard is looking for you! OCS is looking for any alums that are affiliated with WME that wouldn't mind being contacted by interested students from time to time. Please email Gail Gilmore (ggilmore@fas.harvard.edu) if interested.


Calling all Boston-area Harvardwood members!

We want to hear from you! As we gear up for another great year of Harvardwood events and collaborations, we want to know how to best serve you. Please fill out this brief survey and let us know what you'd like to see the Boston chapter do! Any questions, contact Matt Weinberg or David Schrag at boston@harvardwood.org.


A.R.T. Institute Alumni Association Lab 2nd Annual Artist Grant Program Awards Announced!

The A.R.T. Institute Alumni Association Lab recently awarded grants for the second annual Artist Grant Program, helping fund projects proposed by four graduates of the American Repertory Theatre or Harvard University. The grants range from $1000 to $2000 and will be used to cover various costs such as rehearsal space, artist fees, and marketing materials. The funding will help alumni increase their visibility in the dramatic arts community and foster collaboration with both established and emerging artists.

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Harvardwood Film Festival UPDATE


We are excited to announce that the 1st Annual Harvardwood Film Festival has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 14th at the LA Film School in Hollywood. We will feature a program of short films and at least one feature film. Stay tuned for other cool events as well. SAVE THE DATE!

All entries previously submitted will be considered for admission. In addition, we are re-opening the submission process for a limited time. Submissions are free for Full Members of Harvardwood; affiliates will be charged a $20 submission fee.

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Seeking members of the LA Events Committee - LA

Harvardwood is seeking a few friendly, out-going types to join the LA Events Committee! In addition to helping cultivate a friendly atmosphere at current LA events, committee members will assist in putting together more social gatherings for LA Harvardwood members. Committee members should have a desire to help galvanize the LA Harvardwood community in new and creative ways. If you are interested to join this committee, please email director@harvardwood.org with the subject line "LA EVENTS."


Harvardwood Seeks Office Space

Harvardwood is currently seeking office space for its operations.  Ideally we are looking for a space that can hold an office or two, has general meeting rooms for events like workshops, panels, and showcases, and has a screening facility (or any combination of these).  If you have or know of any space that can be donated or leased at a discount rate, please contact harvardwood@harvardwood.org.  Harvardwood is a 501(c)3 organization, so any space donated will be tax deductible.


TV Pilot Showcase Seeks Actors for Exclusive Industry Reading - LA

Harvardwood TV Pilot Showcase Seeks Actors for Exclusive Industry Reading

If interested, please contact hwp@harvardwood.org.


JONAH MOSS, Early 30s, a reluctant corporate man now dog walking, not an Alpha Male, thoughtful, brooding, a bit of a Holden Caulfield in  that he has no patience for any perceived insincerity.  He has an  acerbic tongue, but will use it more to complain behind the scenes than to take people on head on.  The horrible turn of events is making him more aggressive in public.  It’s not clear what he is passionate  about except his son. He’s analytical/a brainy researcher but not a  total nerd… Lead character. (half-hour dark comedy)

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Submit for the 2010 Harvardwood Writers' Competition

Started in 2006, the Harvardwood Screenplay Competition was created to give emerging Harvard writers the opportunity to share their material with industry professionals. This year the contest will be re-titled the Harvardwood Writers' Competition and will expand to include three categories:

1) Feature screenplays (90-120 pp., all genres)
2) Television pilots (30-min and 60-min, all genres)
3) One-act plays (40-min maximum, no minimum)

The contest is co-sponsored by Kaplan/Perron Entertainment.

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Seeking Southern California Commercial Real Estate Experience - LA

Harvardwood is currently seeking participants in our Commercial Real Estate Research Committee. This committee will work together to research and recommend viable commercial real estate options for Harvardwood as the organization seeks to establish its first official space of operation. If interested, please contact harvardwood@harvardwood.org with the subject line "Real Estate."


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