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Actors & Actresses

Welcome, Actors & Actresses!

Want to connect with other Harvard actors and actresses? Harvardwood members can join the Acting Directory to meet with fellow actors in Los Angeles, New York, and across the globe!If you're interested in organizing a seminar, talk, panel, or workshop aimed at helping Harvardwood actors move their careers forward, please contact us. Los Angeles Programs

The branch of the HAP is the Actors Reading Writers group, which meets regularly to read Harvardwood writers' works-in-progress. This is a great way for up-and-coming talent, both writers and actors, to get connected and for actors to practice their cold-reading skills. This group is currently on hiatus.

The Harvardwood Talent Group is an audition-only program available to Harvardwood members who reside in Los Angeles. Learn more about the Harvardwood Talent Group and when you may audition to join! This group is currently on hiatus.

*Only Full Members of Harvardwood are eligible for HAP.

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