TV Pilot Showcase Seeks Actors for Exclusive Industry Reading - LA

Harvardwood TV Pilot Showcase Seeks Actors for Exclusive Industry Reading

If interested, please contact [email protected]


JONAH MOSS, Early 30s, a reluctant corporate man now dog walking, not an Alpha Male, thoughtful, brooding, a bit of a Holden Caulfield in  that he has no patience for any perceived insincerity.  He has an  acerbic tongue, but will use it more to complain behind the scenes than to take people on head on.  The horrible turn of events is making him more aggressive in public.  It’s not clear what he is passionate  about except his son. He’s analytical/a brainy researcher but not a  total nerd… Lead character. (half-hour dark comedy)

LIONEL JACKSON , early 40s. He takes his job seriously as a parole officer, but also is always looking to turn his position of power into side profit. He can get you anything for a mark up. Slightly overweight. He’s not PC at all, and refreshingly says things in a raw, unfiltered way. He’s a lovable antagonist. (half-hour dark comedy)

GLORIA LORETO , 40s, attractive former TV actress who decides to expand her role to politics and gets elected as the first Republican senator in a very liberal district. (one-hour light drama)

JASMINE JONES, mid 30s, Smart. Feminist. Cynical about men. Has had to work for everything she has. She’s an African American divorce attorney who is still bitter about her own divorce when, out of financial desperation, she starts up a law firm that specializes in representing men. (one-hour light drama)

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