Tell us how to make Harvardwood better!

Harvardwood continues to expand in great programming, events, and services, all due to the wonderful contributions of its members! With over 4,000 members worldwide, we remain one of Harvard University’s largest and most active alumni groups.

We continue to seek more volunteers and more feedback to help shape the direction of the organization. In addition to supporting the events and programs currently in place, we want to hear from YOU about how your talents can best complement the organization:

  • Is there a new program you’d like to create?
  • A city where you’d like Harvardwood to launch a Chapter?
  • A panel you think would be of interest to other Harvard alums in the arts, media, or entertainment?
  • Or a new kind of event we haven’t even thought of yet?

Let us know, the sky’s the limit!

Fill out our member survey and let us know where Harvardwood should go next!

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