Harvardwood Suggests... TDM Work-in-Progress Showing: The Eye Which We Do Not Have

October 22, 2021 at 2:30pm - 4:30pm

2:30pm EST

Directed by TDM Visiting Lecturer Kate Brehm, The Eye Which We Do Not Have is an eerie, yet powerful psychological tale about suppressed female desire told with puppetry and performing scenery. With a nod to Hitchcock, its cinematic style points to a constantly shifting perspective.

Content Warning: The show grapples with the topic of female desire and sexuality. There are puppet representations of nude bodies.

TDM brings Visiting Lecturer Kate Brehm’s entire production team to Harvard to work with students from her course, Puppet Theater (TDM 135B). For the week of their residency, professionals and students will work side by side developing scenes for Brehm’s upcoming show The Eye Which We Do Not Have (supported by the Jim Henson Foundation.) At the work-in-progress showing, the audience will witness both scenes of the show and the backstage choreography that makes it all happen.

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