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  • published Susan Novick for Board of Overseers in Politics 2020-03-25 18:59:38 -0700

    Susan Novick for Board of Overseers

    Hi, Everybody! There is of course a big election coming up, but there's also a smaller election--Harvard's Board of Overseers. And this year SUSAN NOVICK is a candidate. Susan is a former President of the Harvard Alumni Association and a Food writer for the New York Times. Equally important for those of us who are Harvardwood members is that she has over the last few years attended several of our NYC Harvardwood events and has been very enthusiastic about Harvardwood and our events. I personally feel that it would be very valuable to have someone so well-disposed to the arts, media, and entertainment on the Board of Overseers and would love to encourage fellow Harvardwood members to vote for her. (By the way, Susan is also a really nice person!)

  • Volunteers Needed for Harvardwood's April 2 Event

    Hi, Everybody!  On Thursday April 2 at 7 pm, we're having a piano concert by the great Argentine pianist Rosa Antonelli.  (You can see the announcement and registration page at
    https://www.harvardwood.org/bridges )  And we urgently need three volunteers to arrive at 6:15 to carefully roll the piano (it's on wheels--no lifting involved) from the room where it normally lives to the nearby room where the performance will happen, and then, after the performance, to carefully roll it back to it's original location.  These volunteers will get into the concert for free, of course!  If you'd like to volunteer, email Spence Porter at nyc@harvardwood.org .  Thanks! 

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    A Special Offer from THE LAMBS

    As most of you know, for several years now many of our NYC events have been joint events with The Lambs. The Lambs is a legendary private social club founded in 1874, the oldest theatrical organization in the United States. In addition to social events, The Lambs offer their members access to hotel rooms and a small private restaurant. They also have a pool table and rehearsal rooms with pianos, available to Lambs members for free. They're a small club and very friendly. Our friends at The Lambs have made a special offer to Harvardwood members who wish to join The Lambs, a dramatic reduction of the Initiation Fee (a one-time fee paid at the time of joining). If you are interested in learning more about joining The Lambs, email NYC Chapter Head Spence Porter at nyc@harvardwood.org and we will provide an introduction to the appropriate people at The Lambs.

  • published Writing the Half-Hour TV Comedy in Writers & Scripts 2017-05-30 10:56:03 -0700

    Writing the Half-Hour TV Comedy

    Greg DePaul (screenwriter, Bride Wars, Saving Silverman) is teaching a course at NYU's School of Professional Studies called Writing the Half-Hour TV Comedy. There are still two spots available and he'd love them to be filled by Harvardwood members. The 8-session class starts June 8 and meets Thursdays 6:30-9:30 in the Woolworth Building. You can register here at https://www.sps.nyu.edu/professional-pathways/courses/WRIT1-CE9601-writing-the-half-hour-tv-comedy.html. Course number is WRIT1-CE9601. Email Greg at gdp2005@nyu.edu with any questions. 

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    Host a Harvardwood Party!

    So far, we don't have a volunteer to host our wonderful Summer Party in July--so if you have a living room that's even slightly larger than the NYC average and would be willing to consider hosting, do get in touch with us at nyc@harvardwood.org

    In general we're always looking for new (donated) spaces not just for parties but for concerts, interviews, talks, dinners, and all the other fascinating events we're putting together.  If you have a space you can donate, do let us know!

  • published Harvard Students Seek Summer Rental in Real Estate - NY 2017-05-15 10:55:35 -0700

    Harvard Students Seek Summer Rental

    Hi! We are two soon-to-be graduates from Harvard and will be working around Midtown East beginning June 26. We are looking for a 2 bed, preferably on the east side of Manhattan (UES, Midtown, LES, East Village, etc.) with a preferred budget of $3000 or below. Please reach me at sallyhna@gmail.com if you know of any openings- thank you!

  • Jane Alexander and the National Endowment for the Arts

    As many of you know, there is an aggressive movement in Congress right now to abolish the National Endowment for the Arts.  The last time there was a comparable effort was in 1995-7, when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House and Jane Alexander was Chair of the NEA.  Now our March 9 event with Jane Alexander has a different topic--but there will be a q&a, if anyone should want to ask her about this.  This is an unusual opportunity, and I hope to see lots of you there!  http://www.harvardwood.org/jane_alexander

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    Giving Away a Piano - NYC

    I'll be replacing my old piano some time relatively soon. When I do, I'll be saying a tearful goodbye to the old one. It has zero resale value (it's a Hobart Cable from the late 1950s) and is not in good shape, but it does still hold a tuning and is still able to give a lot of pleasure. If you're thinking of actually buying a piano, you can do much better than this--but if you wish you had a piano but can't afford one you might be very happy to have it. Will give it away for free when I get the new one, but you have to do the moving yourself. If you're interested and near enough to NYC for the moving to be practical, let me know!  You can e-mail me at nyc@harvardwood.org

  • Beethoven & Brahms on the Upper East Side


    Hi, Everybody!  We have an amazing event coming up on Sunday, November 22: Pianist Sang Mi Chung, hailed by piano guru David Dubal as "a great pianist", and cellist Nathan Chan, who made his debut as a conductor at age 3, took up the cello at 5, and has been a soloist with the San Francisco Symphony and Royal Philharmonic, will be playing a program of Beethoven and Brahms.  See you there!  http://www.harvardwood.org/sang_mi_chung

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    Patricia Herlihy on VODKA

    Just a quick reminder that this Thursday evening, November 5, the eminent scholar of Russian and Eastern European history and culture (and former Mather House Co-Master) Patricia Herlihy will be talking about the history of VODKA and Vodka in history.  You might be surprised.  Registration at http://www.harvardwood.org/patricia_herlihy_on_vodka


  • Harrison Greenbaum '08 Joins LAUGHTER TIMES THREE

    Laughter returns to Harvardwood!  Our September 10 evening of food, wine, and STANDUP COMEDY just got even better--Harrison Greenbaum '08 has just agreed to join the cast!  Harrison's career in comedy has been taking off in a really great way--if you don't already know his work, you'll be glad to discover it.  It's been almost two years since we've done one of these comedy evenings, and a lot of you have been asking for another.  Here it is!  http://www.harvardwood.org/laughter_times_three  Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • published September - December Sublet Needed in Real Estate - NY 2015-09-02 12:40:38 -0700

    September - December Sublet Needed

    An out-of-town acquaintance is teaching a course at NYU this term and needs to sublet a room from now through December. Typically, he would be around Sundays through Tuesdays and away the rest of the week. If you have a suitable room, let me know and I'll put you in direct touch with him. You can e-mail me at nyc@harvardwood.org

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    Adopt a Party!

    Hi, Everybody!  As most of you know, Harvardwood NYC throws some of the friendliest parties in New York.  And the thing that makes the parties as great as they are is that they happen in a real person's living room (or rooftop or whatever)--this sort of space is always so much more welcoming than any bar or such.  We need MORE volunteers to host these parties!  If you'd be willing to consider doing this, do let us know at nyc@harvardwood.org -  our big summer party needs a home!

  • Special Harvardwood Discount for NIRBHAYA

    Harvardwood Full Member Cornelia Ravenal is a producer of the new Off-Broadway show NIRBHAYA and Cornelia has graciously offered the Harvardwood community a special discount for preview performances April 16-26. With the discount, tickets are from $25.50 to $73 (full price is $31.50 to $91). Performances are at the Lynn Redgrave Theater at 45 Bleecker Street, NYC 10012. There will be post-show talkbacks by, among others, Gabriel Byrne, Cynthia Nixon, Abigail Disney, Frieda Pinto and director Deepa, but who will be available when is not yet set.

    To purchase tickets, go to https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/943374/prm/PREVGROUP

    The discount code is PREVGROUP.

    You can see a 90 second video about the show at https://vimeo.com/124040251

  • Not the Standard Portrait of a Ballet Dancer

    You already know that on April 13 we're having an amazingly fun event--four brilliantly gifted dancers from ABT and NYCB talking about LIFE IN THE CORPS (and YES, you should sign up for it)!  Well I got some WONDERFUL photos there was just no space for in the original announcement.  (If you're not looking at the whole page, I really do suggest clicking on READ MORE!)

    Read more

  • Special Harvardwood Discount for ON THE TOWN

    The producers of the acclaimed new hit Broadway production of ON THE TOWN have graciously offered a discount to Harvardwood members and Friends of Harvardwood and their guests for all performances through April 30, 2015. With this code, prime orchestra seats are $79 on weekdays and $89 on weekends, and rear orchestra seats are as low as $69. To get this discount, go to


    The discount code is MAP and it can be used at the box office or by telephone as well. If ordering on the internet, choose your date and when the seating map appears, notice the box above it that says OFFER CODE. Put MAP in that box and hit enter and you'll get the special (and much reduced!) pricing.

    Come see why ON THE TOWN is on more Top 10 lists than any other musical this year. It's an “explosion of pure joy” (The Hollywood Reporter) with "the best dancing on Broadway" (Ben Brantley of The New York Times on NPR). Featuring eye popping sets and gorgeous costumes, ON THE TOWN has "a rapturous and red blooded score" (Daily News) by Leonard Bernstein, one of America's greatest composers, brilliantly played by a 28 piece orchestra -- the biggest on Broadway. This hit musical comedy is "everything a great show should be" (The Wall Street Journal)! Join three sailors with only 24 hour shore leave in New York as they are swept off their feet by three beautiful New York women for one amazing night ON THE TOWN!