Feature & Pilot Showcases

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James Granger - HERALD (Sci Fi) 

Justin Monticello - TECH SUPPORT (Comedy)

Cameron Porsandeh - I LOVE YOU MORE (Comedy)

Mark Wooster - LOVE FOR LEASE (Comedy)


Allison Kiessling - Second Act (one-hour political dramedy)

A former TV actress gets a second chance at fame in the California State Assembly.

Alex Leventhal - The Dog House (half-hour dark cable comedy)

A wrongly accused sex offender is forced out of the corporate world and turns to dog walking as he tries to rebuild his personal life away from public scrutiny.

Cameron Porsandeh - Divorce Is Work (half-hour cable comedy, previously titled Ugly Couples in Los Angeles)

A former FBI profiler becomes a marriage counselor while struggling to keep his own family together under extraordinary circumstances.

Loni Steele Sosthand - Jasmine Jones Esq. (one-hour drama)

Set in Oakland CA, "Jasmine Jones," is a light drama about a divorce attorney who is dealing with the bitterness of her own divorce when, for economic reasons, she starts up a law firm that specializes in representing men.

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