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    The short film "The Letter," written by Alex Cohen '18, is on Seed&Spark and we need followers! We'd like to reach 500 followers by March 21 to unlock festival entries, professional consultation, equipment discount and other perks from Seed&Spark! HOW: Following is quick, easy and FREE! Just click the "Follow" button on our page, enter and confirm your email-- you can opt out of all updates if you want! WHY: Our project can earn perks, namely festival entries, equipment, and consultation with experts to make our film great. You would be helping us A TON just by giving your email! WHERE: here! On our Seed&Spark page:

  • Support Harvard Grads creating short film - The Letter

    "The Letter" is a short film written by Alex Cohen '18. The film is crowdfunding for production in NYC on Seed&Spark, and we need YOUR help to make it happen! About The Letter The Letter is a dark comedy about the president of an exclusive social club at an old, rich university, who has been kicked out of school, taking the fall for the actions of other members of the club. During one of the club’s strange, lavish parties, we watch in real-time as she slowly loses her sanity in intense, comedic, sad devolution into a true agent of chaos with nothing to lose—set to an original score and original song. Where You Come In... We can’t wait to tell you this story, but in order to do so we need to reach our fundraising goal. Statistically, most successful projects must reach 30% of their goal in the first two days, as this helps generate momentum and build trust among those who may discover our project afterward. We’d Love Your Support-- In Any Form! We have no expectations whatsoever for any particular amount—we deeply appreciate anything within your comfort level to contribute, even if it’s just a “follow” on Seed&Spark, or a “like” or “share” on Facebook! You can even help by lending us equipment or other materials on our "Wishlist." Thank you for supporting your fellow alums! Alex Cohen '18 (writer-director), Steph Ferrarie '18 (producer), Julianna Aucoin '17 (producer), Grant Hoechst '18 (composer), and Dan Prosky '16 (production design)

  • Support Female-written/produced/star Horror Comedy "THE BACHELORETTE PARTY"

    Megan Brotherton (ART '11) has launched a 30-day Seed & Spark campaign to fund her horror-comedy about a bachelorette party gone wrong. In order to compete in the Duplass Brothers' Hometown Heroes Initiative (to win $50,000 seed money), the film's Seed & Spark needs 1,000 followers (no financial contribution required!) and donations to hit our $10,000 goal. THE FILM The Bachelorette Party is a hilarious horror movie featuring six unique, interesting, funny women. Inspired by comedies with ensemble female casts like Bridesmaids, writer/director/actor Megan Brotherton set out to write a female comedy set at Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island, Washington. Along with her co-writer Stephen Sanow, they wrote a movie that is equal parts funny and scary. It will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat all while bringing to life (and maybe eventually death) interesting female characters that we don't often see on the big screen. How YOU can help: - Click the FOLLOW button on our page. In order to be considered for Hometown Heroes, we need at least 1,000 followers! So go ahead, click the button! - Share, share, share! Please share our page to your social media platforms. Tell your mom, your dad, your co-workers, your BFF's, your ex-fiancé or anyone who is interested in The Bachelorette Party! - Contribute financially to the campaign (any amount is amazing) and be a part of helping us WIN the rally and bring this story to life! For more information about Megan, the film, and to help the campaign, please click here: