Veni, Vidi, Excogitari

First and foremost, I am a sculptor. Before and after my time at Harvard '82, I studied extensively in the US and Italy with numerous artists and artisans, trained in the old master techniques of lost wax sculpting in bronze, silver & gold as well as marble carving. I have been exhibiting professionally since 1982. I have executed numerous monumental works of public sculpture and exhibit continuously both in the US and Europe.

How would I describe my work? Well, in simplest of ways, I would say that my artwork is my link between the Italianate tradition of my cultural background, filtered through the experience of living in the contemporary New York art world for nearly 30 years. Classical techniques in the hands of a contemporary artist. A personal vision transmuted through my work, the veil of life. That's the short answer. The long answer I am still learning to understand.... like the rest of life.

Though sculpture is my first love and vocation, I also paint and make graphic works in graffito and intaglio techniques, as well as design furniture, jewelry and theatrical and cinematic scenery as a member of Local 829 NYC. I don't like to confine my creativity. I have worked and produced professionally in all these disciplines. I am always seeking new challenges and new outlets for my creativity.

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    Art, Design & Architecture: Studio Romolo Atelier Summer Curriculum Open Enrollment

    Studio Romolo Atelier Summer Curriculum Open Enrollment

    Studio Romolo Atelier Studio Romolo presents the Third Season in the Atelier: Workshops and Seminars in Creativity, Idea Building and Artistic Mastery in a unique working private studio environment. Master artist, Romolo Del Deo has been awarded the Harvard-Danforth Award for Excellence in Education and the President's Award for Contributions to the Arts at Harvard amongst others. Workshops are organized in two sections which can be taken together or individually: In the first half of the summer, participants work from life to develop an understanding of how the observed natural world is constructed. In the second half of the summer, participants are encouraged to discover how to develop ideas and visual thinking beyond the observed. These workshops use time tested methods of the Italian Masters, applied to contemporary thinking about creativity and thought. Info: