Harvardwood Presents a ROADMAP Webinar: Branding Yourself

June 11, 2020 at 5:00pm - 6:30pm PT
Joey Tuccio ·

Roadmap Writers is a leader in screenwriting education teaching writers what to do after they have completed a script. Roadmap has helped over 150 writers get signed, optioned, staffed and produced. 

This 1-day program will walk each writer through how to figure out what their personal logline is, how to brand themselves and how to find companies that are right for their projects. To get personalized feedback during the class, please email the loglines for your completed projects and a 1 paragraph writer’s bio to [email protected]When emailing, please put "Harvardwood Program" in the subject line.

Joey Tuccio:

Joey Tuccio is the CEO of Roadmap Writers. He previously worked at Bold Films (DRIVE, WHIPLASH). Roadmap Writers is a screenwriting education and training platform for writers looking for a guided path to success. Our programs are hosted by working industry executives and are designed to empower writers with actionable tools and insights to elevate your craft and cultivate relationships with industry professionals. Since 2016, we have helped more than 150 writers sign to representation and countless others get staffed, optioned, or sell their script.

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