Harvardwood Suggests... Power Pitching for Maximum Impact...What Does It Really Take?

July 26, 2022 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Join the NYU Alumni Club in Los Angeles and the alumni of the Hollywood Now consortium for an interactive workshop on pitching. This is geared at people who want to work full time in entertainment but don't yet, or people who already work in the industry but want to refine their skills, with applications from this session to other areas as well. This workshop is all about the anatomy of a pitch...whether it's your film, your television series or your services. What does it really take to make a powerful pitch? What are the pitfalls to avoid at all cost? How can you master the art of pitching with your own style, personality and brand? This workshop will give you the talent agent consultant's tips for pitching with conviction and results. You'll receive tips on how to prepare, how to read the person you're pitching, how to pitch as a team, how to engage, and how to anticipate every question. If you ever wondered what it really takes to do a successful pitch, this virtual workshop is for you.


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