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Thanks for attending our SPRINGFIELD CONFIDENTIAL event

Thanks to all of you who joined us at the SPRINGFIELD CONFIDENTIAL event featuring The Simpsons writer Michael Reiss AB '81! Photos courtesy of Denise Reiss.



Where Oh Where Will Our Summer Party Be?

Hi, Everybody!  Our Spring Party is about to happen on May 18, and I'm looking forward to our big Summer Party in July, which is always one of our best events of the year!  BUT--we don't yet have a place for it to happen!  If you have a slightly larger than average NYC living room, or if you have access to a great party space that we can get for free or nearly free, do let me know!  You can email me at



The Lambs Invites Harvardwood to a Chekhov One-Act

Our friends at The Lambs have invited Harvardwood members to this performance of a Chekhov One-Act.  When you RSVP to The Lambs, say that you're a Harvardwood member.


Host a Harvardwood Party!

So far, we don't have a volunteer to host our wonderful Summer Party in July--so if you have a living room that's even slightly larger than the NYC average and would be willing to consider hosting, do get in touch with us at

In general we're always looking for new (donated) spaces not just for parties but for concerts, interviews, talks, dinners, and all the other fascinating events we're putting together.  If you have a space you can donate, do let us know!


Thanks for attending the 2017 Spring Party!


Jane Alexander and the National Endowment for the Arts

As many of you know, there is an aggressive movement in Congress right now to abolish the National Endowment for the Arts.  The last time there was a comparable effort was in 1995-7, when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House and Jane Alexander was Chair of the NEA.  Now our March 9 event with Jane Alexander has a different topic--but there will be a q&a, if anyone should want to ask her about this.  This is an unusual opportunity, and I hope to see lots of you there!


HWP-Features NYC Writers Group - Apply by Feb. 15th

Do you have an idea for a feature script? Or one in the drawer you’ve been meaning to edit? Looking for a group of supportive and committed writers to help take your scripting to the next level? If yes, then great news: the New York City HWP-Features program is back from hiatus and will begin on March 9th!

Applications will be accepted February 1 -15, 2017. All participants will be asked to submit a short writing sample, a bio or resume, and a paragraph stating what you'd like to work on with the group this spring and summer. 

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The Lambs video of our 10/10/16 Event

Video provided courtesy of The Lambs: Joan Benny on her father, Jack Benny.


NYC Living Rooms and Event Spaces Needed

The biggest single challenge we have in putting together our NYC events is coming up with the places to have them. You may have noticed that we had only one big party last year instead of our usual four—and Harvardwood members NEED parties!

So if you have a living room just modestly larger than average (if you've been to our parties you'll have a reasonably good idea of what I mean) and are willing to host one of our parties, that would be fabulous! But parties aren't our only events—we also need spaces for interviews, talks, concerts, all the things we love doing.

If you're able to arrange a space for us for any of our events, we'd love to hear from you! Email Spence Porter at


Interest in Hamptons International Film Festival?

Hello NYC Harvardwood Members - 

I am a new Harvardwood member - work in the Hamptons and NYC - and wanted to direct your attention to the upcoming Hamptons International Film Festival Oct 6-8 in the Hamptons.

Anyone interested in help me organize an event, panel, dinner, cocktail hour or a Harvardwood presence at the Festival in some way?

I do not work in the Film industry - but know how to reach all organizers / venues / celebrities / etc out here, including the Academy of Arts members.  let me know if there is interest.  Sarah Boyce


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