Now available for purchase: THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS - An Anthology

Get it while it's hot off the press! Harvardwood Publishing's first original anthology, The Seven Deadly Sins, is now available for purchase in paperback and Kindle formats!

The Seven Deadly Sins, featuring poets and fiction writers from around the world, is a no-holds barred selection of writing on the darker parts of human nature, which we mostly try to repress or at least keep hidden.


Our contributors delve into lust and revenge, gluttony and hate with gusto, allowing the reader to vicariously indulge in these "sins" without any consequences. Harvardwood Press is delighted to launch its imprint with this inaugural collection, with lots more to come.

The anthology was curated by Harvardwood Publishing director Patricia Danaher; special thanks also to Zoë Morrison for copy-editing and to Susan Bin for the cover design!

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