Apply to join the Spring 2015 HWP — TV Modules

Harvardwood is pleased to announce the Spring2015 Harvardwood TV Writing Modules!

The modules will use peer review, guest speakers and workshops to foster a motivating and supportive environment for participating television writers. The program will run from February through mid-May 2015.

The deadline for applying to ALL modules in Los Angeles or New York is 11:59PM on Friday, January 23, 2015.

In Los Angeles, we anticipate having modules for Original Drama Pilot, Original Comedy Pilot, Spec TV Episodes, and Original Pilot Rewrites. Fees for original and rewrite modules are $100, and the spec module fee is $150.  

In New York, we will have one TV Module (as we did in Fall 2014), and the fee will be $120.

You must be a Full Member of Harvardwood to participate. For additional details and application instructions, click here.

And to let us know what type of TV module would be most useful to you, take this one-question survey!

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