NEW: Harvardwood Script Review Service

What's the new Harvardwood Script Review service?

The aim of the Harvardwood Script Review service is to give you specific and thorough notes to polish your script further and get it into the best shape possible before you send it out to screenplay competitions, agents, managers, producers, and other industry execs. You'll get a pair of expert, friendly (but critical!) eyes to show you how your script could be improved in future rewrites.

All comments and feedback are given by experienced, Harvardwood-vetted working TV and feature writers (writers who have sold/optioned scripts, are staffed, whose scripts have been produced, etc.). Although all readers will remain anonymous, just as you will remain anonymous to the reader, our reader credits include:

  • Script sales to / produced by ABC, Blumhouse, Showtime, Universal Pictures International, Marc Platt Productions, New Artists Alliance
  • Staffed on CommunityRick & MortySpeechless

Find out more about the Harvardwood Script Review Service here!

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