Harvardwood's music video tribute to the Class of 2020

Harvardwood musicians, let's get together and create a “Playing for Change”-style music video tribute to celebrate the Class of 2020!  

If you're interested in participating as a musician, please complete the form below. All instruments (including vocals) are welcome; we’ll work it in if we can!

We aim to move quickly on this project, so musicians should be available to record their tracks within the next couple of weeks, once Harvardwood has selected the song. You can let us know what song(s) would be your favorite in the form too.

Once the song is selected, musicians will receive a scratch track that they can play along to, provided by Harvardwood. Videos should be recorded in landscape mode, with as high-quality audio as possible.  In some cases, we may also be able to accept audio-only recordings. Further instructions will be sent to all participating musicians once we’ve confirmed your interest.

Also, if you are a musician/mixer with the tools and experience to help Harvardwood edit the tracks into one cohesive music video, please contact Adam Fratto. Thank you!

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