Unique opportunity: Pitch your music vid treatment to Interscope Records!

gryffin.jpgInterscope Records just released “Heading Home”, the first original track by Gryffin, whose remixes have garnered millions of views. Now, Interscope is receiving treatments for the music video from Harvardwood members and other Harvard-affiliated individuals!

Interscope will very seriously consider any high-quality treatments received, so this is a huge opportunity for anyone selected, especially if a first-time director is responsible for the concept.

Submissions should be professional grade—providing an overview of the concept and a detailed scene-by-scene storyline with accompanying pictures and description, thus making the treatment come to life as much as possible in the way the video ultimately would. No specific storyline to follow, just no aliens (several treatments with this theme have already been received), and make sure your treatment is within budget consideration (10-15K), which would exclude more cinematic elements such as explosions, etc.

The deadline to submit your treatment is next Wednesday, Feb 10thEmail your treatment to [email protected]

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