April 2020 | Silver Linings Playbook: The Harvardwood Edition

Ordinarily, we feature an alum profile in this section of the monthly Highlights, but this month, we're using this section to bring you some messages of solidarity from Harvardwood leaders and members!

mra.jpgI hope you are staying safe, healthy, and hunkered down during this surreal time! My family and I are looking for the silver linings each day—being able to eat every meal together, enjoying lots of family read-alouds and movie nights on the couch, and getting really good at riding bicycles (while practicing proper social distancing). Wishing everyone deeper connection to and gratitude for one another as we move through this act of human solidarity!

- Mia Riverton Alpert, Co-Founder

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is holding up alright and staying safe.

Life has been pretty chaotic for me and the many other students still participating in Zoom classes, and I'm still learning to adjust to online learning and focusing outside of my usual study spots. I've been feeling super fatigued with school work now that class has started again, and going out for hikes in Golden Gate Park has been critical to my sanity. For those of you who can get out, I highly recommend going for walks/runs/hikes in any local nature by yourself.

Hope things are alright for the community, and if there's anything that anyone wants to relay to campus email lists, please do reach out to me! 

- Jenny Tram, Student Assistant & Outreach Coordinator

― Tara Brach from her book, Radical Acceptance

Over the past three weeks when all of our lives have been turned upside down, I’ve been really appreciating listening to some of Tara Brach’s talks and meditations about radical acceptance. The world is so insanely imperfect right now, a lot of what she has to share has been ringing true.

Wishing everyone safety and health during this time. 

- Allison Kiessling, President

IMG_3318.JPGBoard member Gene Pao shares the following photo of his home office (left)!

If there ever was a time to embrace slow cooking, this is it! Take advantage of being home by embarking on some recipes that call for simmering or broiling for hours. Chopping and stirring can be a nice break from Zooming. Julia Child's classic recipe for stew can be daunting for some, but think of this as your warm-up for the fabulous dinner party you'll throw when this is over. Bon Appetit! 

- Andrea Schmitt, Development Officer

On Sunday, March 23rd, I did a little guerrilla art installation at the MFA, putting a surgical mask onto one of Antonio López García’s large bronze baby heads that flank the Fenway entrance to the museum. It got a bit of press, as well as many retweets and Instagram reposts!

Peter Agoos AB '75 


HSIP.JPGThe other day, I facetimed a Harvard senior who is now back home in Singapore since Harvard's campus closure. I met her two summers ago through the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP), and now she has an exclusive job lined up in Hollywood upon graduation. THIS COULD BE YOU! So while the world around you is unresolved, be resolute in your ambition. Submit your resumes and cover letters to these valuable HSIP listings. Because if you don't, someone else surely will. Applications are being received daily, so don't miss out. You should plan for anything this summer!

Forever HSIP,
Marie Kim, Director of HSP

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