Harvardwood Presents: Harvardwood Lowdown with Craft Services

February 21, 2023 at 5:00pm - 6pm

When: February 21st, 5pm PT / 8pm ET
This will be a virtual event for HARVARDWOOD MEMBERS and MEMBERS OF CRAFT SERVICES.

Join us for the first Harvardwood Lowdown of the year, with special guest Nicky Weinstock AB '91!

Nicky will be discussing his platform CRAFT SERVICES: an online network and support system for emerging screenwriters and directors across the world. We'll also be joined by the Harvardwood leadership team: Allison Kiessling, Adam Fratto, and Mia Riverton Alpert. The Lowdown is a time to ask any questions about Harvardwood and learn more about the org. We'll also talk more about CRAFT SERVICES and how you can get involved. 


CRAFT SERVICES is an online network and support system for emerging screenwriters and directors across the world. Free of cost, welcoming of diversity, and undaunted by geography, Craft Services is devoted to building the kind of global on-ramp into the creative entertainment business that – in the L.A.-centric ways of traditional Hollywood – has never existed before. 

Originally founded by Emmy-nominated producer Nicky Weinstock (BRIDESMAIDS, ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA,SEVERANCE) during the pandemic to provide resources and information about the film and TV business to new and emerging writers, Craft Services now reaches over 300 members across Europe, Africa, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, North America, and more. 

Our goals are to provide resources and a network of peers to aspiring screenwriters across the world; to inform new creators about current Hollywood trends and opportunities; to help new writers complete their scripts and gain greater exposure in Hollywood and professional circles; and to answer questions anyone may have about writing and creating movies & TV and how to launch their creative careers.

Will you come?

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