[email protected] Senior Season Finale!


Commencement may be over, but here's a senior gift from the team at [email protected] 

Presenting... The Season 2 Finale of [email protected] "2010's So Fine--Will You Be Mine?" 
The Senior-Roommate Episode 

This season, we've seen junior presidential candidates and freshmen tennis players vying for love...and it's just about time for the seniors to get their turn. In the season finale of this season's [email protected], three senior roommates compete for their last chance for love at Harvard. 

Who will our charming bachelorette fall for? The talented eye-wiggler, the intriguing Swedish spy, or the witty shower-hog? 

You won't want to miss this episode! 

These guys show that it's not too late to find that special someone before it's time to graduate. 

Dedicated to the Class of 2010 

(C) 2010 


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