Join the private Harvardwood Facebook group!

Harvardwood's Facebook page is a great way to follow Harvardwood announcements, program news and deadlines, and upcoming events, but we also created a private Harvardwood group where Members & Friends can connect directly with one another!

All dues-current Harvardwood Members & Friends are invited to post in this group, engage in discussion, make announcements about upcoming projects, crowdsource, ask questions, search for housing, search for jobs, and more. 

Posting guidelines are below. PLEASE:

* post with discretion and be mindful that this is a "closed group" within the "public space" of Facebook.
* do not post any individual's contact information without his/her express consent.
* keep your posts relevant to Harvardwood's scope of interest and the interest of our members.
* refrain from spamming. Messages deemed to be spam will be removed.
* be respectful, above all. Any member who uses abusive language or harasses any individual will be removed from the group, regardless of Harvardwood membership status.

JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP—and remember, you need to be a dues-current member to be approved.

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