Join Harvardwood's Board of Directors!

Our 2008 elections for Harvardwood's Board of Directors are coming up soon (Feb. 13), and we are seeking dedicated volunteers who are interested in helping to steer the future of the organization. We are also seeking individuals who are not interested in serving on the Board but would like to volunteer for one of the committees (more info at the end).

In addition to quarterly meetings in Los Angeles (call-in available for remote board members), board members are asked to dedicate several hours per week to Harvardwood activities. All board members are required to serve on at least one of the following committees (each of which will designate a Director from within):

Events Committee
- Coordinate Harvardwood events (professional, social, educational and/or charitable - e.g. screenings, panels, speaker series, talent/music showcases)
- Interface with Chapter Heads to coordinate regular events in local Chapters (NYC, Boston, London, etc)
- Work with Harvard University to organize on-campus events (including annual Arts First, reunion and recruiting events)
- Liaise with other Harvard groups and alumni entertainment groups at other schools to plan joint events and/or cross-promote events

Programs Committee
- Oversee Harvardwood programs, including: Harvardwood 101, Harvardwood Summer Internship Program, Harvardwood Career Counselors, Harvardwood Writers Program, Harvardwood Seminar Series, Harvardwood Salon Series
- Create new programs and/or expand existing programs to serve the needs of the membership

Membership Committee
- Manage all aspects of Harvardwood membership - service existing membership and reach out to potential members
- Answer questions / solicit feedback from existing and potential members
- Publish the monthly Harvardwood Highlights; oversee other communications with the membership
- Work with Harvard entities (HAA, the Harvard Clubs, grad schools, Harvard College) to create opportunities for Harvardwood members and source new members

Media Committee
- Oversee Harvardwood media and publicity, both internal and external
- Manage relationships with all Harvard University publications (e.g. the Crimson, Gazette, Harvard Magazine)
- Promote events, programs, and the organization within relevant communities
- Keep website content up to date and current
- Manage communications with the general public and media outlets

If you are interested in being considered for a position on the Board of Directors, please send an email with a statement of interest and resume to: [email protected] We will follow up shortly with further instructions and to answer any questions you may have.

If you are not interested in serving on the Board but would like to volunteer for one of the committees, please send an email stating your interest to: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!
The 2007-2008 Board of Directors

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