Harvardwood Suggests... Introduction to Clay Printing Workshop with Nicolas Touron

February 10, 2023 at 10:00am - 1pm

Registration for this workshop is open now for anyone 18+.

Join 2022-23 Visiting Resident Artist Nicolas Touron for a comprehensive introduction to the Ceramics Program’s new LUTUM® v4.6 3D clay printer. During this workshop, students will create shapes/forms with the software program Fusion 360 and experience the creative possibilities of the printer to fabricate sculptures or vessels.

Students will need to bring a laptop to class (preferably Mac) with the program “Autodesk Fusion 360” installed on it. (A one-year free version of the program is available for students or faculty enrolled in educational programs or a one-month free version is also available on their website). Proficiency in 3D modeling programs (360 Fusion, Rhino, etc.) highly recommended.

workshop goals include:

  • Creating a simple object using Fusion 360 software
  • Demonstration on how to prepare a file for the printer using Simplify 3D for the printer
  • Demonstration on how to prepare, use the printer and print the files created by the students. Print at least one object (4 x 4 x 6 inches) at the Ceramics Program.
  • Once dry, students' printed work will be bisque fired by Harvard Ceramic staff.
  • Once bisque fired, the work will be glazed by the students and fired with the help of Ceramics Program staff.


More info HERE.


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