Issue 157 | February 2018


In This Issue:

  • Director's Notes
  • Message from Allison


  • Featured Member Posting: Assistant to Director (Evergreen Pictures) - LA
  • Recruit Harvard students to intern at your company this summer 
  • Apply by Feb. 5th to the Spring 2018 Harvardwood Writers Program - TV Modules
  • Tell us if you're attending SXSW 2018 this spring
  • Harvardwood 101: The 2018 Recap


  • Exclusive Q&A with Roberto Patino AB '06 (Writer, Westworld, Sons of Anarchy)
  • Industry Successes
  • New Members' Welcome
  • Alumni Profile: Amy Chu MBA '99 (Comic Book Writer, Red SonjaPoison Ivy)


  • Calendar
  • Membership discount to Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA

Director's Notes

We just wrapped up another great year of Harvardwood 101 (recap below), and now we're looking forward to our other annual undergraduate program: the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program ("HSIP")! If your arts, media, or entertainment company offers summer internships to current college students, post it with HSIP to recruit Harvard undergrads. Internships submitted by February 15th will receive priority.

Also on the 15th of this month, Harvardwood is delighted to co-host a special event with the Harvard Club of Southern California and the Harvard Alumni Association: An Evening with President Drew Faust. Joining Pres. Faust in conversation is Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen RAD ’09. Make sure you register to attend before space runs out!

— Dona

Message from Allison

February is here and that means it’s time for the Spring TV modules—apply by February 5th!

And on February 24th, join us for the Harvardwood Helps event with Operation Gratitude! Join the assembly work creating care packages, labeling, taping, running packages, re-stocking the lines, breaking down cartons, and other tasks. Check out this short video on what happens on a typical Assembly Day and the type of work that you will help us complete. Hope to see you there!

— Allison

Featured Member Posting: Assistant to Director (Evergreen Pictures) - LA

We are a fully-integrated documentary production and photography studio, looking for a new assistant to join our team! We are currently seeking an assistant to director/photographer Lauren Greenfield AB '87, who can provide dedicated personal and professional/production support to Greenfield and her production team.  The assistant role is a great opportunity to be an award-winning director’s “right-hand,” as well as work with her production company to learn and grow within the production field. The ideal candidate is enthusiastic, calm under pressure, detail-oriented, organized, professional, and able to manage multiple priorities simultaneously and seamlessly.

Responsibilities include:

· Administrative support and office management.
· Answer and responding to calls, and managing correspondence.
· Maintain all appointments and schedules, efficiently handle changes and communication with all parties.
· Travel and itineraries.
· Maintain daily / weekly schedule for Director/managing appointments and calendar.
· Update client / contact lists.
· Coordinate between multiple outside contacts and various high-level executives.
· Handle Director’s personal and production requests and special projects as needed. Handle all incoming / outgoing FedEx / UPS shipments, errands, and other general office responsibilities as required.
· Coordinate Director’s schedule with publicists for press interviews. Keep publicity logs current.
· Coordinate speaking engagements with hosting venues, publicists, and sponsors.
· Assist producers on various production tasks such as call sheets, equipment rentals, research, treatments, publicity/press planning, licensing, etc. (intro to production coordinating and associate producing tasks).
· Manage internship program.


Recruit Harvard students to intern at your company this summer

Now through Feb. 15th! If your arts, media, or entertainment company offers summer internships and would like to recruit applications from current Harvard College students, participate in the 2018 Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP)! Companies can recruit current Harvard students directly by posting their internship opportunities to Harvardwood FOR FREE.

HSIP provides a list of internship opportunities in the arts, media and entertainment to Harvard undergraduates and also coordinates career-related events over the summer for program participants in LA, NYC and other cities. If your company would like to list an internship via HSIP, please fill out our brief participant form by February 15th to reach the largest number of potential candidates.


Apply by Feb. 5th to the Spring 2018 Harvardwood Writers Program - TV Modules

Now through Feb. 5th, we're accepting applications to the Spring 2018 Harvardwood Writers Program - TV Modules (HWP-TV)!

HWP-TV uses peer review, guest speakers and workshops to foster a motivating and supportive environment for each participant’s writing. Participants of the HWP — TV Modules may be considered for the annual Harvardwood Most Staffable TV Writers List (see below). All writers must be based in LA and Harvardwood Full Members.

There is a high expectation of preparation and writing done outside of the meetings (approx. 15-20 hours per week). Each module will have approximately eight participants, and will meet for approximately eleven sessions over a fourteen-week period beginning tentatively in late February 2018. The program has a strict attendance policy, so please make sure that you can fully commit before applying. Participants are required to give constructive feedback to fellow writers in each session, so there is an expectation that you will have read applicable work prior to the meeting. The modules are successful because of this peer review, and you should expect a "writers room" format for your group.

Within the Harvardwood Writers Competition, the top scripts from the HWP — TV Modules program may be selected for the annual Harvardwood's Most Staffable TV Writers list (2016 Deadline article) and sent to managers, agents, networks, studios and production companies. Each of the selected writers may also be paired with an Industry mentor. The Most Staffable List is part of the annual Harvardwood Writers Competition, but only writers of original pilots from the immediately preceding fall and spring HWP — TV Modules will be eligible to be considered.

Complete program info and application link here.

Tell us if you're attending SXSW 2018 this spring

The 2018 SXSW Film Festival, now in its 25th year (!), will take place March 9 - 17, 2018. The festival lineup includes the world premiere of Support the Girls, a feature by writer-director Andrew Bujalski AB 99; upcoming HBO series Barry by Bill Hader and Alec Berg AB '91; and documentary Generation Wealth by Lauren Greenfield AB '87.

Let us know if you plan to attend SXSW, and we'll connect all the Harvardwood folks heading to Austin this spring.

Harvardwood 101: The 2018 Recap

Harvardwood 101 is one of our flagship programs! Every January, we bring approximately two dozen current Harvard students to LA to discover careers in entertainment via a week-long bootcamp, followed by the option of short-term J-termships at entertainment companies.

We are grateful for the participation of all the Harvard alumni and friends who volunteered their time and hospitality to Harvardwood 101 this year, including:

Mark Gill, Adriana Isabel Colón, Rob Cain, Corey Mandell, Steve Rowell, Reva Nohria, Ritchey F. Howe, Mark Kelsey, Laura Roenick, Taryana Gilbeau, Milorad Dragičević, Peter Dodd, Nicky Weinstock, Lynda Obst, Terry Rossio, Ben Scott, Kianna Lassiter, Ellie Schiff, Gaby Mena, Steven Arkow, Yule Caise, Gerry Daley, Carleton EastlakeRob LaZebnikGeorge Newhouse, Max Pross, Joan Chu Reese, David Reese, Maiya Williams Verrone, Patric C.W. Verrone, Patric M. Verrone, Jon VittiAlexis Wilkinson, Andrea McCall, Seth Brodie, Lyndsay Harding, Neil Jacobson, Nick Groff, Ryan Roy, Ned Monahan, Erin Cooney, Jimmy Meyer, Hunter Simmons, Evan Schoenbrun, Chris Salvaterra, Amy Retzinger, Kelly Herting, Zoe Pressman, Steve Harper, Sue Chung, Liz Ryan, Lisa Tanury, Erin Wallerstein, Connie Yan, Josh Goldstine, Alexa Bagnell, Kellie Kawaguchi, Adam Shulman, Ryan Schwartz, Joy Gorman Wettels, Couper Samuelson, Eric Odioso, Larry Tanz, Erin SandersonMark Goffman, Lindsay Goffman, Zoë Morrison, Rachel Hargreaves-Heald, Adam Sidman, Naomi Funabashi, Abigail Carney, Dan Lin, Jonathan Eirich, Ryan Halprin, Morgan Howell, Ameet Shukla, David Alpert, Ross Stracke, Brett Morgen, and James Smith

In addition to the Harvardwood supporters above, the program would not be possible without the tireless work and dedication of directors Amit Samuel Ext. '05 and Ansley Rubinstein AB '10.

Finally, Harvardwood would like to recognize and thank the Office for the Arts at Harvard and the Harvard Office of Career Services for their sponsorship of Harvardwood 101. We were also lucky to have Harvard OCS staff member Marissa Long AB '08 join us for the bootcamp week alongside the students. (And credit to Marissa for helping to document the trip with these photos!)

What did our 2018 101 students take away from the program?

"I’ve always been interested in the possibility of working in entertainment and storytelling generally, but I didn’t know how to find a job in the industry. At the end of my senior fall, I was feeling pretty nervous about soon having to start my job search in earnest—a handful of friends already had job offers in other fields, and I didn’t even know how to pursue the kind of work I love. Harvardwood provided a sweeping tour-de-force of the entertainment industry, a chance to see if I would like living in Los Angeles, a “test-run” of the actual work I might be doing post-grad, and an opportunity to meet a varied group of professionals (and future colleagues) that I now already know in the industry." - Emily Oliveira AB '18, Comparative Literature

"Harvardwood 101 was a great, realistic look at the Hollywood scene. It really felt like we got to experience the industry from top to bottom within the month. We were given both the hard facts of what to expect in this incredibly competitive industry, and a firsthand look at what we can aspire for. And luckily, Harvardwood 101 provides the foundational tools to properly dive after our wildest dreams." - Alexander Kim AB '18, Statistics

"Harvardwood 101 is seriously one of the most informative and interesting programs I've done during my time at Harvard. If you have any interest in working in the film/TV industry, you absolutely must attend this program. There is no substitute for talking with industry professionals who have spent years working there. This program has helped me substantially in planning for a career in Hollywood." - Julia Lu AB '19, Visual and Environmental Studies

Exclusive Q&A with Roberto Patino AB '06 (Writer, Westworld, Sons of Anarchy)

By Michael Robin AB '08

Roberto Patino '06 is a writer and executive producer on HBO's Westworld. He has written and produced Prime SuspectSons of Anarchy, and The Bastard Executioner. His feature Cut Bank, starring Michael Stuhlbarg, John Malcovich, Liam Hemsworth, and Billy Bob Thornton, came out in 2014.

Q. What were some of your formative TV experiences?

A.I grew up not watching TV. Aside from the weather channel during hurricane season and presidential electionswatching TV was just something we didn't do in my house. So I came to the medium rather late. After college. It was The Wire that showed me what you can do with a broad canvas, that really opened my eyes to the long-form story. The Wire blew me away. I remember at the end of season one, McNulty goes and arrests Avon Barksdalethis event you've been waiting for for the entire seasonand it just happens. There's no fanfare, that's it. It's just a scene amongst a sequence, without any music. I think McNulty even says, "This isn't as much fun as I thought it would be." The audacity of it... it just completely stripped what I'd come to expect from a big climax in a story of everything but for the characters and the drama. And then as the story kept sprawling out laterally, I kept looking for some resolutionsome moment when it's all going to come back togetherbut that of course never came. There is no resolution. That concept alone punched me in the face and redefined for me what a season of TV could be capable of, and it got me interested in pursuing the medium. It made TV feel new. Surprising. Full of exciting opportunity as far as storytelling goes.

Q. How did you get your start in television?

A. After I graduated from Harvard, I went to USC's film production program for a year, then took a semester off to start working for David Ayer. He was directing Street Kings. It was a lovely experiencehe gave me free rein on set, and I was right next to him the whole time. After production was over, he brought me on as a post-production PA, then asked to read a script of mine. I gave him my senior thesis. He liked it, and told me to go bum around Mexico and write some scripts.

I didn't do that, but his feedback was the kick-in-the-pants that I needed. I started tutoring, took another semester off from film school, and wrote a script that was a finalist at the Sundance Feature Lab. That got me an agent. Then came the pressure to write something commercial. I kept hearing, "You write thrillers. Write something like the Bourne films." I started down the road with this very forced ideaI didn't love it. Working on it was a slog. And in some sort of cathartic way, I put that idea aside, and started writing this script called Cut Bank that was really just fun. I thought of it as a healthy exercise, playing with characters that I'd ginned up, characters that I quickly started caring for and stories that I was having fun with. I kind of burped that script out, really. And it ended up getting positive reviews from around town, and landed on the Blacklist in 2009. So in a very passive way, I ended up dropping out of film school.

It was around then that television showsand the prospect of writing on themreally popped up on my radar. So I wrote a pilot, got meetings, and got my first staff job on a legal show called Outlaw. It lasted only seven episodes, but that gig landed me a staffing job on Prime Suspect, which I lovedthe staff and the show were both so incredibleand Prime Suspect got me in the door at Sons of Anarchy, where I worked for four years.


Industry Successes

Documentary Jane, produced by James Smith AB '10, won the Producers' Guild Awards for Best Documentary!

Harvard alumni also had a great night at The Recording Academy's 60th Annual Grammy Awards last month: Jon Natchez AB '99 of The War On Drugs won the GRAMMY for Best Rock Album with A Deeper Understanding! Also, Justin Hurwitz AB '07-'08 won two GRAMMYs for his work on La La Land: Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Congratulations!

The Academy announced this year's Oscar nominees, including Jehane Noujaim AB '96 (Control RoomThe Square), who executive produced The Breadwinner, up for Best Animated Feature, and Couper Samuelson AB '02 (The GiftThe Purge), who executive produced Best Picture nominee Get Out. Watch the 90th Academy Award early next month!

Courtney B. Vance AB '82 (The People v. O.J. Simpson) will star in upcoming FX half-hour comedy Compliance. He's also executive producing and starring in another FX show, crime drama Heist 88. Photo by Matthew Jordan Smith/FX.

NBC has picked up new drama series In Between Lives, executive produced by David Heyman AB '83 (Harry PotterGravity) and Nancy Cotton AB '83

Ronald J. Sanders MBA '02 was recently promoted to the position of President, Worldwide Distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures Group, in addition to his current post as President of Home Entertainment.

Screenwriters Josh Singer MBA '00, JD '01 and Liz Hannah will be given the 2018 Paul Selvin Award from the Writers Guild of America West for their screenplay for The Post. Singer previously won an Academy Award with Tom McCarthy for their Spotlight screenplay.

To mark the 300th episode of Emmy-winning comedy Family Guy, interviewed the show's creators and producers, including showrunner Rich Appel AB '85, JD '88. Read The Hollywood Reporter's interview here!

At the end of this month, watch the premiere of National Geographic's One Strange Rock from Darren Aronofsky AB '91. Can't wait? The trailer is here

Very exciting news from Colleen McGuinness AB '99, creator and showrunner of a new comedy ordered to series at Apple! Kristen Wiig is attached to star in the comedy based on Curtis Sittenfeld’s short story collection You Think It, I’ll Say It, and McGuinness will executive produce alongside Wiig and Reese Witherspoon. Speaking of, don't miss this NYT article about Witherspoon's "Second Act" as "Big-Time Producer" featuring McGuinness (photo by Emily Berl for The New York Times).

New Members' Welcome

Harvardwood warmly welcomes all members who joined the organization over the past month, including:

  • Christine Ajudua, College, NY
  • Robert Bowie, Jr., College, NY
  • Stephanie Calnan, College, Other U.S.
  • Ruva Chigwedere, College, Boston/Campus
  • Genesis De Los Santos, College, Boston/Campus
  • Christopher Gabrieli, College, Boston/Campus
  • Frank Garland, College, Boston/Campus
  • William Gibson, GSAS, LA
  • Ashley Gong, College, Boston/Campus
  • Valerie Hager-Slavin, FOH, LA
  • Katherine Howe, Staff, NY
  • Martin Krongold, KSG, NY
  • Shen Li, GSD, LA
  • Brieanna Martin, College, Boston/Campus
  • Paola Martinez, FAS, Boston/Campus
  • Sally McGrath, College, LA
  • Jeremy Nobel, Faculty, NY
  • Fallon O'Dowd, College, SF/Bay Area
  • Sung Kwang Oh, College, Boston/Campus
  • Jennifer Okwerekwu, College, Boston/Campus
  • Mi Jin Park, College, Boston/Campus
  • Seyong Park, Ext., Boston/Campus
  • Alison Peikin, College, NY
  • Molly Peterson, College, Boston/Campus
  • Sabrina Richert, College, Boston/Campus
  • Sarah Rossman, College, Boston/Campus
  • Peter Sanzone, FOH, NY
  • Jake Schwencke, College, NY
  • Freddie Shanel, College, Boston/Campus
  • Benjamin Sperling, College, Boston/Campus
  • Curtis Stone, College, LA
  • Court Stroud, HBS, NY
  • Haofeng (Edward) Tang, Ext., DC
  • Xilin Zhou, College, Boston/Campus

*FOH = Friend of Harvardwood

Alumni Profile: Amy Chu MBA '99 (Comic Book Writer, Red SonjaPoison Ivy)

Amy Chu may not have followed the stereotypical Asian-American woman's career path, but this self-confessed soccer mom is enjoying a life that features lots of coffee, whiskey, and Comic Con panels

By Terence O'Toole Murnin

We catch up with Amy Chu MBA '99 at Wizard World in New Orleans, where the renowned writer of comics including Red SonjaKISS, and X-Files Deviations has just delighted her fans as a guest panelist at this convention celebrating the magnificence of the ever-expanding geek universe. And while Chu’s followers may know her as co-founder of Alpha Girls Comics and recognize her work for industry heavyweights DC and Marvel, including Poison Ivy, Ant-Man, Deadpool, Sensation Comics Wonder and Wonder Woman ’77, what they probably don’t know is that Chu possesses an MBA from Harvard Business School, as well as a joint S.B., IV Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Wellesley.

Before the elephant in the room grows any larger, Chu cheerily responds to the question she is always asked:

“Yeah, my parents were cool with me becoming a comic book writer,” laughs Chu. “I mean, I already did everything a good Asian girl is supposed to do. I had a career in management consulting, and I have two boys—so now, it’s sweet revenge time as the ‘anti-Tiger Mom'! It’s sometimes still weird, however, when you have to explain what you do.”

The reference to Harvard’s own Tiger Mom, Amy Chua AB '84, JD '97 (with whom Amy Chu is sometimes confused), and the cliché about driven Asians and their strict child-rearing tendencies come full circle when Chu is in Toronto for Fan Expo. Since Chu's grandmother lives there, of course she plans to visit her.

So, Chu ducks out of the convention with a pit in her stomach, preparing for what she’ll say when she hears her grandmother ask: “What are you doing in town?” Instead, when the pair catch up, the first thing Chu's grandmother says is: “Your dad told me that you’re writing comics.”

“It turned out that my grandfather loved comic books, and he had many titles sent to him when he lived in Hong Kong,” smiles Chu. “For my grandmother, the anti-Asian-American career path is all right in her book.”

But it’s not like Chu followed her passion to get to where she is today. Chu was a publishing executive, and in 2011, while helping fellow HBS grad and entrepreneur Georgia Lee AB '98, MBA '09, the two women realized that there was a huge business opportunity in the underserved female-friendly comic book market—beyond the boobs and spandex with which the niche is commonly associated. Thus, Alpha Girls Comics was born, and Lee suggested that Chu take a creative writing course so she could better understand the industry.

“It turned out to be 12 hardcore comic book dudes and me,” reminisces Chu.

Chu quickly realized how hard the form actually was. In five pages, one must convey what is normally contained in a three-act play, and this structural narrative has to resonate in one of the most competitive writing genres on the planet.

“I really thought that I had made the biggest mistake of my life,” notes Chu. “But not long after, I also started to hear the kind of feedback that you never get in the business world: ‘We really like your stories!’”

Chu was originally hoping for just one professional writing credit, but one credit turned into the next, and suddenly, she was a full-time, professional comic book writer.

“It’s not like I’m Forrest Gump,” chuckles Chu. “I really just analyzed how I could realistically get from point A to point B in the most efficient manner.”

What Chu convincingly did was compress a process that normally takes 10 years for most humans into a four-year creative express train of comic writing development.

On top of loving what she does, despite not originally aspiring to become a creative professional, Chu has also become a strong female role model, organizing panels and appearing as a guest speaker at places like San Diego and New York Comic Con.

“I now have the ability to look at other people’s stuff, and I can offer great empathy and suggestions for character development,” relates Chu humbly. “More importantly, for the girls at the shows, I hope they see me as ‘she can do it, and I can do it, as well.’”

Chu continues to view herself as a freak in the comic book industry, and much like an actor, she’s striking while the iron is hot, terrified of turning any assignment down. And although the ‘What am I doing?’ fears occasionally haunt Chu’s subconscious, so far, her Clark Kent moment shows no sign of stopping. At age 50, she answers the ‘Is it too late for me?’ question posed by many would-be authors at conventions with—‘Just do it!’

“Hey, I look 35—Asian don’t crack, baby,” Chu cackles.

In the end, Chu certainly recognizes that the creative process is complicated and hard. We’re all consumers—but someone has to make the content that we eagerly devour. For Chu, if someone enjoys in five minutes what it took her a month to create, she considers that a great win. At times, though, the reality of what she’s accomplishing seems unbelievable, even to her. Like working with Darryl McDaniels from Run-D.M.C. (and yes, his own superhero sports a tracksuit and Adidas sneakers to defend the city against villains), as well as Gene Simmons, the legendary tongue-wielding rock star from the band KISS.

“I had no idea who he was when we first met,” admits Chu. “It turns out that he’s a huge comic book nerd. I just thought that he was a really big guy.”

As it turns out, fans of the KISS comics, as well as Red Sonja and Poison IvyWonder Woman and Ant-man (and many others), love Amy Chu’s work, and they can’t wait for what she creates next. In the meantime, Chu laughs at the notion that she herself has become a rock star, and instead of indulging groupies and throwing TVs out of hotel room windows, she indulges in her three favorite vices: Death Wish Coffee, Japanese whisky, and lots of Legos.

“Okay, I’m really not supposed to be here—I must be living in an alternate universe,” jokes Chu. “I just never thought writing was actually a career path.”

Thankfully, for all of us touched by Chu’s massive talent and soaring imagination, we respectfully disagree.

Terence O'Toole Murnin is a raconteur and provocateur currently pitching his latest feature-film screenplay, LOVE YOU. MISS YOU. KISS YOU., as well as a TV Pilot, CLUB CASUALTIES. Coming Soon: Bhang Lassi.


FEATURED EVENT | Harvardwood Chicago Writers' Meet-up - Tues., Feb. 27

All writers, genres and specialties are welcome at our monthly writers' meet-up in Chicago! Free to attend at the central location of the Water Tower Place. Cash bar at The Cafe on the 12th floor of the Ritz Carlton. 

Harvardwood's Chicago Chapter is creating a space for writers from varied backgrounds to get together and connect in person. Writers in all genres and career stages, from beginner to working professional, are welcome. Playwrights, comedy writers, screenwriters, authors, novelists, poets, content producers... all writers, all genres, any specialty! Feel free to bring friends and colleagues as well.

New York, NY

Harvardwood Heads To...In the Body of the World - Thurs., Feb. 1

Eve Ensler’s newest solo show, In the Body of the World, which originally premiered at the A.R.T. in 2016, will be opening at Manhattan Theatre Club in a few weeks, directed by A.R.T. Artistic Director Diane Paulus. 

Tony Award-winning author, performer, and activist Eve Ensler, whose The Vagina Monologues is an international sensation, comes to Manhattan Theatre Club with this powerful new play based on her critically acclaimed memoir, which originally premiered at the A.R.T. in 2016. While working with women suffering from the ravages of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ensler was stunned by a life-threatening diagnosis. Told with her signature brand of humor, Ensler's personal journey uncovers surprising connections between her body and the earth and how illness can be both transformative and transcendent. Directing this bold, unflinching and inspiring piece is A.R.T. Artistic Director Diane Paulus.

Harvardwood Classical Salon: Bach Goes French - Wed., Feb. 7

Escape from frozen February in New York to the glories of the French Baroque as imagined by Johann Sebastian Bach. One of the greatest and rarest joys of music is the opportunity to hear a great musician in the intimacy of her own home. We are thrilled that Yelena Grinberg, one of New York's finest pianists, has agreed to welcome us into her home a very few times each year for a special series of intimate concerts, played on her own piano, just for us. At these concerts, Yelena will talk about and perform some of her very favorite works from her vast repertory. Yelena's living room seats just 21 people, so we strongly recommend early registration.

The two great contrasting approaches to music in Bach's day were those of France and Italy, and Bach was deeply inspired by both.  In this concert we'll hear some of his greatest masterpieces in his own personal version of the French style. The program will include Bach's French Suite #3 in B Minor, his French Suite #5 in G Major, and his magnificent French Overture.

Harvardwood Heads To... Moving Stories - World Premiere - Sun., Feb. 18

Join us at the world premiere of MOVING STORIES, a documentary film by writer-producer Cornelia Ravenal, filmmaker Mikael Södersten AB '84 and Wendy Sax, directed by Sundance winner Rob Fruchtman. It's the inspiring story of an acclaimed NY dance company that travels the world, teaching the tools of choreography to young people who've been marginalized, mistreated or suffered severe trauma, so that they can tell their stories through dance. Tickets go on sale Feb 4th.

Harvardwood Presents Meryl Gordon on Bunny Mellon: The Life of an American Style Legend - Wed., Feb. 21

In 2008, at the age of 98, in spite of a lifelong determination to stay out of the limelight, Bunny Mellon was in the news. It was reported that she had given massive amounts of money to support John Edwards' doomed presidential campaign, some of which ended up being used to support Edwards' pregnant mistress. The irony of it was that she deserved to be remembered in a very different way. The heiress of the Listerine fortune, and married into the even greater Mellon fortune, she had lived at the nexus of politics, art, and fashion, mingling with Presidents, Queens, Duchesses, Hollywood actors, coutouriers, and artists.

Meryl Gordon has written a biography of Bunny Mellon based on thousands of pages of letters, diaries, and appointment books, and over 175 interviews with people who were close to Mellon. Gordon's previous books include the NY Times bestseller Mrs. Astor Regrets and the Wall Street Journal bestseller Phantom of Fifth Avenue. She is an award-winning journalist and a regular contributor to Vanity Fair. Joining Meryl Gordon in this talk will be her husband, the award-winning journalist Walter Shapiro. Shapiro is a columnist for Roll Call, a lecturer in political science at Yale, and a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU. He writes regularly for the Guardian. In covering the last 10 presidential campaigns, he has been on the staffs of USA Today, Esquire, Time, Newsweek, and the Washington Post.

Los Angeles, CA 

Harvardwood Heads To... The Ivy Plus Society's Winter Getaway - Thurs., Feb. 1

Relax with The Ivy Plus Society at what The LA Times says is “as comfortable as a favorite sweater.” See for yourself why James’ Beach was recently awarded Open Table’s award for “Most Vibrant Bar Scene” at The Ivy Plus Society’s Winter Getaway. This private networking party will be held in the back patio and clubhouse. Arrive early! Complimentary taco station from 7pm-8pm.

Harvardwood Heads To... The Black & Red Ball 2018 - Tues., Feb. 13

A not-to-be-missed event at one of the hottest venues in Santa Monica. Ditch the blind dates this Valentine’s Day and join The Ivy Plus Society in celebrating life without limits at 41 Ocean Club. Have a date or you’re single? Doesn’t mean we can’t mix & mingle! Steal hearts when you dress up in your favorite black & red cocktail attire for our annual Valentine’s Day Party. Love is in the ocean air!

Harvardwood Co-Hosts: An Evening with President Drew Faust - Thurs., Feb. 15

Join us on Thursday evening, February 15, for a celebration of the vibrant Harvard community in L.A! To kick off the event, President Drew Gilpin Faust will joinPulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen RAD ’09 in conversation This event is co-hosted by the Harvard Alumni Association and the Harvard Club of Southern California.

Doors open at ­­­6:30 PM. Spouses and guests are welcome. Business attire is suggested, and a touch of crimson is encouraged. After the program, there will be plenty of time to mingle and enjoy drinks and appetizers with fellow alumni and friends.

C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to "Independent Spirit" Music Business Seminar - Sat., Feb. 24

Featuring live music, keynote, free attorney one-on-ones, bookstore, and expert panels packed with valuable information! Millions dream of attaining glamour and wealth through music. This book reveals the secrets of the music business that have made fortunes for the superstars. A must-have for every songwriter, performer, musician and music industry professional. The authors will sign books following their keynote presentation. This comprehensive 512 page book covers music publishing, recording, composing, contracts, royalties, song licensing, foreign income, new media, the internet, and much more!

Harvardwood Helps: Operation Gratitude Assembly Day - Sat., Feb. 24

At any given time, our facility: “The FOB” (Forward Operating Base), is filled with millions of items donated by Americans from across the country. Once a month or more, we call on hundreds of eager and spirited Volunteers in the Southern California area to help us assemble these items to create the Operation Gratitude Care Packages. Join us! Assembly work includes production of the Care Packages, labeling, taping, running packages, re-stocking the lines, breaking down cartons, and other tasks.

Washington, DC

Harvardwood Meet-up at the Blacklist DC Happy Hour - Wed., Feb. 7

The Black List is creating social hubs for writers around the world where they can meet other screenwriters and discuss the craft and the reality of the screenwriter's life. So join your fellow writers at the DC happy hour! Come to enjoy the drinks and the company. You never know who you might meet!

Harvardwood DC Writers' Happy Hour with the HCDC - Mon., Feb. 12

Harvardwood DC & the Harvard Club of Washington, DC invite alumni to a Writers’ Happy Hour. Your co-hosts for the evening are Harvardwood DC Chapter Head Dayna Wilkinson and HCW Vice President (Events) Diana Preston. From aspiring writers to working professionals, all writers are welcome regardless of genre or medium. Available happy hour specials include mini crab cakes, truffled mac & cheese, sun-dried tomato hummus, fried calamari, steak skewers, signature cocktails, and of course specialty martinis. Cash bar and food. All Harvard Alumni and their guests can attend for free—just RSVP!

Membership discount to Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA

Artisan’s Asylum is a non-profit community workshop in Somerville, Massachusetts, whose mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning and practice of fabrication. Harvardwood members can receive 20% off of Artisan's Asylum monthly membership dues. To apply for the discount, submit our subsidized membership application

Artisan's Asylum is a 501(c)3 non-profit community workshop with the mission to promote the learning, teaching and practice of fabrication. We have a 40,000 sq.-ft facility with shared shops in woodworking, welding, digital fabrication, design, etc., offer classes in these areas along with affordable studio space for artists. As for our event space, we can accommodate up to 100 people in our open social area that can be configured to have seating for a dinner or tables and casual seating for a networking event. We offer tours and meet and greets with makers as group programs, as well as staff development and team building courses in our shops.


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