Issue 136 | May 2016


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  • Director's Notes
  • Message from Allison


  • Featured Member Posting: Talent Relations Exec (Casey Patterson Entertainment) - NY with significant LA travel
  • Filmmakers, share your projects with Harvardwood!
  • Join the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program | May 15th housing lottery deadline!
  • Get a year of FREE membership by hosting a summer intern (LA or NY)
  • Reunite with Harvardwood on Commencement Weekend


  • Exclusive Q&A with Rodrigo García '82 (Writer & Director, Last Days in the Desert)
  • Industry Successes
  • New Members' Welcome
  • Alumni Profile: Dan O'Keefe '90 (Writer & Producer, Silicon Valley, The League, Seinfeld)


  • Calendar
  • Congratulating the Class of 2016 with the gift of Harvardwood membership

Director's Notes

artsfirststudents.jpgI had a blast meeting a bunch of Harvard students and Boston chapter members last week at our Arts First mixer! Thanks to everybody who made the time to come to John Harvard's and meet your fellow Harvardwood friends. We'll be getting together again at the end of this month to celebrate Commencement & Reunion Weekend.

With the summer looming ahead, many College students are gearing up to begin their internships in June! This year, we're planning some new events and initiatives for the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program, so if you want to be eligible to participate, make sure you are a Harvardwood member and sign up to join HSIP 2016 for free.

— Dona

Message from Allison

It’s May and we want to hear your news! Have you recently completed a short, feature, documentary, web series, or other video project? Please share it with us! Harvardwood is a great community to celebrate completed projects—both large and small! And, if you have a project that hasn’t been released yet, but you’d like to plan get the word out in the next year, please drop us a line about that too.

Looking forward to checking out your work!

— Allison

Featured Member Posting: Talent Relations Exec (Casey Patterson Entertainment) - NY

CPE is looking to hire an in-house experienced Talent Relations executive for our television series, specials and awards shows.  The ideal candidate will be a hands-on, self-starter with television series and/or award show experience, who can effectively manage multiple priorities within a busy environment. The primary focus of the Talent Relations executive will be to liaise with talent as it relates to the television show Lip Sync Battle.

Summary of Job Description

  • Key point of contact for CPE’s industry-wide talent relations
  • Liaises with independent talent bookers, personal publicists, and show producers to field and execute on talent asks
  • With legal, production and network, ensures that all contractual talent agreements have been met on all projects
  • Works closely with Social Media producer to deliver suitable social content to talent and studios, and fulfill ongoing requests on an ad hoc basis
  • Researches TV, film, publishing, entertainment and lifestyle segments which fit the demographics and pitches talent as necessary
  • Assists with booking talent for series, live events, and all other CPE programming/projects
  • Builds and fosters relationships with talent managers, publicists, press, and independent talent bookers
  • Writes and/or edits copy for internal and external marketing and publicity purposes including social content and press announcements
  • Participates in a variety of other press and publicity related functions, including applying to industry awards and liaising with CPE’s third-party publicity team
  • Performs other duties as required or assigned


Filmmakers, share your projects with Harvardwood!

Have you recently completed a short, feature, documentary, web series, or other video project? We invite you to share it with Harvardwood!

We're here to support up-and-coming and established filmmakers alike, and we know there are a ton of talented folks out there with exciting projects to share. Harvardwood has a network of ~6,500 subscribers/members reachable via our newsletter, website, and social media outlets—all great ways to spread the word about your creative endeavors.

So if you're a Harvard student, alum, faculty, or staff member who has been involved in the making of a recent film (any genre, any length, any medium), we invite you to get in touch and tell us more about yourself and your latest work.

Join the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program | May 15th housing lottery deadline!

Want access to exclusive events and meet-ups with other Harvardians or industry veterans? Connect. Experience. Grow. Make this summer count! If you're lucky, you might even get summer housing.*

Harvardwood kicks off the summer with an orientation-mixer, hosts some career-related events, then wraps it up with a goodbye party. Network professionally or simply wind down for a happy hour—either way, get more out of your time in L.A. and be a part of this cool resource. You never know who you’ll meet along the way or what you’ll discover. Just be sure you’re a Full Member of Harvardwood to take advantage of this opportunity. And, even if you didn’t secure your internship through our listings, we invite you to participate.

*Free or low-cost housing options in L.A. by Harvard alums are very limited, open only for current students or graduating seniors, and determined by a lottery. Submit your HSIP participant form by midnight on May 15, 2016 to enter.


Get a year of FREE membership by hosting a summer intern (LA or NY)

What's an easy way to get a year of free Harvardwood membership? Host an intern this summer!

Harvardwood seeks accommodations hosts for the 2016 Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP) participants. Because many HSIP opportunities are unpaid, HSIP participants are generally in need of free or discounted accommodations to help defray the costs of accepting these opportunities for the summer. If you have a spare couch, futon, sleeping bag, or room(s) you can provide to a student or students (either free or discounted) for an extended period of time this summer (most internships run from mid-June to early August), please let us know! 

In addition to our undying gratitude, you will receive a free year of Full Membership to Harvardwood and you will be invited to attend special HSIP activities. Hosts are NOT expected to provide transportation, meals, entertainment, etc.

Reunite with Harvardwood on Commencement Weekend

Every year, Harvardwood hosts a mixer during Harvard's Commencement/Reunion Weekend. On Friday, May 27th, members of Harvardwood's Boston/On-Campus Chapter and visitors returning to Cambridge for Reunions will gather at Charlie's Kitchen, the Harvard Square institution, to meet and mingle from 2-4pm in the afternoon. This event is FREE and open to all alums & guests—just RSVP so we have a headcount!

Exclusive Q&A with Rodrigo García '82 (Writer & Director, Last Days in the Desert)

by Dayna Wilkinson

Last Days in the Desert, from writer-director Rodrigo García AB’82, opens in theaters on May 13, 2016. The film stars Ewan MacGregor, Ciaran Hinds, and Tye Sheridan. Pictured below: García and McGregor on the set.


Q. How did you conceive of this story of Jesus during his forty days of fasting and meditation in the Judaean desert?

A. I’m surprised the idea came to me at all, I wasn’t looking to make a movie about Jesus. The initial impulse was that Jesus would encounter a father and son with conflict between them, and that he would be compelled, consciously or not, to try to intervene. It’s not a religious movie particularly.

Q. Did the film turn out the way you expected?

A. ​I wanted the movie to examine whether you create your own your destiny, whether it’s pre-ordained or whether it’s determined by your parents and their wishes. As I wrote scenes, things became clearer—I added the character of the mother, for example. Then I realized I needed someone for Jesus to talk to who knew who he was. In the gospel, the only other being in the desert is Lucifer so I wrote him into the story. Eventually as I wrote, shot and edited the film, I discovered the things about the story that were personal to me.

garcia_mcgregor.jpgQ. Were you interested in filmmaking at Harvard?

A. I took photography classes at Harvard. Senior year I shot a short film my classmate Peter Rader directed and became more interested in cinematography.


See LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT in theaters at exclusive city premieres in Chicago, Pasadena, and Santa Monica on the evening of May 12th! These premieres will feature a musical guest and a conversation with Rodrigo Garcia and Ewan McGregor.

Industry Successes

approvaljunkie.jpgComedian and journalist Faith Salie '93 recently published a collection of humorous essays, Approval Junkie. Faith is an Emmy-winning contributor to CBS News Sunday Morning and a panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! Get a copy of Approval Junkie!

For ten years, Aaron Litvin AB '04, PhD '19 and Ana Paula Kojima Hirano AM '15, PhD '17 followed the lives of three families of Brazilian migrants who set off for Japan in search of a better life for their documentary, One Day We Arrived in Japan. In November 2015, they screened a rough cut at the Geneva Ethnography Museum—the audience loved it. They consulted with top film producers and festival programmers, who told them that the film has great potential, and that they should do high-quality post-production and submit it to top international film festivals. To do that, the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of post-production and film festival submissions.cuddlingwithstrangers.jpg

Cuddling with Strangers, a documentary by Sara Joe Wolansky AB '12, won the award for Best Documentary Short (American) at the 2016 American Documentary Film Festival and Film Fund. Congratulations, Sara Joe!

New Members' Welcome

Harvardwood warmly welcomes all members who joined the organization over the past month, including:

  • Hannah Ades, NY, College
  • Caroline Albanese, LA, College
  • Brionna Atkins, Boston/On-Campus, College
  • Shari Brown, LA, Honorary Degree
  • Frances Chewning, LA, A.R.T.
  • Ruiqi He, Boston/On-Campus, College
  • Bridget Irvine, Boston/On-Campus, College
  • Henry Johnson, Chicago, College
  • Aaron Litvin, Boston/On-Campus, College
  • Brandy Machado, Other U.S., College
  • Ayano Ninomiya, NY, College
  • Daria Rose, Boston/On-Campus, College
  • Todd Senturia, LA, College
  • Brian Shen, Boston/On-Campus, College
  • Dylan Vartikar-McCullough, Boston/On-Campus, College
  • Ben Wegbreit, SF/Bay Area, GSAS
  • Maureen Whitehouse, Boston/On-Campus, E.X.T.
  • Margaret Wilson, Boston/On-Campus, College

Alumni Profile: Dan O'Keefe '90 (Writer and Producer, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Drew Carey Show, Seinfeld, The League, Silicon Valley)

by Nicole Torres AB '11

OKeefe.jpgOriginally from New York City, Dan O’Keefe grew up in a writing family. Both his parents were writers; his mother was an English teacher and his father an editor for Reader’s Digest. He was not allowed to watch television growing up, but he humorously recalls, “I was allowed to swear as long as it was grammatical.” His two younger brothers are writers as well, and all three of the O’Keefe brothers have enjoyed successful careers writing for either Hollywood or Broadway.

While he has enjoyed substantial success as both a writer and producer, his path toward a writing career was not always so clear. “For a long time I wanted to be an actor. I actually trained for years and years, and they didn’t have a major at Harvard, and I was thinking, ‘No one in this place is ever going to make it as an actor.’ And then, of course, Mira Sorvino, Donal Logue, and Matt Damon [did].”

Although Dan’s initial focus was acting—he participated in five to six theater productions per year while at Harvard—Dan also knew upon enrolling at Harvard that he wanted to write, specifically for the Lampoon. But his path to the Lampoon took persistence. Dan recalls, “It took me three tries—three comps—to get on the Lampoon.” He elaborates, “I failed miserably twice. The first time I didn’t even make it past the first cut. The second time I made it to like the second cut, but then didn’t make it, and the third time I made it all the way.”

It is well known that being on the Lampoon often leads to and aids in the success of a writing career in Hollywood and elsewhere. Nonetheless, Dan notes that the most helpful thing about being on the Lampoon was the opportunity for practice and development it provided. “It would be absurd to say that in the comedy writing business and in Hollywood, going to Harvard and being in the Lampoon didn’t help you, but the best way it helped me is that going there just gives you an opportunity to get all the bad comedy writing out of your system early. The connections certainly do help, but it’s more that it’s a laboratory that I was lucky enough to have, to try out stuff and learn what was really bad.”

Despite Dan’s passion for writing at Harvard, upon graduating he was initially going to pursue a legal career. Dan recalls a particularly illuminating turning point shortly after graduating. He had been accepted into the University of Chicago Law School and was mostly packed and ready to go, when he had the almost surreal, slow-motion realization that law school was not his future.

Instead, Dan accepted his first job as a junior editor for the National Lampoon. His initial plan was to settle into a long-term career writing for a magazine, not television or Hollywood. However, his trajectory at the National Lampoon was not as he intended. Dan recollects, “I thought, my dad was on the Reader’s Digest 35 years, so I’ll probably be here 35 years. I was there nine months, and they canned most of us.”

After the National Lampoon, Dan did a brief stint at Cracked magazine, but he soon realized the print world was dying and began his foray into television by writing for what he describes as “crappy little cable shows, mostly for MTV.” Not long after, Dan landed a position working for the famed Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Dan remembers, “I heard they were looking, just through the grapevine, and I found out who to get in touch with and I pestered them and finally they met with me.” But it was a bit more complex than that. Prior to landing the job at Leno, Dan was nearly hired at both Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. For one reason or another, neither of those two panned out, but the head writer for Conan had been fond of him and recommended him to the Leno show. Dan states, “Because of the recommendation from the very generous head writer of Conan, I got relocated to LA.” Of his experience at the Tonight Show, Dan says, “I was there for a year and a half and [Leno] was a really, really nice guy. He was really generous and good to work for.”

After Leno, Dan worked for about a year on the show Married With Children until a change in the show’s leadership left him unemployed for nearly a year. This was the most difficult period of his writing career, a time during which Dan considered giving it all up. Dan recalls, “I sent in an application to an armored car company.”

It was during this period that he set his sights on Seinfeld. “I reconnected with some people on Seinfeld that I’d known in college, and badgered them, and was given the opportunity to submit stuff.” Given that opportunity, he sent them pages of ideas every Friday for “months and months.” His trademark persistence paid off. Eventually Jerry Seinfeld came across some of those pages and liked his work. Dan was hired as a freelance writer for season eight, and was staffed on Seinfeld full time by season nine.

festivus.jpgFans of Seinfeld have Dan to thank for the introduction of Festivus, a holiday invented by his father that Dan wrote into the famous episode, “The Strike.” It might be surprising to learn, however, that his inclusion of Festivus was not done without some prodding by his fellow staff writers. It’s safe to say Dan’s relation to the holiday is similar to that of character George Costanza in the episode. His personal experience was “mostly bizarre and terrifying,” and although he is not averse to the holiday in theory, he does not celebrate it and the overall fascination with it still “boggles my mind.”

After Seinfeld, Dan worked for six years on The Drew Carey Show, six years on The League, and is currently writing for and co-executive producing the HBO hit Silicon Valley. Dan describes working on Silicon Valley as a good challenge and incredibly rewarding, with a remarkable cast and crew.

Reflecting on his writing experience as a whole Dan notes, “It’s rare to work on a popular show with fun, good people also. There are three pairs of variables to each show experience: good or bad in terms of quality, popular and unpopular shows, and with fun or horrible people. I had experienced every possible combination until Silicon Valley, when, for the first time since Seinfeld, all was positive.”

Having recently wrapped season 3 of Silicon Valley, Dan is enjoying the temporary hiatus between seasons. In the interim, he is working on a project with his brother, Mark, who is also a successful Hollywood screenwriter. Their collaboration is one year in the making and somewhat of a passion project, as they have never actually worked together.

As for his advice to aspiring writers, he says, “Do something else, it is very difficult and unstable”—but as most aspiring writers will disregard that standard disclaimer, he insists that they be prepared for the long game and disciplined about actually writing, every day when possible. He also recommends working on multiple projects simultaneously to “hedge your bets,” and not to show your work until it is the best it can be, as executives will not see your work for what it could be, but for what it currently is. He also emphasizes “no typos” and “don’t be a Hollywood cliché and buy a boat the next day, be smart with your money.”

We conclude our meeting and part ways, and he returns to his wife, adorable six-year-old son, and fifteen-year-old dog Duppy at his home in the Los Feliz hills.

nicoletorres.jpegTo see some of Dan’s recent work, watch the season three premiere of Silicon Valley, and for any aspiring writers out there, remember—no typos.

Nicole Torres is an attorney, actor, and writer living in Los Angeles.


FEATURED EVENT | Harvardwood Seminar Series: An Evening with Michael Roiff AB '01 (WAITRESS, IN YOUR EYES) - Thursday, May 19th

roiff.jpegPlease join us for an evening of industry insights in an informal, low-key setting. We'll learn about the ins and outs of producing independent films from Michael Roiff AB '01 (WAITRESS, IN YOUR EYES) in a conversation moderated by independent filmmaker Tiffanie Hsu AB '09.

Light reception at 7:30 PM; the conversation begins at 8 PM. Seating is limited, so register in advance below! All Harvardwood Seminars are FREE for dues-paying members and $15 for all others. All walk-ins are $15, regardless of membership status, cash only.

Michael Roiff is an independent film producer living and working in Los Angeles, California where he founded Night & Day Pictures in 2005.

Read Michael Roiff's complete bio and Tiffanie Hsu's bio and RSVP for this event.


Harvardwood 2016 Reunion Mixer - Friday, May 27th

Every year, Harvardwood hosts a mixer during Harvard's Commencement/Reunion Weekend. On Friday, May 27th, members of Harvardwood's Boston/On-Campus Chapter and alumni returning to Cambridge for Reunions will gather at Charlie's Kitchen, the Harvard Square institution, to meet and mingle from 3-5pm in the afternoon. Cash bar. This event is free to attend, and guests/family members are welcome. Just RSVP below so that we have a headcount!

New York

Harvardwood Presents Comedy: "Business School ... in About an Hour" - Friday, May 20th

hwny_bizcomedy.jpgWe're delighted to present a special preview performance of Wharton-educated stand-up comedian Shaun Eli's new one-man show "Business About an Hour"—now with 20% more hour! The hilarious and somewhat educational show by corporate standup comedian Shaun Eli that opened at the American Embassy in Vienna is now available to YOU! Comedian Shaun Eli attended Wharton so that YOU won't have to! 

Advance registration is REQUIRED. No tickets will be sold at the door. The evening will begin with a brief wine reception before the performance.

Harvardwood Presents: Furuya Sisters Trio Plays RAVEL - Sunday, May 29th

The centerpiece of this concert by Furuya Sisters Trio will be one of the great treasures of the chamber music repertory, Maurice Ravel's impassioned and richly melodic Piano Trio of 1914. The program will also include shorter works by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Saint-Saens, and Faure. 

FuruyaSistersTrio.jpgThe Furuya Sisters Trio performed at the White House this last December, and were thanked by Michelle Obama, who wrote "The President and I are so grateful for your wonderful performance." The great Hungarian pianist Gyorgi Sandor praised their "superior talent". Among those who have admired them are actresses Joan Fontaine, Olivia de Havilland, and Rhonda Fleming. Cellist Mimi Furuya has won numerous awards. She is also a composer, whose work has been performed by the Juilliard Orchestra and the American Brass Quintet. Pianist Sakiko Furuya has performed at Alice Tully Hall, Weill Hall, and Merkin Hall in New York, and was a winner of the Gina Bachauer Competition at Juilliard. Violinist Harumi Furuya '95 PhD '06 has performed at, among others, Alice Tully Hall and Prague's Dvorak Hall.


Harvardwood Attends LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT City Premiere - Thursday, May 12th

Chicagoans, get your tickets to the exclusive city premiere of LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT plus an interview with Ewan McGregor and director Rodrigo Garcia AB '82 recorded in NYC! Last Days in the Desert follows Jesus (Ewan McGregor) in an imagined chapter from his forty days of fasting and praying in the desert. On his way out of the wilderness, he struggles with the Devil, also played by McGregor, over the fate of an ordinary family in crisis, setting for himself a dramatic test with distinctly human conflicts.

A critical mass of attendees must reserve their tickets in order for this event to move forward, so RSVP today!

Los Angeles

Harvardwood Heads To... HCSC Dinner with Harry R. Lewis AB ’68, PhD ’74 - Tuesday, May 3rd

The Harvard Club of Southern California is hosting a dinner featuring special guest Harry R. Lewis AB ’68, PhD ’74, the Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science and former Dean of Harvard College, who will be speaking on "The Past and Future of Engineering at Harvard."

Harvardwood Heads To... Harvard/ART Post Showcase Mixer - Wednesday, May 4th

The MFA students from the American Repertory Theater Training Institute are celebrating the culmination of their graduate work at PS 213, a recently revamped gastropub in the heart of downtown LA. Going along with its public school theme, our private game room area comes with fun activities like dartboards, life sized jenga, connect four, and various old school board games. Come by to congratulate them on their achievement, and expand your network with a night of drinks, grub, and games!

scifest.jpgHarvardwood Attends Sci-Fest LA 2016 - May 5-29th

May 5-29th, Sci-Fest LA returns to the ACME Theatre Hollywood! Learn more about Sci-Fest LA, this year's line-up of short sci-fi plays, and get your tickets below. Guaranteed to be mind-bending, occasionally hilarious and sometimes just plain scary!

SPECIAL: Harvardwood members who attend the May 20th showing can receive priority admission and a free Sci-Fest LA poster. Check out this year's line-up and get more info on the special offer and how to purchase tickets.

Harvardwood Heads To... The Ivy Plus Society's May Social - Wednesday, May 11th

Join The Ivy Plus Society this May at The Victorian, the historic and stunning mansion that's tucked inside Heritage Square on Main Street in Santa Monica. Socialize with the finest and brightest LA has to offer in their private upstairs getaway, complete with a gorgeous, intimate patio. Arrive early, happy hour goes until 8pm and includes beer starting at $3 and wine and well cocktails starting at $5.

cla.jpgC.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Legal Basics for Creative Businesses - Wednesday, May 11th

Join CLA and attorney Scott Hervey to learn about some of the basic legal issues involved in starting and operating a small business. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Selecting an appropriate business structure, including pitfalls to avoid in connection with each type of entity;
  • Employees and independent contractors;
  • Intellectual property issues involved in forming a new entity, including naming the business and protecting its copyrights; and
  • Protecting yourself with enforceable contracts.

Harvardwood Attends LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT Exclusive City Premiere (Pasadena & West LA) - Thursday, May 12th

lastdaysdesert.jpgAttend the exclusive city premiere of LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT plus an interview with Ewan McGregor and director Rodrigo Garcia AB '82 recorded in NYC! Last Days in the Desert follows Jesus (Ewan McGregor) in an imagined chapter from his forty days of fasting and praying in the desert. On his way out of the wilderness, he struggles with the Devil, also played by McGregor, over the fate of an ordinary family in crisis, setting for himself a dramatic test with distinctly human conflicts.

Note: A critical mass of attendees must reserve their tickets in order for the Pasadena event to move forward.

Harvardwood Masterclass: The Art of Pitching with Maiya Williams AB '84 (THE HAUNTED HATHAWAYS, FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR) - Tuesday, May 17th

maiyawilliams.jpgIn this month's Harvardwood Masterclass, learn The Art of Pitching with TV writer/producer and author Maiya Williams AB '84, with a special assist from her son Patric Verrone AB '18! This is a can't-miss event for writers, producers, and directors who want to learn how to give a concise and entertaining presentation of their story. This event is only open to dues-current Harvardwood members ($15/member).

Maiya Williams has been writing and producing television shows for thirty years.  The first black woman editor of the Harvard Lampoon, Maiya graduated with honors in History and Literature  and immediately moved to Hollywood where she got a job on the short lived sitcom Charlie and Company.  Her more well known credits include the live season of Roc, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Wayans Brothers, Mad-TV, The Wanda Sykes Show, Futurama, and most recently, The Haunted Hathaways.

Over the last fifteen years Maiya has also written five novels for middle grade readers.  Her critically acclaimed time travel trilogy, The Golden Hour, Hour of the Cobra and Hour of the Outlaw, as well as The Fizzy Whiz Kid were published by Amulet Books, an imprint of Harry N. Abrams.  Middle School Cool, published by Random House, will be out in paperback this month under a new title, Kaboom Academy.

Harvardwood Heads To... The Ivy Plus Society's Summer Kickoff - Wednesday, May 25th

We don't have to tell you that Casa Del Mar is the hottest spot in Santa Monica, our numbers already prove that. With events always reaching 175+ of LA's finest and brightest alumni, it's no wonder that The Ivy Plus Society is bringing you back for The Summer Kick Off Event of the year. Enjoy 180 degree views of the Pacific at the private Terrazzo Lounge while mixing and mingling with the top professionals LA has to offer.

SF/Bay Area

Harvardwood Heads To... HAVEABABY Documentary Final Screening in SF - Wednesday, May 4th

micheli_colorheadshot-300x278.jpgHAVEABABY gives a voice to infertility and unveils the class disparity complicating a topic that is often clouded by judgment and stereotypes. Oscar-nominated director and Harvard alum Amanda Micheli’s provocative and suspenseful documentary follows several aspiring parents who desperately want to have a baby, but are struggling with infertility and the high cost of treatments. They place themselves in the hands of Las Vegas doctor Geoffrey Sher and his annual contest, which offers a prize of a free round of in vitro fertilization (IVF)––with no guarantee of pregnancy. Contestants post video entries online telling their stories, counting on the votes of strangers to make their dreams of becoming parents true. IVF can be cripplingly expensive and is rarely covered by insurance. So, although exposing private pain online to win a contest is a brutal proposition, many infertile couples see it as a gamble worth taking.

C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Music Publishing 101 - Thursday, May 5th

Where is my money? Music publisher Al Evers (A-Train) and music attorney Daniel Schacht (Donahue Fitzgerald LLP) will discuss the tangled web of songwriter royalties, accounting, sub-publishers, copyrights, mechanical royalties, and more.


Congratulating the Class of 2016 with the gift of Harvardwood membership

Harvardwood heartily congratulations all members of the Harvard Class of 2016! To celebrate your achievements, as you start your post-college adventures, we are thrilled to welcome you to Harvardwood with a special $10 discount off yearly membership to all members of your graduating class. Our yearly membership dues are ordinarily just $45/year ($3.75/month), but the Class of 2016 may join Harvardwood for $35/year. (This offer is only valid for new Harvardwood members.)

The special offer will open later this month through June 15th, so LIKE and FOLLOW Harvardwood and bookmark our page to stay updated.


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