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+ Featured Member Posting: Assistant to Television Literary Agent (PARADIGM) - LA
+ Harvard undergrads, apply to 2015 Harvardwood 101 in Los Angeles - Deadline Oct. 17
+ Submit your community service project to the Harvardwood Heroes grants program - Deadline Nov. 30
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+ New Members' Welcome
+ Member Profile: Tinker Lindsay '74 (HECTOR & THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS)


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Director's NotesWalking-Dead-Season-5-hunt-.jpeg

Autumn is finally here! The leaves are turning, and Harvardwood is churning out some great events this month, including our inaugural "An Evening with..." event featuring David Alpert (Executive Producer of The Walking Dead), events at Harvard Business School with guest speakers Henry McGee and Fran Kelly III, and an exclusive talk with Sallie Bingham in NYC. Undergrads, I had a blast meeting some of you at the OCS on Sept. 30th; don't forget that applications to Harvardwood 101 are due on Oct. 17th!

— Dona

Message from Allison

They’re here! The fall shows are premiering! A warm congrats to our Harvardwood Writers Program writers who are staffed on: THE FLASH, GOTHAM, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, STATE OF AFFAIRS, and SLEEPY HOLLOW. Also, don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook for a chance to get a year FREE membership (see details).

— Allison

Featured Member Posting: Assistant to Television Literary Agent (PARADIGM) - LA

Paradigm Talent Agency is seeking candidates to assist a television literary agent in all day-to-day activities. Individuals must be hardworking, enthusiastic, and eager to learn. Candidates must be able to thrive in a high-volume, fast-paced environment. Duties include but are not limited to: rolling calls, logging submissions, writing script coverage, managing multiple calendars, making travel arrangements, tracking client payments. Qualifications: one year previous assistant experience in an agency or at a network; excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Excel; excellent written and verbal communication skills; excellent attention to detail; experience with Oasis is preferred; degree from a four-year accredited university… To view full posting, please visit:

Harvard undergrads, apply to 2015 Harvardwood 101 in Los Angeles - Deadline Oct. 17

Harvardwood 101, co-sponsored by the Office of Career Services and Office for the Arts, brings a group of Harvard undergraduates to Los Angeles during the first week of the January term (JAN. 5-9, 2015) and provides various career-related activities in an attempt to demystify Hollywood and educate current students about opportunities in the arts, media and entertainment. Past activities have included a studio lot tour, a visit to a working film set, a discussion of film development and production hosted by a major production company, a visit to a scoring stage, a panel on breaking into TV writing, an agency visit, lunches with alumni in various facets of the industry, and an info session and tour of the USC film school facilities. This is an invaluable backstage pass to the ins and outs of working in entertainment. Open to dues-current Full Members only... For more information and to apply, please visit:

Submit your community service project to the Harvardwood Heroes grants program - Deadline Nov. 30

Launched in 2013, the Harvardwood Heroes (HH) grant program aims to spotlight and support those members of Harvardwood who have made or plan to make an exceptional contribution to the community, specifically at the intersection of arts and service. These Heroes exemplify the mission of Harvardwood, demonstrating the power and purpose of the arts, media, and entertainment. These grants are awarded annually, and grants can be spent at the winner's discretion. Open to dues-current Full Members only... For more information and to apply, please visit:

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Donate to Harvardwood community service projects and support our Heroes!

We're seeking YOUR help to support Harvardwood's community service projects through the second annual Harvardwood Heroes program! This program gives financial support to members who demonstrate an exemplary level of dedication to supporting their local communities. In 2013, we raised enough money to distribute four grants of $500 each, and our goal now is to beat last year's total grant disbursements... BUT WE CAN ONLY DO SO WITH YOUR ASSISTANCE. Harvardwood is a 501(c)(3) and your donation will be an entirely tax-deductible charitable contribution. As a donor, you can also assist with the grantee selection process, and you will be named the program sponsor ($3000) or a single grant sponsor ($500)... To view full posting, please visit:

Attend back-to-back special guest speaker events at the Harvard Business School - Oct. 15

This month, Harvardwood Boston is partnering with the Harvard Business School Entertainment & Media Club to bring you TWO amazing back-to-back events on Wednesday, October 15th! We're kicking off the afternoon at HBS with Professor Henry McGee, former President of HBO Home Entertainment, and then we'll learn about HOLLYWOOD & MADISON AVENUE: A Modern-Day Love Story with HBS alum Francis Kelly III, President & CEO of CEOVIEW Branding. Register for these FREE events before space runs out!

Industry Successes...

Darya Zhuk '02 has short films premiering at Oaxaca International Film Festival, Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, and Santa Fe Independent Film Festival this fall. She is starting production on her Columbia MFA thesis film The Real American. Support her production!

Robert Cain's '84 screenplay Gagarin has been honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as one of ten finalists chosen from 7,511 entries in the 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition.

This month, Whiplash, a feature film by Damien Chazelle '07/08, will be premiering in theaters nationwide. whiplash.jpgThis can't-miss movie was the 2014 winner of both the Sundance Audience Award and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize! Harvardwood members can attend a free screening of Whiplash hosted by The Recording Academy(R) Los Angeles Chapter on October 9th.

New Members' Welcome

Harvardwood warmly welcomes all members who joined the organization over the past month, including:

+ Larisa Afanasyeva, HLS, NY
+ Reem Altamimi, FOH, LA
+ Sarah Altamimi, KSG, LA
+ Todd Bartels, College, NY
+ Elizabeth Bates, A.R.T., LA
+ Alana J. Biden, College, LA
+ Ava Brignol, College, On-Campus
+ Riley Carney, College, On-Campus
+ Alexandra N. Carrera, GSE, LA
+ Karen Chee, College, SF/Bay Area
+ Veronica Dang, FOH, NY
+ Ngina Duckett, College, Boston
+ Oluwadunjoyin Falaye, College, On-Campus
+ Matthew Jacob Goodkin-Gold, College, On-Campus
+ Nasir Wali Husain, College, NY
+ Cara R. Jacobson, College, On-Campus
+ Anne Jarmain, FOH, LA
+ Susan Kang Nam, GSE, Boston
+ Sophie Lipson, College, On-Campus
+ Carol Lynch, HLS, NY
+ Caroline Memnon, FOH, NY
+ Ed Moy, FOH, SF/Bay Area
+ Matthew Munroe, College, On-Campus
+ Jenny Ng, College, Boston
+ Jennifer Rapaport, FOH, Boston
+ Pauline Ryan, College, On-Campus
+ Jonathan Shpall, College, On-Campus
+ Michael Slovenski, College, On-Campus
+ Rasheed Townes, College, Boston
+ Pamela Yau, College, Boston
+ Dan Zahler, College & HS, NY

*FOH = Friend of Harvardwood

New members, if you have any questions about Harvardwood, please contact our Director of Membership Experience, Lano Williams ([email protected])!

Member Profile: Tinker Lindsay '74 (HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS)

by Khurshid Velji EXT '08

TLindsay.jpgTinker Lindsay ’74, co-writer of the screenplay for the film Hector and the Search for Happiness, was recently in Toronto for the film’s North American premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Although Lindsay had a busy schedule, just before she attended the premiere, she made time to meet with a group of Harvard Alumni from Harvardwood and the Harvard Club of Toronto. It was an honor to meet with her personally and celebrate her accomplishments.

Lindsay graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard with a B.A. in English and American Language and Literature. She was a Phi Beta Kappa member and an editor for the Harvard Crimson. She also completed the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures Course.

Lindsay entered her sophomore year with an optimistic eye towards a variety of majors, from Social Relations to Government, but studying the syllabus found she only felt passionate about courses in reading and writing. An “English and American Language and Literature” major was born. She also joined the Crimson, notably serving as editor during the 1973 college protests over the bombing of Cambodia, and learned Transcendental Meditation, later becoming a teacher of the technique. This need to balance outer and inner realities has marked her work ever since. While she discovered that her writing temperament was not suited to the objectivity required for journalism, her time on the paper was invaluable.

Today, Lindsay is an accomplished screenwriter, author and conceptual editor. But the path to this point was neither straight, nor easy.

When it comes to her professional calling, Lindsay considers herself to be a “late bloomer.”

“When I was a student at Harvard, one of the most painful experiences for me regarding writing was one of the best experiences.”

She was admitted into a small seminar on non-fiction writing using fiction techniques mid-year, and overheard fellow classmates questioning that decision, based on her first essay. Crushed, she set aside writing for over two decades.

During that time, she married Ned Beatty, an American actor, had two children, started a school, and travelled the globe, storing up experiences she could draw from when she returned to writing, once her children were grown up. Her first attempt followed the shocking murder of an acquaintance. “I knew what I was supposed to do. I had to write about this. It seemed like the only way to make sense of it.”

Reminiscent of her Harvard days, Lindsay noted that she began writing a book of non-fiction, The Last Great Place, using fiction techniques. “It was the novelization of a true crime.” Although she did not get that book published, this was her first ‘dip’ into writing. Then came some trying times, as her marriage fell apart and she felt that her life was falling apart. Her second book was a memoir, The Sound of One Heart Breaking, this time written to make sense of the dissolution of her marriage. Lindsay joined a writer’s group, and found herself drawn to writing screenplays -- perhaps inevitable, as she was living in Los Angeles. She needed to support herself, but felt stalled as to how to proceed.

Lindsay went on a self-retreat to try to understand what was stopping her, and found a decades-old wound. The fear of exposure, the fear of having people not like what she was writing: that, she realized, was stopping her. She set out to conquer that fear. She asked herself more hard questions. “What kind of stories do I want to tell?” “Am I willing to tell them no matter what?” She made a list of people who were willing to help her. “I had to be willing to write truthfully and to align myself with likeminded people that could help me. I had to be willing to allow myself to take risks and to feel the fear.” Her mission was to tell stories of personal transformation and hope.

Doors soon started opening up. She found mentors and she was invited to work on a screenplay for a story of the Buddha, right in her wheelhouse of tales she wanted to tell. She started to collaborate with writer/director Peter Chelsom, first as a consultant, and then as co-writer. Hector and the Search for Happiness, another modern hero’s quest story, is one of the results. About five years ago, bestselling non-fiction transformational author Gay Hendricks asked Lindsay to conceptually edit his first draft of a mystery novel about an ex-Tibetan monk working as a private investigator, again right up her alley. Editing turned into co-writing, and she became the co-author of The Rules of Ten detective series. Hay House Publishing will publish The Fourth Rule of Ten in January 2015.

Lindsay has always been an avid reader and writer, and finds story-telling fascinating. In fact, she prefers to say that she is more of a story-teller than a writer. “Story-telling, whatever the genre, is very anarchic in its own way and a means of shifting people at a deeper level than teaching them or telling them. The more powerful the story is, the more possible it is to change people’s points of view or deepen their experiences of things.”

The First Rule of Ten is, “don’t ignore intuitive tickles, lest they reappear as sledgehammers.” When asked to explain this further, Lindsay said that when the protagonist, Tenzing Norbu, went against his intuition, unfavorable things happened, but when he followed his intuition, he solved the mysteries. Speaking from her own experience, Lindsay observed that “in the past I think I was less willing to listen to my intuition.” Now, “there are moments when it’s unmistakable for me…if I don’t listen to that voice because it’s inconvenient, scary or it’s not perhaps the popular move or it’s a move that I know will lead to discomfort rather than comfort…if I ignore it, it comes back in a different form and if I follow it, then red lights start turning green.”

When asked about advice to aspiring writers, she believes strongly that “you should feel the joy or fear or terror of your characters because you are then allowing yourself to become them when you are writing.” Lindsay thus encourages students to have a conversation with themselves, to find out what kind of stories they are drawn to. Then, “you can bring that passion to your writing.” She also suggests joining a writer’s group.

In closing, Lindsay commented: “I have to make sure the process is enriching. It’s about not clinging to the result. The process is the experience. If I can be fully engaged in the process, then I can let go and I am much less likely to be devastated if the result isn’t what I wanted, which often happens, especially in Hollywood.”

With regards to her latest accomplishment, Hector and the Search for Happiness, Lindsay again emphasized her deep personal involvement and its impact: “writing a movie about happiness changed me and it was an extraordinary experience.”

KVelji.jpgKhurshid Velji is passionate about playing the keyboard, specializing in Classical Indian music, and she also has a keen interest in writing children's stories.


alpertevent.jpg***Featured Event*** LA - Harvardwood Seminar Series: An Evening with DAVID ALPERT, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead, Tues., Oct. 14

Come one, come all to an evening of industry insights in an informal, low-key setting. We'll pick the (hopefully still uninfected!) brain of The Walking Dead Executive Producer David Alpert in a conversation moderated by Helix's Cameron Porsandeh. Learn about how comic books are taking over the entertainment industry, and ask David questions of your own. To register for the event, please visit:

LA - C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Getting It Right with Your Live Performance Project, Wed., Oct. 1

Live performance covers a wide range of art forms – theatre, stand-up, improv, music, magic, cabaret, performance art etc. Join CLA and attorneys Kanika D. Corley and Gordon Firemark for an explanation of live performance contracts and some of the the legal issues surrounding them. This workshop will explore performer agreements, booking agreements, and engagement agreements and will touch on safeguards to ensure performers get paid, and what to do when confronted with safety concerns or other day-of-show problems. For more details, please visit:

LA - Harvardwood Heads To ... CardXChange's Launch Party, Wed., Oct. 8

Join CardXchange, LA's top new networking group. Come meet hundreds of professionals including some of LA's best and brightest talent. Industries include: Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising, Technology, Finance, Media, Education and more!... For more details, please visit:

LA - Harvardwood Attends a Free Screening of WHIPLASH, Thurs., Oct. 9

Thanks to The Recording Academy(R) Los Angeles Chapter, Harvardwood members have the exciting opportunity to attend a FREE SCREENING of Whiplash, written and directed by Damien Chazelle '07-'08, at the Landmark Theater. After the screening, there will be Q&As with the film's composer, Justin Hurwitz '07-'08. Moderated by Jamey Tate... For more details, please visit:

LA - Happy Hour Networking with the Harvard Club of SoCal & the HBS Association, Thurs., Oct. 9

Join Harvardwood members for cocktails and network with alums of the Harvard Business Association - LA and the Harvard Club of Southern California! This event is FREE to attend; cash bar for food and drinks. For more details, please visit:

LA - Harvardwood, the HAA, and the Harvard Club of SoCal Host: WELCOME TO YOUR CITY, Thurs., Oct. 16

Please join us in welcoming the Class of 2014 this fall! The College Classes of 2005-2014 will be coming together for Welcome to Your City during October 2014. These events are a fun, informal way for recent graduates who may be new to town to connect with other local, recent Harvard alumni. For more details, please visit:

LA - Harvardwood Heads To... The Ivy Plus Society at Avalon Hotel, Thurs., Oct. 23

The Ivy Plus Society (“TIPS”) produces social networking events for young alumni of a select group of schools, with the aim of creating a community of talented, dynamic individuals. The chance to meet incredible people was one of the best aspects of the schools we were privileged to attend. TIPS events extend those opportunities beyond the iron gates of our alma maters. Dive into Fall the only way Los Angeles knows how to: with a pool and cocktails at Avalon Hotel!... For more details, please visit:

LA - C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to An Overview of Copyright Law for Creative Artists, Mon., Oct. 27

Understanding the basic principles of copyright law is important to nearly all creative artists, especially in the digital age. What does it mean when something is copyrighted? Who owns copyrights? What is the difference between copyright and trademark law? Join California Lawyers for the Arts and attorney Melissa Dagodag for an introduction to copyright law. The program will answer all of these questions and provide a framework for understanding copyright protections and terminology such as "fair use" and "work-made-for-hire."... For more details, please visit:

LA - C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Fakes, Forgeries & Other Legal Issues in Art Authentication, Wed., Oct. 29

Forgeries are often the stuff of mystery novels, sensational news stories and detailed art historical research. But what legal issues are involved when there is a question about who is the true creator of a work of art? Join CLA and art lawyer Christine Steiner for a discussion of the diverse legal issues surrounding the authentication of artwork, including warranty obligations, criminal proof elements and other matters.... For more details, please visit:

mcgee.jpgBOS - Harvardwood Presents: HBS Professor HENRY McGEE, Former President of HBO Home Entertainment, Wed., Oct. 15

Harvard students, Harvardwood Boston chapter members, and guests are invited to join us at the Harvard Business School campus on October 20th for a special event featuring Professor Henry McGee AB '74, HBS '79, Former President of HBO Home Entertainment. Please register for this event at the link below. This event is open to all Harvard students (College & graduate schools), Harvardwood members, and friends... For more details and Professor McGee's complete bio, please visit:

BOS - Harvardwood Presents: FRAN KELLY III (of CEOVIEW Branding) on Hollywood & Madison Avenue -- A Love Story, Wed., Oct. 15frankelly.jpg

Please join the members of Harvardwood and Fran Kelly III HBS '83, a 35-year veteran of the advertising industry, for a provocative and entertaining look at Hollywood and Madison Avenue today and how these two creative industries are working together closer than ever before to create great content and drive big business success stories. Fran Kelly is an advertising industry Hall of Fame member, an HBS “83 grad and a huge fan of Hollywood done well. Students interested in careers in Hollywood or Madison Avenue or any new media field will enjoy this edgy, entertaining presentation... For more details and Fran Kelly's complete bio, please visit:

NY - Harvardwood Presents SALLIE BINGHAM - "The Blue Box: Three Lives in Letters," Wed., Oct. 15

Poet, novelist, story-writer, playwright, memoirist, biographer, Sallie Bingham is one of the most justly admired figures in current American literature. She is the author of Matron of Honor, Straight Man and five other novels, four collections of short stories, numerous plays, three books of poetry, and the memoir Passion and Prejudice. Her latest book The Blue Box tells the story of three Southern women, Bingham's great-grandmother Sallie LeFroy, her grandmother Helena Caperton, and her mother Mary Bingham, creating a gentle epic of women's life in the South from the Civil War to the Jazz Age... For more details, please visit:

CHI - Harvardwood Heads To ... the Harvard Club of Chicago at the Chicago Fire, Sun., Oct. 5

Catch the Chicago Fire with the Harvard Club of Chicago on Sunday afternoon, October 5th. The last weekend afternoon game of the season, it’s Fan Appreciation Day at Toyota Park with $2 beer for adults and $2 hot dogs for fans of any age. Before the game, join the Harvard Club of Chicago for a behind-the-scenes view of the Chicago Fire with Dr. Jason Koh, a Harvard College alumnus and Team Orthopaedic Surgeon for the Chicago Fire Soccer Team. Post-game, the fun continues with a “meet-the-player” experience and group photo on the field... For more details, please visit:

CHI - Harvardwood Heads To ... Tour of the Art Institute's MAGRITTE Exhibit, Thurs., Oct. 9

The Magritte Show opened recently at the Art Institute (Aic). Think of a bowler hat, a pipe, or clouds, and the name of Belgian Surrealist painter René Magritte instantly comes to mind. The exhibition has previously delighted visitors at the MOMA in New York and the Menil Collection in Houston and earned high praise. As a prelude to the tour, join fellow Harvardians for a martini, a coke or whatever at the Cliff Dwellers. Stroll the Club's exquisite open terrace with one of the most spectacular views in our City, visit with other attendees and hear an introduction to the exhibit by Ms. Elizabeth McGoey of the Art Institute at the Club... For more details, please visit:

SF - C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Estate Planning for Creative Artists & Collectors, Wed., Oct. 8

Learn everything you need to know about how to protect your creative arts in wills, trusts, and other estate planning instrument -- as well as effective tax strategies in estate planning... For more details, please visit:

SF - C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Immigration & US Visas for Creative Artists, Wed., Oct. 15

This presentation will provide an overview of the intersection between the Arts and Immigration Law. Details will include a review of current visa options available to foreign national artists, arts entrepreneurs and arts organizations... For more details, please visit:

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