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+ Director's Notes
+ Message from Allison


+ Featured Member Posting: Harvardwood seeks part-time paid Coordinator
+ Submit for the 2013 Harvardwood Writers' Competition (Deadline Aug. 15th)
+ Apply for the Harvardwood Writers' Program Fall 2013 TV Modules! (Deadline Aug. 15th)
+ Apply for the Harvardwood Mentorship Program (Deadline Aug. 20th)
+ Call for Harvardwood mentors and advisors
+ Seeking a new Co-Chapter Head for Toronto


+ Industry Successes
+ New Member's Welcome
+ Member Profile: Liz Ryan '81 - Newly elected member of the board for the Directors Guild of America


+ Calendar
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Director's Notes

Behold the brand spankin' new format of the Harvardwood Highlights, courtesy of our brilliant President, Ms. Allison Kiessling! She wanted to make sure you all got the good stuff upfront and center. Be on the lookout for new feature articles and other fun content in the Highlights in these upcoming months, starting with the "New Members' Welcome" section spotlighting Harvardwood's newest members and our Director of Membership Experience, Lano Williams '00!

And this August we've got deadlines galore. Don't miss your chance to participate in the Harvardwood Writers' Program Fall 2013 TV modules or the Harvardwood Mentorship Program. Both programs are collecting applications this month, so don't delay. (We also need mentors, so please consider giving some of your time to our dynamic members.) And writers around the world - there are just 2 weeks left to submit to our annual Writers' Competition! The competition is a great way to get your writing in front of industry professionals in a more exclusive setting than other types of industry contests. We look forward to collecting all applications and submissions to give us a great start to Fall!

-- Kelley

Message from Allison

Part-Time Coordinator Wanted! Harvardwood is growing, and we need you. Check out the post below for more details on joining the fantastic Harvardwood staff!

I hope everyone has a beautiful August and I look forward to seeing you all when our events ramp up in September!

- Allison

Featured Member Posting - Harvardwood seeks part-time paid Coordinator

Harvardwood seeks an enthusiastic, motivated, entrepreneurial individual to assume the role of Coordinator in our highly dynamic & growing organization. This paid position will be part-time to start, with the possibility of additional hours or eventual full-time employment depending on performance. The Harvardwood Coordinator will work closely with the Executive Director and the volunteer board in executing various activities to expand and enhance the organization. Duties will include but are not limited to: Event coordination, Membership activities, Program activities, Media & Communications, General office & administrative duties, & Fundraising/Sponsorship coordination. Candidates must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Candidates should have strong interest, a working knowledge of, and some experience in the arts, media, or entertainment industries, and/or an interest in the nonprofit sector. The ideal candidate will be based in Los Angeles, though there is some flexibility. A background in event/program coordination, online or offline customer service, and/or arts administration is preferred. A demonstrated capability in database and/or account management is a plus (but no knowledge of html is required). This is a work from home position. The Coordinator can maintain flexible hours in combination with other artistic and/or entrepreneurial endeavors as long as all Coordinator job duties are responsibly maintained…To view full posting, please visit:

Submit for the 2013 Harvardwood Writers' Competition (Deadline Aug. 15th)

Started in 2006, the Harvardwood Writers' Competition was created to give emerging Harvard writers the opportunity to gain industry exposure and to recognize superior work. The contest includes these three categories: 1) Feature screenplays (90-120 pp., all genres); 2) Television pilots (30-min and 60-min, all genres); and 3) One-act plays (40-min maximum, no minimum)…The deadline for submissions will be Thursday, AUGUST 15 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Scripts will be evaluated by industry professionals and winners in each category will be announced in October. First-place writers will receive a cash award and free admission to the 2013-14 writers’ program…To view full posting, please visit:

Apply for the Harvardwood Writers' Program Fall 2013 TV Modules! (Deadline Aug. 15th)

Harvardwood is excited to announce the Fall 2013 TV Modules! The modules will use peer review, guest speakers and workshops to foster a motivating and supportive environment for participating television writers. We anticipate having modules for writers of original pilots and rewrites of original pilots. In the past, we have also included spec episodes of existing shows. While we may still include specs in this fall's modules, we are also exploring the possibility of having a spec-only module in the spring prior to fellowship season. Please let us know if you are interested in writing a spec. The deadline for applying is 11:59PM on August 15, 2013. You must be a full member of Harvardwood and located in Los Angeles to participate. The program will run from early September through early December 2013…To view full posting, please visit:

Apply for the Harvardwood Mentorship Program (Deadline Aug. 20th)

Harvardwood is pleased to announce the start of the 2013-14 Harvardwood Mentorship Program (HMP)! HMP aims to foster meaningful professional relationships by matching Harvard graduates with more established alums in their fields of interest for a period of nine months of one-on-one career mentoring. We are seeking mentors and mentees for the 2013-2014 season (the program will begin in September 2013). Career focus and compatibility will determine the mentor/mentee pairings, and the nature of each mentoring relationship will depend on the individuals and what they have to offer. As working professionals in the arts, media and entertainment have highly variable schedules, there will be a great deal of flexibility to accommodate the mentors’ needs. The program will run in Los Angeles from September 2013 through May 2014…To view full posting, please visit:

Call for Harvardwood mentors and advisors

Harvardwood is currently seeking mentors and advisors for the Harvarwood Mentorship Program and the Harvardwood Career Advisors program. Both programs aim to foster meaningful professional relationships between Full Members of Harvardwood and established alums in their fields of interest. Our volunteer mentors and advisors are what enable these Harvardwood programs to continue to thrive and support the next generation of Harvard arts, media, and entertainment professionals. We are looking for mentors and advisors in a wide array of professional fields. We hope you will join us! To learn more about each program and to sign up as a mentor and/or advisor please visit this link:

Seeking a new Co-Chapter Head for Toronto

The Toronto Chapter of Harvardwood is seeking an enthusiastic co-Chapter Head to help strengthen membership in the region. Ideally this person is energetic, full of ideas, people smart, and able to organize events and programs effectively. If you are in the Toronto area and have an interest in cultivating the Harvard arts, entertainment, & media community in that region please email Mark Solovey at [email protected] to learn more about the position.

Industry Successes...

gamenight.jpgFAMILY GAME NIGHT premieres its new season on the HUB network SUNDAY, August 18th at 7 PM (Eastern) / 4 PM (Pacific). Harvard alum Mandel Ilagan serves as a co-executive producer for its fourth season, which features kids and their parents competing in larger-than-life versions of beloved games like Battleship, Bop-It, and Connect 4. The new season features four new games including Jenga, Barrel of Monkeys, Monopoly, and Yahtzee. The HUB airs on Channel 294 on DirecTV and 179 on Dish Network, or check your cable or satellite provider. For more information, go to:

chipkelly.jpgMark Saltveit's football book THE TAO OF CHIP KELLY (about the Philadelphia Eagle's new coach) has been a best-seller on Amazon and at select book stores including Joseph Fox in Philadelphia and the Oregon Ducks Store in Eugene, and on the website at He'll be in Boston for a book tour the week of August 5-10th, and would love to hear from anyone local (esp. authors) during his visit. And/or, catch his standup act at the AWKWARD COMPLIMENT comedy show, at the Somerville Theater, 55 Davis Square, Thursday August 8th at 8:00pm.

baron.jpgJeff Baron's first novel, I REPRESENT SEAN ROSEN, was published recently by Greenwillow/HarperCollins. A comic inside-showbiz story narrated by its 13-year-old title character, the book uses transmedia storytelling at, where the character shows the video podcasts he talks about in the book. The sequel, SEAN ROSEN IS NOT FOR SALE, will be published in early 2014. Jeff Baron just returned from Lima, where his play WHEN I WAS FIVE (Cuando Tenía Cinco Años) had its world premiere at Teatro de Lucía, and will run through early September. His play VISITING MR. GREEN will be seen in the upcoming theatre season in major productions in France, Germany, The Czech Republic, Greece, Taiwan, Croatia, Ecuador, Russia, Spain, the U.S., Canada and Russia.

dixon.jpgDani Dixon (writer/director) has begun production on a new live-action web series "13: The Interviews" based on her comic book series "13". The first of 26 webisodes begin airing in August. Visit for more info.

New Member's Welcome

Harvardwood warmly welcomes all members that joined the organization over the past month, including:

+ Katherine Agard, On-Campus, College
+ Soman Chainani, NY Chapter, College
+ Susannah Colt, LA Chapter, College
+ Ethan Glasserman, Boston Chapter, College
+ Constance Hilliard, LA Chapter, GSAS
+ Iggy Ioppe, NY Chapter, HBS
+ Pablo Jenkins, Latin America, HBS
+ Stuart Kleinman, NY Chapter, FOH*
+ Brenda Kravitz, NY Chapter, FOH*
+ Kristian Kristin, NY Chapter, HBS
+ Fan Li, Boston Chapter, HLS
+ Vivian Lien, LA Chapter, College
+ Georgiana Mirea, NY Chapter, HBS
+ Ryan Mitchell, DC Chapter, HLS
+ Sesheta Mwanza, Boston Chapter, College
+ Aditi Nerurkar, LA Chapter, HMS
+ Melissa Oppenheim, NY Chapter, College
+ Lance Oppenheim, LA Chapter, FOH*
+ Neelima Panoli, NY Chapter, GSD
+ Scott Rosenthal, NY Chapter, GSAS
+ Emily Russell, NY Chapter, GSD
+ Najeeb Tarazi, SF Chapter, College
+ Julie Marie Wood, Boston Chapter, GSE
+ Mahmoud Youssef, LA Chapter, College
+ Sarah Zhang, NYC Chapter, HBS/HKS

*FOH - Friend of Harvardwood

We know that our members ARE Harvardwood and we hope you will join us in welcoming these new members to our community. We celebrate the diverse interests and talents that create the rich fabric of our organization. In order to familiarize new members with the various programs that Harvardwood has to offer, Lano Williams '00, the Director of Membership Experience, will be hosting his next new members' orientation on Sept. 12th (location TBD and note that this event is open to all). In the meantime, feel free to send Lano ([email protected]) any questions you may have about the Harvardwood membership experience.

Member Profile: Liz Ryan '81 - Newly elected member of the Board for the Directors Guild of America

by Cristina Slatteryryan.jpg

Liz Ryan ’81 was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Directors Guild of America, and is proud to report her name sits on their website just above Steven Speilberg's! She says that she overuses the phrases, "Wow,” and "that’s really interesting,” and this curiosity and enthusiasm have propelled her to the top of her profession as an Assistant Director of TV shows and films. Her last film, GO FOR SISTERS, was shot in the deserts of Acton and Colexico, California, and Mexicali and Tijuana, Mexico and due out this fall, was directed by John Sayles. Her TV credits include NYPD BLUE, FREAKS AND GEEKS, THE OFFICE, and THE REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD. She considers herself an optimist and has meditated for years. Ryan notes that "for a woman, the greatest challenge of being a director is getting the job.” She continues, stating that, "more often than not, we have to raise the money to make a movie ourselves.” However, even if gender still may be an obstacle in Hollywood, Ryan has been overcoming obstacles since her youth and she continues to persevere to do work she loves.

When she was a child, she lied about her age and gender to work as a "paperboy” to earn money to contribute to the household. Every morning, she would help her mother get out of bed and into her wheelchair and clothes. Her mother was raising her as a single mom and had become handicapped as the result of a terrible car accident that occurred when Liz was 10. After a basic breakfast, she would take the city bus to school with a friend who later became a militant Black Muslim and now considers Liz her only white friend. As a youngster, Liz enjoyed math the most, but in high school, 19th-century French and English literature, and science labs became her preferred subjects. She played tennis as well – and, like many high school-aged girls, the opposite sex intrigued her, too. Liz’s mother, who later became a well-known spiritual healer, made an indelible impression on the young Liz. Her mother’s example allowed Liz to see that anything and everything is possible in this world and, when she matriculated at Harvard, Liz decided to become a chemist. (One of the most charismatic teachers at Hackensack High School, from which she graduated, had taught Chemistry. Therefore, most of the academically-inclined students had decided to become chemists and Liz, in fact, agonized over whether to attend MIT or Harvard. The financial aid package that Harvard offered ultimately helped her decide.) At Harvard, she found the classes that dealt with subatomic particle physics, groundbreaking science at the time, to be fascinating.

Ryan also comped The Crimson and covered hockey, wrote restaurant and music reviews, and even interviewed the Dalai Lama when he visited Harvard. She pondered her future in chemistry and, observing that the long hours ensconced in a laboratory environment required of Chemistry concentrators would interfere with her schedule of articles for The Crimson, she decided to change her concentration to Sociology. She studied "deviant group behavior,” which she says has aided her enormously in the entertainment business.

Ryan lived in Quincy House, a "jock house” at that time, and she was also elected to student government, tutored the blind, worked at the Kennedy School as a writer for the quarterly newsletter there, rowed intramural crew and enjoyed running by the Charles. She also wrote the libretto for an entry to the annual Hasty Pudding musical comedy competition. Once, when she hadn’t done the required reading for a section meeting, the Sociology TA asked her what she thought. She admitted that she hadn’t read the material, to which he said "That’s no excuse. You’ve heard the conversation. Don’t you have an opinion?” Context is everything, she recognized, and, perhaps more important, listening well is a critical skill in and of itself.

Starting as a Directors Guild of America Trainee in New York City, Ryan feels fortunate to have been able to work her way up in the business as an Assistant Director "with everyone from Peter Weir to Brian DePalma, Frank Darabont, Phil Joanou and John Sayles.” Her specialty is staging thousands of extras (BROKEDOWN PALACE, AUTOUR d' MINUIT, BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES), and she has done this kind of orchestration for over 60 productions. Directing Claire Danes and Kate Backinsale on a raft in the middle of the Pasig River in Manila for BROKEDOWN PALACE, GREEN CARD'S opening scene of a litttle drummer boy in the New York subway, Card, and the scene in THE GREEN MILE of Tom Hanks and the mouse, are scenes of which she feels proudest. A few years ago, her short film, AWSTRUCK, won several awards and she just staged a script that she and a writing partner had adapted from a novel and hopes that it will result in a full-length movie in the near future. (She is working on casting the potential film, distribution and funding, at the moment.) She looks forward to having the opportunity to direct a script of her own.

The stories that most interest Ryan are those in which there is a moral component. Stories in which a character experiences personal growth, for instance, and becomes a stronger or kinder person, are those she adores. She admires individuals who "struggle against all obstacles to create rather than destroy.” Maya Angelou, Wangari Maathai, the founder of Kenya’s Green Belt Movement which mobilized thousands of Africans to plant trees, Professor Jennifer Learning of Harvard’s School of Public Health, who is using internet charity to raise funds to achieve goals related to world health, and Katherine Bigelow, the film director, who has made movies "her way, even if she has had to go half way around the world for her funding,” are all individuals whom Ryan admires. As for directors, Billy Wilder, Elia Kazan, Francois Truffaut and David O. Russell are on her short list of those who inspire her.

Ryan’s advice to potential new entrants to "the biz” is that they never stop writing and that they recognize that "even the most successful directors work sporadically. Editors, cinematographers, assistant directors, electricians, grips, costume designers, etc., can move from project to project on a wide variety of projects.”

cristinaslattery2.jpgCristina Slattery is currently living in Barcelona, Spain where she continues to teach English to private students and writes freelance articles on a regular basis for a variety of publications.



NY - Harvardwood Presents Nigel West: ESPIONAGE 101-How the International Intelligence Community Works, Wed., Aug. 14

Everyone knows the world of spies and spying as portrayed in fiction and film. But how does the international espionage community really work? Nigel West, widely considered Britain's leading writer on true-fact spies and spycraft, will discuss the behind-the-scenes reality of espionage today. After the talk, attendees are invited to stay and mingle over dinner (credit cards will be accepted) in the Down Town Association's beautiful dining room…To view full posting, please visit:


Start with half a dozen fabulous wines from small artisanal producers using traditional winemaking methods. Add in half a dozen gorgeous cheeses from around the world. Then include a happy crowd of some of the smartest, sexiest, and friendliest people in New York - that's YOU, our amazing Harvardwood members and friends! Sounds like a spectacular summer evening in New York! ...To view full posting, please visit:

CHI - Harvardwood Chicago hosts the CISCFF's Meet the Founders & Preview Screening, Thurs., Aug. 29

Harvardwood Chicago is excited to host the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival's (CISCFF) Meet the Founders & Preview Screening event on August 29th. The CISCFF, now in its second year, will run from September 27th - 29th at the Showplace ICON Theater in Chicago. This unique festival showcases films from around the world that inspire people to create social change. Join Harvardwood Chi at the Hubbard Inn to meet CISCFF founders Emile Cambry, Jr. and Todd Belcore…To view full posting, please visit:

DC - Harvardwood DC goes to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Sat., Aug. 10

For 28 years and 1500 performances, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW ran at midnight in Harvard Square--until the theater closed a year ago. Time to break out those fishnets! Meet us at 11:30 pm on Saturday night, August 10th, in the lobby of the E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C.—together let’s enjoy the original interactive movie! Think you’ll join us? RSVP at [email protected] (You must buy your own ticket and THEY WILL SELL OUT by 11:30pm!) …To view full posting, please visit:

LA - Harvardwood Heads To...Screening and Q&A for COMPUTER CHESS, TONIGHT!! Fri., Aug. 2

Set over the course of a weekend tournament for chess software programmers thirty-some years ago, COMPUTER CHESS transports viewers to a nostalgic moment when the contest between technology and the human spirit seemed a little more up for grabs. We get to know the eccentric geniuses possessed of the vision to teach a metal box to defeat man, literally, at his own game, laying the groundwork for artificial intelligence as we know it and will come to know it in the future. "Sneakily brilliant.” – A.O. Scott, NY Times; "The funniest and headiest indie of the year." – Aaron Hillis, Village Voice "**** (A) rather brilliantly conceived study of a (fictional) computer v computer chess tournament in the early 80s. Bujalski really has pulled off something extraordinary here.” – Andrew Pulver, The Guardian …To view full posting, please visit:

LA - Exclusive Harvardwood invite to the "Future of Media & Entertainment Breakfast Series," Mon., Aug. 5

Exclusive Harvardwood invite to the "Future of Media & Entertainment Breakfast Series.” Join us for breakfast with Dana Brunetti, an Academy award nominated film producer and social networking entrepreneur. He is the president of Trigger Street Productions. Known for House of Cards, The Social Network, Captain Phillips, Fifty Shades of Grey. This intimate event is limited to 8-10 participants in media and entertainment and is open to Full Members of Harvardwood only…To view full posting, please visit:

LA - C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Grantwriting 101 for Individual Artists, Sat., Aug. 10

This 2-hour workshop will concentrate on the needs of individual artists who are looking for funding for their specific arts project. Focus will be a step-by-step guide on completing a grants application and will include a breakout session to critique your application. Time will also be made to enable participants to network, so bring your business cards. Again, this workshop is for individual artists who are working on that special project that needs additional funding for completion. Bring a pen and paper, tablet, etc and be ready to work; this is an interactive class! …To view full posting, please visit:

LA - C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to The Business of Being a Visual Artist, Wed., Aug. 14

This workshop will provide visual artists with a broad range of information on the business of being an artist. We will cover the major issues and tips relating to consignment agreements, private commission agreements, purchases, sales, loans, and leases. We will also discuss how to deal with clients and galleries who are business entities such as LLCs and corporations, what these entities are, and if you should be one. Finally, there will be an update on the California Resale Royalty Act which is currently on appeal…To view full posting, please visit:

SF - C.L.A. invites Harvardwood to Fashion Law 101, Wed., Aug. 28

Fashion Law is a rapidly emerging specialty area addressing the legal needs of the fashion industry. Indeed, there is no doubt that many in the fashion industry have a need for lawyers with actual industry experience who understand the unique issues the industry faces. This seminar, taught by Ms. Uduak, fashion industry insider and former model, and one of the few fashion lawyers in the country, starts with an introduction on what fashion law is and then delves into diverse areas of law that directly affect the industry. Ms. Uduak will discuss fashion & intellectual property law including The Fashion Copyright Bill (IDPPPA). The seminar will also give special attention to modeling agencies and models, fashion designers, fashion event production and fashion photographers. If you are in the fashion industry or regularly interact with the industry, this is one seminar you do not want to miss! …To view full posting, please visit:

BOSTON - Harvardwood Heads To...Comedy show AWKWARD COMPLIMENT feat. Mark Saltveit, Thurs., Aug. 8

Mark Saltveit's football book THE TAO OF CHIP KELLY (about the Philadelphia Eagle's new coach) has been a best-seller on Amazon and at select book stores including Joseph Fox in Philadelphia and the Oregon Ducks Store in Eugene, and on the website at He'll be in Boston for a book tour the week of August 5-10th, and would love to hear from anyone local (esp. authors) during his visit. And/or, catch his standup act at the "Awkward Compliment" comedy show, at the Somerville Theater, 55 Davis Square, Thursday August 8th at 8:00pm…To view full posting, please visit:

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