Harvardwood Writers' Competition Winners!

After working through 120 scripts and 3 rounds of judging, the RESULTS of the 2010 Harvardwood Writers' Competition are finally in!

First, a hefty congratulations to all FINALISTS – selecting winners and runners-up was difficult in every category. We were aware we had a lot of talented writers in the Harvardwood community, but were blown away by your submissions, and are immensely proud of our winning scripts.

Also, a huge thank-you to everybody who helped out as JUDGES in this competition. You’ll remain anonymous as promised, but we’re grateful that you leant us your time and expertise.

Without further ado...

Feature Screenplay Category

Winner ($350) Only Way Out by Richard Arthur
A small cadre of Marines just back from Iraq find themselves in a life or death struggle against the gangs of East LA.

Runner-up ($150) The Furies by Alex Schemmer
The story of an orphaned girl trying to fit into an elite New England boarding school where secret traditions - and possibly a disturbed ghost - dominate beneath the prestigious surface.

TV Pilot Category

Winner ($350) Mental Case by Sean Presant
A forensic psychiatrist and his team of investigators solve unusual crimes. Based on the life and work of a real New York doctor.

Runner-up ($150) Isa's Return by Leonard Chang
A serialized one-hour crime drama about Isa, a former FBI agent who returns to her home town in New Mexico, and is drawn into a drug war.

One-Act Play Category

Winner ($350) 3/5s by Alex Burger
A conversation about a dead body held by two men standing outside a gas station at sunset in Montgomery, Alabama.

Runner-up ($150) Honey, The Dog is Dead by Samuel Chalsen
After the death of their family dog, the Marshall sisters are forced to return home from college to bury their somewhat beloved pet and their problems with each other.

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