Harvardwood Seeks Volunteers Worldwide!

Harvardwood Needs YOU!

As we approach the 10-year anniversary of Harvardwood's existence, we are excited to reflect on the tremendous growth the organization has undergone over the past decade -- with over 3,000 members worldwide, we are now one of Harvard University's largest and most active alumni groups! This year alone we have seen:

* The launch of several new Chapters around the world (and tremendous growth in existing Chapters)
* The first-ever Harvard ROCKS, featuring Harvard musicians vying for feature film soundtrack consideration
* A new and improved Harvardwood Writers Program (HWP), complete with industry showcases of finished work
* The creation of the Harvardwood Actors Program (HAP) to provide services for our thespian members
* The re-launch of Harvardwood Books, with new opportunities for Harvardwood writers to be published
* …an explosion of fun and informative events around the world designed to keep you networked, informed, and in-the-know!

None of this would have been possible without the continued efforts of all of the creative and talented Harvardwood members, and your collective work continues to pay off in magnificent results.

We are now actively seeking more volunteers to help take Harvardwood to the next level! In addition to seeking help with existing Harvardwood events and programs coming up in the near future, we want to hear where YOUR talents can best complement the organization. Is there a new program you’d like to create? Or a city where you’d like Harvardwood to launch a Chapter? Or a panel you think would be of interest to other Harvard alums in the arts, media and entertainment? Or a new kind of event we haven’t even thought of yet? Let us know, the sky’s the limit!

Here are a few specific areas in which we are looking for help:
* Harvardwood Career Counselors
* Harvardwood 101 (January career exploration trip for students)
* Harvardwood Summer Internship Program
* Harvardwood Local Events Committees

To volunteer for Harvardwood please email [email protected] with the following information:

Subject line: VOLUNTEER
Message: Name, Location, Area(s) of interest (can be areas written above or new ideas you’d like to share)

When we receive your email, we’ll get you plugged in right away!

Look forward to working with all of you to take Harvardwood to the next level and beyond…

Kelley Johnson

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