Harvardwood NYC Mini Film Festival winners!

We are pleased to announce the winner and runner up of the Best Short Film award at the first-ever Harvardwood NYC Mini Film Festival, which took place on Wed., June 14th!

Wednesday Afternoon
produced by Beverley Gordon '88, Brown Bag Pictures

The Method
directed by Jason Holzman '93, Sixgun Films, LLC

The winner will receive a $100 cash prize, and both will receive a free Paid Membership to Harvardwood.

Congrats to all of the selected films and filmmakers (full program below)!

Vagabond Shoes
produced by Winnie Li '00, Ugly Duckling Films

Himalaya Heaven
directed by Lenore French, RDI '74, Mataram Productions

directed by Billy Hulkower '93

Free Flyer
directed by Jeff Hopkins, GSE '05

Dirty Love
directed by Michael Tringe '01

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