Harvardwood Creates New Event Function - "Harvardwood Heads To..."

With the launch of the new website, Harvardwood is launching a new initiative called "Harvardwood Heads To..." in order to support member events in local areas. Please visit the Event Calendar for more details and information. Events will be posted on an ongoing basis, so bookmark this page and come back frequently.

What is "Harvardwood Heads To..."?

A designated Harvardwood night (or afternoon, etc.) at local member events such as theater performances, concerts, readings, and exhibits. This program is not an official endorsement but an attempt to facilitate members getting together to support local events. Other benefits may include reduced admission costs and/or drink and food specials.

How does it work?

Paid Members can submit events for "Harvardwood Heads To..." (per the below guidelines). Pending approval, we will list the designated Harvardwood night for your event on the online Event Calendar. There is an optional feature that allows online registration. *For general event promotion, please also use the designated Member Forums and/or Group pages.*

Be sure to follow the below guidelines when submitting:

1. You must be a Paid Member of Harvardwood in order to submit "Harvardwood Heads To..." events.

2. One week advance notice is required, and you must let us know the desired date and time for the designated "Harvardwood Heads To..." function (for ongoing events and/or repeat performances, we will only designate a *single* time slot as the official "Harvardwood Heads To..." function). If there is more than one option, please include your first-choice and second-choice date and time.

3. You must designate a liaison between Harvardwood members and the event (i.e., someone on-site who is aware of the affiliation—box-office employee, gallery owner, house manager, etc.).

4. The event must be unrestricted (no required affiliations, donations or special obligations; ticket prices should be the only requirement for attendance).

5. Include all relevant details and any special incentives (ticket comps or discounts, food and drink discounts, etc.).

6. Indicate whether you would like Harvardwood to accept online reservations for the event on your behalf or whether (and how) you would like to manage your own RSVPs.

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