Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship

Mia and David Alpert Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship Original Announcement (Sept. 2021)


Harvardwood is pleased to announce the Mia and David Alpert Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship for graduating seniors or recent Harvard alumni working or seeking to work in the arts, media, and entertainment fields. The multiyear gift, generously donated by Harvardwood Co-Founder Mia Riverton Alpert ’99 and her husband, producer and media entrepreneur David Alpert ‘97, includes a $24,000 per-artist grant, awarded annually, to support one or more recent graduates from the College for one year as they pursue their artistic projects. Each Alpert Harvardwood Fellow will also be paired with a mentor in their field of interest to help guide their creative endeavors and will receive additional assistance through Harvardwood.

The Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship will be awarded annually to a different artist or artists. Grant funds can be used at the grantee’s discretion. The purpose of the funds is to provide the opportunity for an individual to choose the pursuit of artistic endeavors without consideration of financial need for the duration of the grant period. There is no restriction on the artistic field; musicians, dancers, visual artists, actors, writers, filmmakers and artists/creators in all disciplines are encouraged to apply. 

“Creating more equitable access to careers in the arts has been a lifelong passion for us and was a motivating force behind Harvardwood’s founding 22 years ago.  David and I are honored to support the next generation of emerging Harvard artists as they begin their professional journeys,” said Mia Riverton Alpert.

Harvardwood President Allison Kiessling said, "We have long known that to have a greater impact we need to invest more deeply in individual artists. This fellowship will allow Harvardwood to amplify our efforts to promote diversity, equity and the positive impact of new voices in the arts. We are incredibly grateful for the Alperts’ generosity."

The Fellowship selection committee is comprised of Harvardwood board members, other industry professionals, and Harvard University staff with expertise in various artistic disciplines.

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2022-23 Fellowship Winners

Click here for more information about the 2022-23 Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship winners.

2023-24 Eligibility

To apply, individuals must be current Harvard College seniors or have graduated from Harvard College within the past two years (i.e. class of 2021, 2022 or 2023), complete the application form, provide a resume, a work sample or portfolio, an introductory video, an artist statement (in written, audio or video format), a letter of recommendation, a creative plan with an overview of envisioned projects to be completed or substantially developed during the term of the Fellowship, and a projected budget for the term of the Fellowship. The finalist round will include a video interview. Individuals who have previously been beneficiaries of Harvardwood grants or scholarships or have participated in Harvardwood programs are eligible if they meet the other terms of eligibility.

Applications will be accepted starting on October 7, 2022 and will be due January 9, 2023 (letter of recommendation due Jan. 23, 2023), with the grant announcement in March 2023. Unless Fellowship funds need to be utilized at a particular time for project-related expenses, funds will be distributed monthly to the Alpert Harvardwood Fellows beginning in June 2023 and ending in May 2024.



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