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    HR Membership (for Companies)

    HR Membership is best suited for companies that plan to make four or more job postings to the Harvardwood Career Center per year. A one-time job posting is $30, but HR membership is only $100/year and companies can make an unlimited number of postings to the Career Center.

    Just complete the short form below to register your company as a Harvardwood HR member. You can also explore additional HR Partnership opportunities with Harvardwood.


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    Features Program

    Launched in 2005, the Harvardwood Features Program currently offers writing groups in Los Angeles, New York City, and Boston. HWP groups meet regularly to discuss and critique members' original material. In LA, speaker events are occasionally organized and open only to participating writers. View a partial list of previous HWP speakers.20150125_160639.jpg

    LOS ANGELES | 2019

    The application period for the HWP-Features program in Los Angeles opens March 25, 2019. The group will meet one to two times a month beginning in April, with the goal of getting your project to the next level, whether that's creating an outline, revising scenes, or finishing a full screenplay. Only Harvardwood Full Members are eligible to apply. The deadline to apply was April 30, 2019.

    BOSTON | 2018-19

    Apply by September 25th (must be a Harvardwood member or Friend of Harvardwood to apply and participate). The 2018-19 Writers Program program in Boston will begin in October 2018. Applications will be accepted Sept. 10-25th.


    NEW YORK | On Hiatus

    Apply by September 10 (must be a Harvardwood member or Friend of Harvardwood to apply and participate). The group will meet 10 times, starting September 14th and ending February 1, 2018. All applicants will be asked to submit a short writing sample, a bio or resume, and a paragraph stating what you'd like to work on with the group this fall / winter.


    As with all Harvardwood writing groups, there is a high expectation of preparation and writing done outside of the meetings (approx. 15-20 hours per week) as well as a strict attendance policy, so please make sure that you can commit fully before applying.  Keep in mind that dual commitments to other writing programs (like the Harvardwood TV Modules) can become very hard to maintain.  Participants are required to give constructive feedback to fellow writers in each session, so there is an expectation that you will have read applicable work prior to each meeting.  


    Prerequisites: Full member of Harvardwood*
    Program fee: $100 ($120 for NYC participants)

    Each writer should expect to: pitch his or her story to the group; finalize a thorough outline from beginning to end; and turn in pages in predetermined blocks (by act, sequence, or scene, etc). Like previous years, the group will strive for a "writers room" format, and will aim to give focused attention to the projects of 2-3 members every week, thereby staggering group submissions and allowing for better productivity and pacing.

    *Friends of Harvardwood are eligible to participate in NYC and Boston.


    • All participants must be Harvardwood Full Members (Friends of Harvardwood eligible for Boston & NY groups only).
    • All participants must meet the application requirements outlined below.
    • All participants must submit the program fee before the first meeting.


    Click the links above to access the applications for New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles.


    Previous iterations of the HWP-Features group have attracted widespread interest, especially in Los Angeles. Ideally, the HWP-Features program would like to accommodate an additional group, focused more on initial development and starting the writing process. If such a group might feel more appropriate to your needs and availability, or if you would be willing to lead and/or host such a group, please be sure to voice this interest to Harvardwood by emailing HWP-Features.

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    Washington, DC

    Harvardwood DC is waiting for you, so join us!

    If you’re a writer (or aspiring writer):

    • Monthly Black List Happy Hour
    • Harvardwood Writers Program
    • DC Harvard Club-Harvardwood Writers’ Happy Hour
    • Harvardwood Heads to the annual Washington Writers Conference (meet agents and authors)**

    If you’re a film buff:

    • Best of DC Shorts
    • Cult film screenings
    • Film outings

    If you love live theater/comedy:

    • DC Comedy Festival
    • DC Fringe Festival
    • Local & regional theater outings
    • Broadway show & reception in support of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

    But wait, there's more:

    • Happy hours & dinners
    • Joint activities with local arts and Harvard alumni groups
    • ______________ (reserved for your suggestions!)

    Find out about local events on Twitter with #HarvardwoodDC!

    Past events:

    • Harvardwood Heads To ... THE CAMPSITE RULE
    • Harvardwood Heads To ... DC Shorts LAUGHS!
    • Harvardwood Heads To ... Books Alive! Conference
    • Harvardwood Heads To ... BLOCKBUSTERS by HBS Professor Anita Elberse
    • A Conversation with Diane Paulus, Artistic Director of the A.R.T.

    Contact Chapter Head Dayna Wilkinson for more info about Harvardwood DC. If you'd like to volunteer for Harvardwood DC, let us know (indicate "DC Chapter" in the Comments section).

    **Sponsored by the Washington Independent Review of Books

    Browse the DC Chapter Directory

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