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    Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship

    Mia and David Alpert Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship

    Harvardwood is pleased to announce the Mia and David Alpert Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship for graduating seniors or recent Harvard alumni working or seeking to work in the arts, media, and entertainment fields. The multiyear gift, generously donated by Harvardwood Co-Founder Mia Riverton Alpert ’99 and her husband, producer and media entrepreneur David Alpert ‘97, includes a $24,000 grant, awarded annually, to support one recent graduate from the College for one year as they pursue their artistic projects. Each Alpert Harvardwood Fellow will also be paired with a mentor in their field of interest to help guide their creative endeavors and will receive additional assistance through Harvardwood.

    The Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship will be awarded annually to a different artist. Grant funds can be used at the grantee’s discretion. The purpose of the funds is to provide the opportunity for an individual to choose the pursuit of artistic endeavors without consideration of financial need for the duration of the grant period. There is no restriction on the artistic field; musicians, dancers, visual artists, actors, writers, filmmakers and artists/creators in all disciplines are encouraged to apply. 

    “Creating more equitable access to careers in the arts has been a lifelong passion for us and was a motivating force behind Harvardwood’s founding 22 years ago.  David and I are honored to support the next generation of emerging Harvard artists as they begin their professional journeys,” said Mia Riverton Alpert.

    Harvardwood President Allison Kiessling said, "We have long known that to have a greater impact we need to invest more deeply in individual artists. This fellowship will allow Harvardwood to amplify our efforts to promote diversity, equity and the positive impact of new voices in the arts. We are incredibly grateful for the Alperts’ generosity."

    2022-23 Fellowship Winners

    Click here for more information about the 2022-23 Harvardwood Artist Launch Fellowship winners.

    2023-24 Eligibility

    To apply, individuals must be current Harvard College seniors or have graduated from Harvard College within the past two years (i.e. class of 2021, 2022 or 2023), complete the application form, provide a resume, a work sample or portfolio, an introductory video, an artist statement (in written, audio or video format), a letter of recommendation, a creative plan with an overview of envisioned projects to be completed or substantially developed during the term of the Fellowship, and a projected budget for the term of the Fellowship. The finalist round will include a video interview. Individuals who have previously been beneficiaries of Harvardwood grants or scholarships or have participated in Harvardwood programs are eligible if they meet the other terms of eligibility.

    Applications will be accepted starting in October 2022 and will be due in January 2023, with the grant announcement in March 2023. Specific dates and deadlines will be announced soon. Funds will be distributed monthly to the Alpert Harvardwood Fellows beginning in June 2023 and ending in May 2024. 

    Harvardwood will host informational sessions to answer any questions about the application process. Dates and times TBD.


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    August 2021 | Zadoc Angell AB '03

     Zadoc Angell AB '03 began his career as a TV Literary Agent at Paradigm, where he worked for seven years. Transitioning to Literary Management in 2010, Zadoc joined forces with manager Dave Brown and grew a team of literary managers which they brought with them to Echo Lake in 2013. You can read about his new Co-President position here.

    - - - -

    written by Brandon Boies

    If I proclaimed that growing up on a 400-acre dairy farm could lead to an exciting and successful career as a television literary manager, there might be a few objections. Not from Zadoc Angell. I had the pleasure of talking with Zadoc, who was recently named Co-President of Echo Lake Entertainment’s Management Division, to discuss his life story, passions, and overall career as a TV literary manager. He was very personable, extremely motivated, and – as you may have guessed – grew up on a dairy farm in rural New York. 

    That’s where we began our conversation. After all, it seemed a bit unexpected to start in a small-town setting and eventually take a career path that would adventure toward the glamorous lights in Los Angeles. Even Zadoc understood the unlikelihood of his own journey. “Few people ever got away,” he said. However, he always felt in tune with his creative side. “I always loved television and storytelling. I was just exploring all of these interests in a place that wasn’t very accommodating.” 

    The answer to his problem? Applying to and attending Harvard, where he would study VES (Visual and Environmental Studies) with a focus on film. He reflected on his time there and how he enjoyed the city. More notably, he discussed how his upbringing paired nicely with the challenges he faced being in such a new place with the pressure Harvard creates. “I had this insane farmer work ethic. You have to have a really strong work ethic. And in my case, today, that means to keep fighting for my clients.” 

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    Exclusive Q&A With Eric J. Cheng AB '20

    Eric J. Cheng AB’ 20 is a Chinese American actor, writer, and producer based in LA. He recently was a part of the 24 Hour Plays: Nationals and acted in AFI thesis Cure. At Harvard, was a cast member of The Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

    Q. When did you know you were a storyteller? What experiences in Michigan made you know you wanted to act?

    I remember growing up and performing with kids in the family friend group—five girls who all danced and sang. I vividly recall performing in front of all the Chinese families every New Years and having the time of my life. It wasn’t until I approached high school though that I got to really act. When I was in eighth grade, I saw a production of The Drowsy Chaperone at my local high school, and I immediately fell in love. I promised myself that I would try to be a part of the troupe, so when I started freshman year, I took a leap of faith and auditioned. If I remember correctly, I got cast in a tiny role in the play Harvey but later got promoted to a slightly bigger role when the boy originally cast dropped out (or got kicked out— I can’t remember). After that, I kept at it, and with every production I fell in love even more.

    Q. What has it been like transitioning from Harvard to LA, even part-time, as a recent grad? Can you talk about the journey to LA and what you've seen thus far in our increasingly remote (and changing) industry?

    It’s been a crazy ride with ups and downs; I’m very thankful for it. My move to LA feels like it’s been a long time coming. I came to LA for the first time during the summer of 2019 to pursue an internship at MTV. I aimed to know once and for all if I really wanted to pursue this path after graduating. The summer served its function; I had gotten a taste of LA and the industry, and I left the city with the awareness that that I wanted to be a creative as an actor and writer.

    Outside of coming to LA for few weeks or months at a time before going back home as the pandemic worsened, I’ve attempted pursuing an acting and writing career remotely— writing at home, taking Zoom classes, doing virtual performances— for the past year. Now that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic (fingers crossed) , I feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment being here. I’m finally able to shoot the project I’m working on and collaborate with other creatives.

    I have a lot of hope for the industry with regards to representation. This past year has demonstrated that we need stories that reflect the state of our world. As someone who creates projects from the Asian and LGBTQ+ perspective, I feel a sense of excitement. Though I still get discouraged at times, I think that the change that we are seeing will only continue. In a way, I think that the shift towards more virtual processes has actually been conducive to this. There are new ways to tell stories and get one’s voice out that didn’t previously exist, and the need for content to be high-budget has dissipated. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of this (and one singular piece of advice that I’ve universally received), it’s that creating one’s own work and opportunity leads to positive outcomes. And in a time when people are looking for authentic, diverse, and new stories, I like to think that holds true now more than ever.

    Q. For a young actor/writer/producer, how do you balance your days? What do they look like?

    Often I still don’t know! I think I am still and will continue to be striking a balance; I feel like my day-to-day always changes. Usually though, my day starts after I knock out some tasks for my part time jobs. I try to prioritize writing at least four times a week, though in reality my inability to counteract distraction sometimes makes this an unmet goal. Other than that, I spend my days taking acting and improv classes at The Groundlings (which I’ve loved), filming tapes/doing auditions, trying to meet new people and collaborators, and producing the project that I’m currently working on.

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    HSIP Events

    Harvardwood is excited to offer educational entertainment company events for members who are interning in the arts and entertainment industries this summer, two of which will be open to all Harvard alumni!

    Dates and speakers open to all Harvard alumni include:

    July 13Jamie Dávila - Campanario- A Los Angeles-based television and digital content production company approaching things from a distinct Latinx perspective.

    To register for Jamie Dávila/Campasario, go HERE.

    August 3 - Gene Pao, SVP Digital Enterprises at Shout! Factory - Capitalizing on both traditional and emerging digital platforms, Shout! Factory is a media company devoted to producing, uncovering, preserving and revitalizing the very best of pop culture.

    To register for Gene Pao/Shout! Factory, go HERE

    All events will begin at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time. 

    If you are interning this summer, fill out our form and you will be invited for free! Events are free for Harvardwood members and summer interns and $5.00 for non-members. 

    Please email [email protected] if you are interested in attending, and look for a registration page in the coming days!


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    July 2021 | Mynette Louie AB '97

    What do the films Swallow, The Tale, Children of Invention, The Invitation and the upcoming I Carry You with Me have in common? They are all independent films. They are all lauded by critics. And they are all produced by Mynette Louie AB ’97, who has already made an indelible mark on the world of independent cinema in a remarkably short amount of time.

    But it was never certain that Mynette would end up in the world of film, a point we returned to numerous times throughout our conversation. Born to working-class parents who immigrated from China and Hong Kong, Mynette didn’t have the opportunity to form industry connections until years after she graduated college. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t interested, however. In her characteristically peppy and charming manner, Mynette informed me, “I’ve been consuming films like crazy since I was a little kid.” She also attended Hunter College High School, which has produced the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Robert Lopez. “So I’d been around that world, but I never thought it was a practical path,” she told me. “And it still isn’t, it’s a very impractical path. So, I decided to just do well in school and go to Harvard.”

    At Harvard, Mynette concentrated in East Asian Studies but focused on Chinese literature and film, never relinquishing cinema from her life. “Leo Ou-fan Lee was one of my professors,” she said, “and he introduced me to a lot of film theory and cultural theory and feminist theory… a lot of my papers [took] a socio-political view of films.” Mynette said that taking East Asian Studies and, more specifically, classes like Lee’s that dealt with fifth generation Chinese films, “was a great education in Chinese sensibilities… and indirectly influenced how I approach story and the kinds of notes that I give.” It also instilled her with a need to make films that, while not overtly political, have something to say about the world around her. When we discussed her filmography, Mynette explained, “I Carry You with Me is about these two gay undocumented immigrants living in New York… The Tale was about child sexual abuse and dealing with trauma… [and] Swallow was about a woman feeling stifled by the patriarchy.” She paused for a moment. “They aim to be entertaining, you know, first and foremost, and compelling… [but] there is something that I want to say with my movies.”

    These films would come years after she graduated from Harvard. “After graduating from Harvard with debt,” she laughed, “I was like, gotta find a job to pay [it] off!” She wound up working in marketing at Time Magazine and later in business development at SportsIllustrated.com. “I didn’t love the jobs that I had right after college,” Mynette said, “But I thought it was a great general media business education that has served me well as a producer.” Our conversation was full of answers like these, because Mynette is someone who chooses not to focus on what a situation takes away from her, and instead on what she gained and how she can apply it to building herself and her career.

    It was right after 9/11 that Mynette’s life took a dramatic turn. “A bunch of my colleagues [at SportsIllustrated.com] had been laid off and, you know, I was hoping to get laid off and get a severance package and that didn’t happen,” she told me, chuckling. “They [said], if you want to leave you have to quit.” I could almost hear her shrug over the phone. “So I actually did quit my job… and decided to figure out how to get into this film industry once and for all.”

    Her decision was courageous, especially considering she still didn’t have any connections in the film industry. Her networking began when she answered an ad with a post.harvard.edu address. It belonged to a Harvard alumnus working on a PA-starved NYU graduate student film. Mynette worked as a PA on the short film for three days, her first hands-on foray into the film industry. She would go on to produce two more NYU graduate student films. “I feel like I got a free NYU film school education, just by producing these short films,” Mynette told me, laughing. “Then I moved on to co-producing my first feature, Mutual Appreciation.” 

    Four years after Mutual Appreciation, Mynette got her first self-described big break when she produced the film Children of Invention, an even more impressive feat considering she was still learning on the job. “As lead producer, I didn’t have a lawyer,” she explained. “Our film was so small, it had a $150,000 budget… I basically had to read a bunch of books on film law, and [make] a bunch of my own contracts, and it was a very DIY effort.” The film got into Sundance and, according to Mynette, “just blew the doors wide open… I was able to build my network from there and continue to produce feature films.”

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    Media Internship - LA

    Company: Ipsos North America
    Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Start Date: IMMEDIATELY
    Type of Position: Paid Internship
    Minimum Education Level: N/A
    Minimum Years of Experience: N/A

    Job Description: Immediate opening for paid Internship, reporting to SVP, Media  Development and Head of Revenue Activation at Ipsos North America.

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    Designer - Stamford, CT

    Company: NBC Sports
    Location: Stamford, CT
    Start Date:
    Type of Position: Full-Time
    Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's
    Minimum Years of Experience: 5 years

    Job Description: 

    • Responsible for the design and production of animated elements for network graphics including packaging and insert graphics
    • Effectively communicate concepts and ideas to the Art Director and design team
    • Understand and translate network’s brand strategy into quality design
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  • Angela Chao Gift Announcement

    Harvardwood is pleased to announce that it has received a $5,000 donation from Angela Chao (AB 1995, MBA 2001), Chair and CEO of Foremost Group and Co-Chair of The Asian American Foundation Advisory Council, to support Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) artists. The donation will support Harvardwood members who self-identify as AAPI and their work, artistic efforts and desire to share their lived experience as a member of the AAPI community. 

    The duration of the gift will span one year of Harvardwood programming and provide a financial stipend to both a Summer Internship student participant and 101 Boot Camp student participant, a Heroes grant, prize awards for the 2022 Harvardwood Writers Competition, and free participation for both the fall and spring modules of the Jeff Sagansky TV Writers Program and the Features Writers Program.  All Harvardwood members who identify as Asian American or Pacific Islander will be welcome to apply, and Harvardwood will announce opportunities for each program. 

    Harvardwood is committed to spotlighting and promoting diverse voices, as a core aspect of our mission is providing creative and professional growth opportunities to artists who have been traditionally under-represented in the arts and entertainment fields. This gift enables AAPI students and alumni to gain opportunities to explore a creative field regardless of financial support.

     “We are thrilled and honored to partner with Angela Chao on an initiative to uplift AAPI artists and stories,” said Harvardwood Co-Founder Mia Riverton Alpert. “During this challenging time for our world at large, and the AAPI community in particular, we continue to believe in the power of the arts to foster empathy and understanding by telling stories that highlight the common humanity we all share.”

    Justin White, Harvardwood’s Director, shared; “We look forward to working with Ms. Chao as we implement this incredibly generous gift over the next few months, and we are excited about this new chapter for Harvardwood.”

    Angela Chao commented, “It’s always an honor for me to be able to support Asian-American and Pacific Islander students and graduates as they express their voices and tell their stories through art. Especially during these times where issues facing Asian-American and Pacific Islanders are at the forefront of public attention, I’m looking forward to seeing the artists’ work and highlighting our community’s stories and experiences.”

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    Fall 2021 Music Intern - Remote

    Company: WarnerMedia
    Location: Remote / Burbank, CA
    Start Date:
    Type of Position: Internship
    Minimum Education Level: 
    Minimum Years of Experience: 

    Job Description: WarnerMedia seeks a Fall Music Intern for the Warner Bros. Pictures Music department.

    The Fall Music Intern will work alongside the Music Team of WB Pictures Music, New Line Cinema Music and WaterTower Music providing assistance in various aspects. They will collaborate with the Music Creative team on feature projects that are currently in development, production and post, as well as some of our soundtrack releases for those titles.

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  • Coordinator, Worldwide Creative Content - LA

    Company: Paramount Pictures
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Start Date:
    Type of Position: Full-Time
    Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's
    Minimum Years of Experience: 1 year

    Job Description: Do you love all things movies and entertainment? We are Paramount's Marketing in-house production and creative division responsible for storytelling beyond the film itself! From greenlight to release, we work the entire life cycle of a film, capturing behind the scene's content on set, executing special shoots with talent during post and working on branded content with partners among many other tasks!

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  • Executive Assistant to President - NY

    Company: CBS News
    Location: New York, NY
    Start Date:
    Type of Position: Full-Time
    Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's
    Minimum Years of Experience: 2 years

    Job Description: CBS News is seeking an Executive Assistant to support the President and Co-head of CBS News and the CBS Television Stations.

    • Provide executive-level administrative support including meeting and travel planning, managing of expense reports, scheduling, phone/mail, supplies, filing, and other business-related duties.
    • Schedule and arrange meetings and conference calls with internal and external parties at a fast and constantly changing pace.
    • Handle heavy telephone contact with all levels of internal and external executive management and employees.
    • Screen telephone calls, visitors, and letters. Answer routine questions and furnish information.
    • Keep executive abreast of trends and new developments in the news space by reading industry publications, monitoring social media, and tracking competitor’s initiatives.
    • Providing good judgment in monitoring and prioritizing information flow and meetings throughout the day
    • Utilize judgment in handling inquiries from vendors, candidates, employees, and resolve concerns/issues, as necessary.
    • Handle confidential information with absolute discretion.
    • Plan staff and other team events including staff meetings, senior team meetings, and off-sites when necessary. This includes managing all aspects including vendor selection, catering, audiovisual, and other logistics.
    • Assist with short and long-term projects, research, and presentations.

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    Rotating Assistant (Music) - Nashville

    Company: WME / Endeavor
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Start Date:
    Type of Position: Full-Time
    Minimum Education Level: 
    Minimum Years of Experience: 

    Job Description: Floating Assistants service the company across all departments, primarily within the Music department. They complete ad-hoc projects and temporarily cover desks while assistants are away. The position also entails assisting with a variety of daily administrative office tasks. Floating Assistants will be eligible to apply for assistant desks after training is completed.

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  • published Assistant to Talent Manager - LA in Job Listings 2021-05-20 20:31:35 -0700

    Assistant to Talent Manager - LA

    Company: Beverly Hills Talent Management Company
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Start Date:
    Type of Position: Full-Time
    Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's
    Minimum Years of Experience: 1 year

    Job Description: Beverly Hills Talent Management Company seeks a sharp, ambitious, and dynamic assistant to talent manager who represents on-screen talent. Ideal candidates should have superior organizational and communication skills, be detail oriented, resourceful, have the ability to multi-task and shift priorities. Assistant  will manage a busy desk where duties range from office tasks to interacting with A-list clients. Must have a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude. Candidates must have 1-2 years previous experience at a mainstream management company or talent agency. Must know the players in town and the basics of the talent landscape. Bachelor’s degree required. 

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  • published Production Assistant - SF in Job Listings 2021-05-20 20:19:23 -0700

    Production Assistant - SF

    Company: NBC Sports Bay Area
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Start Date:
    Type of Position: Full-Time
    Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's
    Minimum Years of Experience: 1 year

    Job Description: 

    • Graphics Producer: Produce, Create, Research & Generate Graphics for Pre/Post Shows & any other scheduled Linear programs.
    • Work closely with Producers & Show Pilots/Directors on Graphic Ideas/Style/Layout & implementing graphics/video in Studio Monitors.
    • Generate Segment/Breakdown/Story Ideas for Pre/Post Game Shows
    • Work as a Fill-In Associate Producer:  Perform all the duties of an Associate Producer when needed including creating & generating story/segment/breakdown ideas, using our Libero segment breakdown program, editing & writing highlights, contributing to social media coverage & field producing. 
    • Stage Manager: Work on-site at games helping the talent & producer on Game Day.
    • Log Content:  Logging any content including games, game melts, interviews or any other content.
    • Communicate and collaborate across Production, Creative, Editorial & Digital Departments
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  • 2021 Winners of the Harvardwood Writers Competition & Most Staffable TV Writers

    Harvardwood has announced its Writers Competition winners and Most Staffable TV Writers List. Several categories are led by writers from underrepresented groups. The winners are chosen via a blind judging process, and Harvardwood’s writers programs and competition have always had a far more diverse population than any WGA statistics on TV writers’ rooms or feature projects. 

    “Harvardwood has strived to support new voices in the industry, and we are proud to see those efforts reflected in our competition winners,” says President Allison Kiessling.

    Please see the Deadline announcement here.

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  • Fall 2021 Creative Development Internship - Remote

    Company: Warner Brothers
    Location: Remote 
    Start Date: September 20, 2021
    Type of Position: Internship, Part-Time
    Minimum Education Level: Students must be currently enrolled in a college degree program for full duration of the internship.
    Minimum Years of Experience: 

    Job Description: Our internship program is designed to provide an opportunity to gain knowledge of and exposure to a working studio environment. The Company makes a special effort to provide the support and training needed to prepare interns to succeed in real-time projects and assignments. 

    • We are seeking interns who would be able to bring their knowledge of film/television and pop culture, and organizational and administrative skills to our teams involved with Film/TV development. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing a career within development, production, creative affairs, or other related fields. Interns will gain insight and knowledge of the industry by way of practical work experience, such as script coverage, reviewing dailies, creating and maintaining lists of available actors, writers, and directors, and other various projects to gain exposure to all facets of the business.
    • We have multiple internship opportunities available within Creative Development. By applying to this posting, you will be considered for all internship opportunities within this area. If you are selected for further consideration, a recruiter will reach out to you, and he or she is happy to provide more detail on the specific roles at that time. Please note that our applications are filled on a rolling basis, and you may view your current application status by logging into your application profile.


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