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By making a tax-deductible donation to Harvardwood, you'll help ensure that the great things happening here will continue to grow.

Harvardwood's fundraising efforts are crucial, as demand increases for membership services, programming, broader community service, and the staff needed to support these initiatives. Our long-term goals are to be a leader in utilizing the arts, entertainment, and media as powerful forces for social change and to create a home for Harvardwood that will host events, administrative offices, rehearsals, student intern housing, and more.

Please join us in making this vision a reality! Please complete the form below to make a donation to the general Harvardwood Fund.

To make a donation to the Harvardwood Writers Program Fund, click here.
To make a donation to the Harvardwood 101 Fund, click here.
To make a donation to the Harvardwood Heroes Fund, click here.


As a Harvardwood donor, you will receive special recognition on our website, in addition to recognition at selected events and programs throughout the year. You will also receive invitations to periodic exclusive VIP Harvardwood events throughout the year.

Donor levels are determined cumulatively, e.g., if you donate $250 to the General Fund and $250 to the Harvardwood Heroes Fund, you would be considered a Bronze Donor.

If you do not wish to be named on our website, please email us and let us know!


$100 - Friends
$250 - Crimson Donors
$500 - Bronze Donors
$1,000 - Silver Donors
$2,500 - Gold Donors
$5,000 and above - Platinum Donors


Contributions are tax deductible.
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