Harvardwood Suggests... Getting Unstuck - How to Navigate Change

February 06, 2023 at 11:00am - 1pm

11 am–1 pm PT / 1–3 pm CT / 2–4 pm ET

PREREQUISITE: Completion of The Career Center Orientation | Weekly on Mondays & Wednesdays and a 15-minute phone consultation with a career counselor 

This workshop is highly interactive and includes activities and discussion. For the best learning experience, we strongly recommend signing into the workshop from a laptop or desktop computer. 

Performing arts and entertainment professionals often experience a myriad of transitions in their careers. This can lead to stress, burn-out and/or feelings of being stuck.  

This three-week career support group is specifically designed to help performing arts and entertainment professionals: 
•    Identify THOUGHTS that can help you move forward in your career 
•    Develop ACTIONABLE STEPS to get unstuck in your career  
•    Process FEELINGS related to career change  
All participants are required to introduce themselves to the group but can share as little or as much as preferred.  

This group is limited in size. Thus, registration is limited.  

Please note that this is not a psychotherapy group and does not provide mental health treatment. If you are seeking mental health services, please visit entertainmentcommunity.org/MentalHealth to learn more and be connected to a social worker.


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