Features Program


Strengthen your TV pilot and feature film writing skills in the Boston Harvardwood Writers Program! This group meets Tuesdays at 7:30 pm, twice per month (October to May) on Zoom to workshop scripts by participants. Priority will be given to Boston writers; there may be opportunities for in-person gatherings as the program progresses.

The workshops will begin on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Applications are due by October 3 and can be submitted using this form.

Once accepted, the program fee is $80 for the year; Harvard students on financial aid should contact [email protected] for a discounted fee.


New! Starting fall of 2022 in New York. Apply here!

The Fall 2022 module will focus on Feature Screenwriting, and the Spring 2023 module will feature Television Writing. Members of all experience levels are encouraged to apply.

While the goal is to launch in-person groups, we understand that due to COVID some members may be unwilling or unable to meet in person. We’ll be exploring hybrid formats and hope to accommodate everyone who seeks to strengthen the film and television Harvard community in New York. Please fill out our Application to indicate interest in in-person or hybrid. Costs to members will be $50.


The group will meet via Zoom 1-2 times a month with the goal of advancing participants' projects from idea, to outline, to finished, feature-length screenplay. This year, all Harvardwood members are eligible, regardless of location. APPLY HERE. Questions, please email HWP-Features.



As with all Harvardwood writing groups, there is a high expectation of preparation and writing done outside of the meetings (approx. 15-20 hours per week) as well as a strict attendance policy, so please make sure that you can commit fully before applying.  Keep in mind that dual commitments to other writing programs (like the Harvardwood TV Modules) can become very hard to maintain.  Participants are required to give constructive feedback to fellow writers in each session, so there is an expectation that you will have read applicable work prior to each meeting.  


Prerequisites: Full member of Harvardwood*

Each writer should expect to: pitch his or her story to the group; finalize a thorough outline from beginning to end; and turn in pages in predetermined blocks (by act, sequence, or scene, etc). Like previous years, the group will strive for a "writers room" format, and will aim to give focused attention to the projects of 2-3 members every week, thereby staggering group submissions and allowing for better productivity and pacing.

*Friends of Harvardwood are eligible to participate in NYC and Boston.


  • All participants must be Harvardwood Full Members
  • All participants must submit the program fee before the first meeting


Previous iterations of the HWP-Features group have attracted widespread interest, especially in Los Angeles. Ideally, the HWP-Features program would like to accommodate an additional group, focused more on initial development and starting the writing process. If such a group might feel more appropriate to your needs and availability, or if you would be willing to lead and/or host such a group, please be sure to voice this interest to Harvardwood by emailing HWP-Features.



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