NY & Boston writers, join the Fall 2015 Harvardwood Writers Group by Sept. 9th!

Launched in 2005, the Harvardwood Writers Program (HWP) offers ongoing workshops for film and television writers in LA, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and more. HWP groups meet regularly to discuss and critique original material and to hear from experienced guest speakers in different fields (see here for a list of previous speakers).

The deadline to join the HWP - TV Modules in Los Angeles in August 31, 2015.

However, Boston screenwriters and NYC TV writers have until September 9, 2015 to join the HWP in those cities!

SCREENWRITERS IN BOSTON: Join the Harvardwood Boston chapter screenwriters' group by September 9th

This chapter has also fostered the formation of a supportive and committed community of writers in Boston. The Harvardwood Writers Program screenwriting group provides an environment for writers to try out ideas in a safe space and receive the encouragement to get started on a project—or to finally finish one. *Writers of all levels of experience have shown improvement in the quality of their work as a result of their participation. Notably, one writer used his experience in the group to cut down and polish a script that went on to earn him representation and the interest of a major director. It is currently in production.

TV WRITERS IN NYC: Join the HWP - TV Module by September 9th!

The Harvardwood Writers Program — TV Modules use peer review, guest speakers and workshops to foster a motivating and supportive environment for each participant’s writing. Full Member participants of the HWP — TV Modules may be considered for the annual Harvardwood Most Staffable TV Writers List.

There is a high expectation of preparation and writing done outside of the meetings (approx. 15-20 hours per week). Each module will have approximately eight participants, and will meet for approximately eleven sessions over a fourteen-week period beginning tentatively in early October 2015. The program has a strict attendance policy, so please make sure that you can fully commit before applying. Participants are required to give constructive feedback to fellow writers in each session, so there is an expectation that you will have read applicable work prior to the meeting. The modules are successful because of this peer review, and you should expect a "writers room" format for your group.

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