Enter the 2015 Harvardwood Karaoke Contest!

Harvardwood Karaoke is a summer online contest that features Harvard students and alumni singing along to a song of their choosing.

Contestants record their Karaoke rendition and submit it via a YouTube link to the Harvardwood Music Committee, which selects the finalists who are showcased on this page. The winner is determined by an online vote.

Contest rules are as follows:

  • Any song is permissible as long as it is a Karaoke rendition.
  • No original music will be accepted.
  • No accompanying live instruments are permitted. Vocals only.
  • There is no entrance fee for Harvardwood Full Members.
  • Non-members can enter the competition for $5.
  • Group collaboration is allowed (e.g., multiple singers on the same track).
  • All submissions must be in YouTube format.
  • Contests must submit a YouTube link of their performance by August 31st.


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