Harvardwood Suggests... Pitch & Present Like a Pro: How to Have the World Say YES! to You & Your Ideas

February 01, 2020 at 9:00am - 1pm
1450 2nd St
Santa Monica, CA 90401
United States
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Ali Binazir ·

Hey there, writers, producers, actors, agents, entrepreneurs, teachers, lawyers, creatives, executives, students, managers, and dreamers! Let's say you're about to

• Pitch your TV show or movie.
• Ask for a raise.
• Pitch your world-changing idea to raise money for your startup.
• Argue your case in a court of law.
• Defend your dissertation.
• Make a major presentation in front of a big-name corporate client.
• Get on stage at a big conference. 
• Run for public office.

Do you want to have jitters about this? Not know what to do? Lose the raise? Get passed over for the promotion? Mess up your thesis defense? Botch the presenation or pitch?

No? You don't want to suck at this sort of mission-critical thing? Of course you don't! 


What would it feel like to know exactly how to pitch your ideas such that they have maximum impact? What would it feel like to do it without jitters or nervousness? What would it feel like to turn your public speaking ability from a weakness, to a strength, to your personal secret SUPERPOWER? What would it feel like to know you have the tools to WIN?

We can help you do that.

In this 4-hour workshop-style masterclass, you will learn how to present your ideas in a way that your life will become an avalanche of YES coming at you from all directions. This is a master class on real-world infuence and persuasive power by two seasoned professionals.

Your instructor for the first half is Brant Pinvidic - Hollywood producer, pitch master, and author of the new book The 3 Minute Rule: Say Less to Get More from Any Pitch or Presentation (Amazon rating: 5.0/5.0 stars!). He has sold more than three hundred TV shows and movies, runs a TV network, and helmed one of the largest production companies in the world with smash hits like The Biggest Loser and Bar Rescue. In his nearly twenty years of experience, he’s developed a simple, straightforward system that’s helped hundreds—from Fortune 100 CEOs to PTA presidents—use top-level Hollywood storytelling techniques to simplify their messages and say less to get more.

The Marketing Book Podcast: The 3-Minute Rule by Brant ...

With Pinvidic’s ingenious 3-Minute Rule Method, anyone can deliver a great pitch, for any idea, in any situation, so your audience not only remembers your message but can pass it on to their friends and colleagues. With his accessible and humorous style, Brant will show us how the method works in a wide range of situations—from presenting investment opportunities in a biotech startup to pitching sponsorship deals for major sports stadiums. He will equip you with an easy, foolproof method to boil down any idea to its essential elements and structure it for maximum impact!

Your second instructor is three-time TEDx speaker, public speaking coach, behavioral change specialist, and self-help author Ali Binazir, M.D., M.Phil. A graduate of Harvard, Cambridge and UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dr Ali has been helping clients radically change their behavior and dissolve personal barriers for over 20 years. He's the creator of the top-rated online course Super Charisma: How to Be a Transformative Speaker and author of The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman's Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible, the #1-rated dating book on Amazon for 5 years, which has helped tens of thousands of women create more fulfilling love lives.

Dr Ali will share with you the Super Charisma framework for world-class public speaking. He will show you how to use your body, voice and words to convey the essential qualities of competence, caring and presence so you can move your audience -- and change the world with your ideas. 

NOTE: This is the an extremely rare occasion where BOTH Brant and Ali are in town together in LA. They both charge hundreds per hour for coaching, so it's a damn fine deal to get 4 hours of both of them for a mere 100 beans

ONE MORE NOTE: This is a highly interactive workshop. To demonstrate the concepts live, during the talk Dr Ali will live-coach 3 volunteers from the audience. If you would like to be coached, have ready a 1min presentation on a topic of your choice.

HELL, WHY NOT, YET ONE MORE NOTE: Reasonably-priced, plentiful parking is available across the street in Santa Monica Parking Structure #6. Remember that it's right turns only into the lot, so approach it from Broadway 'cause you can't make a left coming from Santa Monica Blvd.  

9:00am: Doors open
9.15am: Brant Pinvidic, The 3-Minute Rule
11am: 15min intermission
11.15am: Dr Ali Binazir, Super Charisma
1pm: End of workshop and start of your imminent greatness

$97.00 USD · Purchase tickets
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