Harvardwood is a nonprofit organization for members of the Harvard University community who believe in the power and purpose of the arts, media and entertainment. By providing professional resources and service opportunities, Harvardwood strives to utilize the creativity and leadership of our diverse members as forces for positive social change.

We're seeking YOUR help to support Harvardwood's community service projects through the second annual HARVARDWOOD HEROES program!

The Harvardwood Heroes grants program gives financial support to members who demonstrate an exemplary level of dedication to supporting their local communities.

In 2013, we raised enough money to support four grant recipients, and our goal now is to beat last year’s total grant disbursements—but we can only do so with your assistance. Each grant is $500, and we hope that you'll donate to the Harvardwood Heroes Fund to recognize the service of these remarkable individuals.

Please click HERE to donate! You can indicate in the "Donor Comments" section of the form that you'd like the funds allocated to the Harvardwood Heroes program. Although each grant is $500, we welcome ANY amount that you can give, and we thank you for your generosity!

Harvardwood is a 501(c)(3) and your donation will be an entirely tax-deductible charitable contribution.

Last year, Harvardwood Heroes grant recipients demonstrated a distinguished level of service to their organizations of choice, including the Inside Out Community Arts, Westside Writing Project, and the Committee for Arts & Humanities at Harvard Medical School.

This year, we're excited to showcase Harvardwood members who make a different through other worthy nonprofits and community service projects.

Thanks again! If you have any questions about Harvardwood Heroes or your donation, please contact Dona Le.

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