Deadline extended for submissions to ONCE UPON A FAIRYTALE anthology

We are extending the deadline to submit your short story, poem, or prose work to our upcoming anthology, Once Upon a Fairytale! The new deadline is November 1st.

This second anthology from Harvardwood Publishing will feature modern retellings of classic fairytales in the form of short stories, poems, and songs. What would a contemporary version of a Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, or Little Red Riding Hood read like if written today?

Submissions must be written in English. Open to unpublished and previously-published authors. No Harvard or Harvardwood affiliation necessary, so spread the word to all of your writerly friends and colleagues!

679px-Little_Red_Riding_Hood_Meeting_the_Wolf.jpgIf you have further questions, please contact Patricia Danaher.

Final Deadline: November 1, 2018
Fee: $35*


*Harvardwood Publishing is entirely volunteer-run, and our umbrella organization, Harvardwood, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The submission fee goes toward the publication of the Once Upon a Fairytaleanthology, including formatting, editing, cover design services, administrative overhead, etc.

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